How to put a spawn point on the server in Minecraft

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How to put a spawn point on the server in Minecraft
How to put a spawn point on the server in Minecraft

In "Minecraft" you can play both alone and online, but for this you need to know which IPs you can connect to. This information can be found on any gaming site. The player simply chooses an IP with the appropriate characteristics of the world and the degree of its population. Then you can learn how to put a spawn point in Minecraft.

What is spawn?

Death in the game
Death in the game

Before you put a spawn point in Minecraft, you need to understand what this word means. Spawn is a slang term used by players. It means the appearance or resurrection of any character.

In single player mode, spawn is very important, because the game is arranged as follows: the player spawns at a certain point in the biome (game world). It doesn't matter if the character died in battle or just fell from a great height, he will resurrect in a completely different place. The only helper in this matter is the coordinates. You can remember them, andit would be nice to know how to put a spawn point in Minecraft in single player mode.

By the way, the place of death will contain everything that was in the player's inventory, as well as all the experience gained.

Designation of borders

Before you learn how to make a spawn point in Minecraft at home on the server, you need to secure the territory. This manipulation provides a lot of advantages. For example, a hostile player will not be able to get into your house or even open the door to it if the territory is declared private.

First of all, you should get the WorldEdit plugin, otherwise nothing will work. After installing it, you need to start the game and go to the server. Then we make a wooden ax, with which you can both "private" the territory and put a spawn point in Minecraft on the server.

Now select two points so that they create a diagonal between them - this is the designation of the territory on the surface. Now the depth, dig an arbitrary number of blocks down, left-click on the block below us. If the coordinates appear, then everything is done correctly. The same for the height, only the mark should be set with the right button.

After the designation, you need to write /rg claim name, and instead of the last word - the player's nickname. Now you can move on to how to put a respawn point in Minecraft.

Single mode

In principle, when playing with one character, there is no need for a spawn point. There is an easier way to resurrect where the player needs to be afterof death. To do this, you need a bed: if the main character uses it at least once, he will constantly resurrect near it.

Bed in play
Bed in play

To create it, you need to collect some materials - three blocks of wool and three blocks of wooden planks. Wool can be sheared from sheep. If there are no animals nearby, then a web is also suitable, from which wool can be collected. With wooden boards, everything is much simpler: we take a block of wood and simply put it in one of the quick item slots in the inventory. From there, several wooden planks are obtained.

For further manipulations, a workbench will come in handy. There we lay out three blocks of wooden boards in a horizontal position. We perform a similar operation with wool - it should be above the boards. Thus, a bed is obtained.

Multiplayer game

But on the server it's a little more difficult than in single player. Many servers have a rule that only the administrator has the right to assign spawn points. But the players did not reconcile themselves, they found a command line that allows you not to set a spawn point, but simply to designate a place where you can teleport.

Command line
Command line

To do this, you need to run the /sethome command on the territory of your home, if it is designated as privacy. If the character suddenly dies, he will resurrect in another place, but you can always enter the /home command, with which he will move to his home.

For a server system administrator, everything is much easier, because he can put an end tospawn in "Minecraft" as the owner of the server. You just need to enter the command /setspawn.

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