GTA V game. Code for a fighter in "GTA 5"

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GTA V game. Code for a fighter in "GTA 5"
GTA V game. Code for a fighter in "GTA 5"

The GTA: San Andreas project attracted the attention of players with the presence of the first military fighter back in 2004. For fans accustomed to the limited spaces of Vice City, this was a real treat. When the news about the release of the fifth part appeared, gamers waited with bated breath. The article will discuss whether it makes sense to enter the code for a fighter in GTA 5 and where you can find it.

cheat code in gta 5 for a fighter
cheat code in gta 5 for a fighter


The developers took the US Army aircraft called F16 as a basis. The concept has been reworked for the GTA universe and presented in the form of a fighter aircraft marked LAZER P-996.

The car is an ideal means of traveling from one end of the map to the other, because many people want to get it using the code for a fighter in GTA 5. Virtually no space is required for the runway, it has high maneuvering characteristics, and the probability of being attacked is extremely small.

gta 5 ps3 codesfighter
gta 5 ps3 codesfighter

Characteristics of the LAZER P-996 model

Compared to the original, the speed of movement is significantly reduced: the developers came to this decision due to the fact that the F-16 has one equal to 2,000 km/h. If real numbers are kept in the game, the system will not be able to quickly generate new locations and the player will fall into textures.

Accordingly, the indicator was cut to 258 km / h, but the product remains the fastest, and fans want to get it through the GTA 5 fighter cheat code.

If you stop at the armament of the apparatus, everything here is preserved as in real life: two guns and homing missiles. A player in a fighter jet can blow up a tank with two accurate hits: it is better to apply them vertically so that the vehicle cannot fire back.

The only minus is the absence of thermal decoys for homing missiles - you will have to wag in the air to avoid getting hit.

gta 5 code for fighter pc
gta 5 code for fighter pc


This is a fighter in GTA 5 on PC, the code for which the players tried to find out in the original version of the project, as it appeared in the trailer. The flyer, popular in San Andreas, was missing, and Rockstar North officials did not comment on this nuance.

In the ranks of the fans there were suggestions that the novelty was reserved for subsequent DLCs. And so it happened: upon the release of the Heists add-on, the Hydra appeared in multiplayer mode.

The creators took the British machine Harrier II, known for the vertical take-off system, as a basis, removed the machine gun andcalled "Hydra".

Fans want to get a cheat on the military fighter "GTA 5" because of the cool characteristics: the speed exceeds the LAZER P-996 by 2 kilometers per hour, has a system of homing missiles that do not miss, has a set of tricks for enemy projectiles (with the exception of grenade launchers). However, the aircraft is heavier and less maneuverable.

Has normal missiles that simply fly in a straight line when the "Fire" button is pressed, and homing missiles that pursue the specified target until the moment of destruction.

Thermal decoys are reset automatically if a missile is aimed.


It takes a lot of patience to master a flying colossus. Despite the clumsiness of the Hydra in flight, you will still have to dodge missiles, because the planes in the game are fragile (no matter how absurd it may sound): a machine gun burst or a successful shot from a sniper rifle can put an end to miracles on turns and the conquest of airspace.

A collision with anything in the air is also fatal. Players often crash and, having lost their car, look for GTA 5 fighter codes for PS3 or PC. And there are many.

gta 5 cheat for military fighter
gta 5 cheat for military fighter

Jet hijacking

They are in the hangars of Fort Zancudo: you can get them without entering the code for the fighter in GTA 5. To do this, during the mission "Fair Game" you need to get to the territory of the fort and without being declared wanted after Cletus instructs Trevor to hunt.

You can go down to the roof of the hangar onparachute and get inside unnoticed. The alarm will rise quickly, the player needs to have time to escape so that the crime scale is reset to zero, and the plane remains relatively intact. You can hide the car in Sandy Shores, especially when breaking through the engine (when smoke is pouring).

Summoning Lester with the Zancudo Cops Sleep ability will allow you to freely roam the base and hijack a fighter.

After a perfect deed, an enemy aircraft will land on its tail, from which you can break away in two ways:

  1. Fly as straight up (vertically) as possible.
  2. Fly above the ground away from the city until the wanted bar is reset.

Usually choose the first option, as the second requires considerable skill in maneuvering, which is not very convenient for beginners.

Console commands

Unfortunately, the developers did not provide a code for a fighter in GTA 5, because the technique is unique and only advanced gamers who can manage to get away from the chase alive can get it.

It is likely that over time this opportunity will appear, because the company is taking measures to attract a new gaming contingent.

code for fighters in the game gta 5
code for fighters in the game gta 5


Summarizing, it should be said that a project in which there is a combat unit, for the sake of which you will have to work hard, is much more interesting than an rpg shooter, where everything is available through the console command.

Cheat on a fighter in "GTA 5" is able to make the project boring and givewinged power to anyone who wants it, depriving it of all value.

Passage without tricks and tricks can convey the charm of the author's idea and give the gamer a lot of pleasure. The Grand Theft Auto franchise is just one of those - with a unique gangster atmosphere, an open map and the ability to enter almost every house.

And the possibility of stealing any car almost on the go is the hallmark of the project, which has proven itself back in 1997. Worth a try!

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