Path of Exile: Ice Witch guide

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Path of Exile: Ice Witch guide
Path of Exile: Ice Witch guide

We will not touch on the popular Path of Exile guides on the witch of the necromancer or the occultist. In this article, we will talk about a special pumping system that will turn the sorceress into the mistress of the ice elements.

Witches with ice skills in Path of Exile are creatures, though rare, but effective in their own way. Such a character can be great for starting a new league. Moreover, its pumping does not require any significant investments. Ice Witch can do a pretty good job farming cards up to level 6 or 7. After that, it will no longer demonstrate its former effectiveness. Of course, such a character cannot promise a crazy clearing speed, but mobs-bosses are not a problem for them.

General information about the build

Starting Path of Exile's Witch of Ice game guide with a brief explanation of the leveling principles. Before getting new skills, you need to purchase the "Waves of Cold" stone for your use, which will open access to various freezing spells and ice projectiles. The build will be crit, while the curse will bejust one thing - Frostbite.

The main advantage of such a character development system can be considered a convenient freezing of opponents. Bosses and normal mobs will be immobilized for quite a long time. Another significant plus, especially for those who do not want to spend a lot of chaos, is the low cost of character development.

Path of Exile: Witch Guide
Path of Exile: Witch Guide

As for the cons, here we can note a single cast trajectory. Because of it, the character must be in constant motion in order to take a better position to attack. Very often, convenient positions can be more dangerous.

Selection of stones

In the main bundle it is better to have two green stones and four blue ones. Depending on the situation on the battlefield, the player can try different combinations of green stones. Good tandems are obtained from the following variations:

  • extra cold damage and a large number of projectiles;
  • cold damage and last hits (recommended against one large target);
  • finishing and high projectile speed;
  • cold damage and high core speed.

By the way, if you are lucky, the player will have a chance to replace one stone from the green slot with a pumped booster.

As for the four blue gems, they are Cold Wave, Freezing Pulse, Echo Magic, and increased critical strike chance.

About the aura and curses

Path of Exile Guide: Witch Leveling
Path of Exile Guide: Witch Leveling

Curse in this systemcharacter development, as we mentioned in the Path of Exile witch guide earlier, there is only one thing - this is Frostbite. It can be applied with support stones. To do this, you need to use a thing that has four blue slots. As one of the stones, "Energy Charge on Critical Attack" must be used. Thanks to this, the character will move around the battlefield with energy charges, the amount of which is directly related to the power of the damage inflicted on the enemy.

Path of Exile Witch Guide: Defense Boost

As a defense, a character can use a standard bundle, which includes:

  • immortality;
  • cast on hit;
  • prolongation effect.

Many players also advise to allocate a slot of red and green color to place golems: fiery, increasing damage and icy, increasing crit (critical damage). It is often possible to use a decoy totem, with which you can provoke and lure mobs and bosses to you. Another place can be allocated under the "Call of Fortitude" - it will help regenerate lost he alth.

Potion Matching

Path of Exile: Ice Witch Guide
Path of Exile: Ice Witch Guide

What can the Path of Exile guide to the witch of ice advise on the choice of potions? Firstly, it is very important to have several vials with you to restore he alth (standard), remove frostbite and stop bleeding. Secondly, in addition to this, you can stock up on a couple of potions to increase movement speed and increasearmor, as well as increased damage and mana.

Selection of items

To increase damage de alt and survivability fit:

  • Pyro ring;
  • Kaom armor;
  • a staff with six slots and additional damage.

If there is no way to get a ring, then it's okay. The only change in this case will not be in the combustion of opponents, but in their freezing and subsequent scattering into pieces of ice.

We also remind you that everything listed in this Path of Exile guide to the witch of ice is not the only correct option. This is just one of the possible ways to develop the character.

Path of Exile Game Guide: Witch
Path of Exile Game Guide: Witch

Passive skills and item selection

And at the end of the Path of Exile guide to the Witch of Ice, I would like to say a few words about passive skills. The main pumping should be aimed at critical and additional ice damage. The development of other skills is strictly at the discretion of the player.

An example of one of the possible options would be pumping he alth (HP). This is true if the witch wields two wands in battle. The goal is to increase casting speed through dual wielding. If the hero uses a wand and a shield, then it is better to choose a different passive skill tree.

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