Mod "Morrowind" for "Skyrim"

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Mod "Morrowind" for "Skyrim"
Mod "Morrowind" for "Skyrim"

"Skyrim 3: Morrowind" is a unique game, because it began a full-scale study of the open world. There are mysterious locations, free battles and much more that is so dear to the hearts of the fans. So caring modders created "Morrowind" on the "Skyrim" engine. Now players can safely plunge into the world of one game without leaving another.

Game Description

"Skyrim" is a role-playing game with a selective view. The player can create any character according to his taste and preferences. The camera can be moved to any position - even from the first, even from the third person.

As you progress through the game, you will be able to discover uncharted territories, meet interesting characters, and take part in the most fateful battles.

The game was released in 2011, so its original world has faded a little against the backdrop of game novelties, in which the graphics are much better. However, there can always be caring fans who can diversify the game by releasing, for example, "Morrowind" on the Skyrim engine.


Description of the mod
Description of the mod

Many people think that "Morrowind" in "Skyrim" will look, to put it mildly, ridiculous. The fact is that the third part of the game about the Elder Scrolls was made on the old engine and graphically it is far behind Skyrim. But experts in their field decided to please the fans of this series by combining two games into one.

So what can you see from "Morrowind" in "Skyrim"? The work has been done globally, so we will take a closer look at the main features. The mod, called "Skyrim: Shadow of Morrowind" presents to our attention all the local objects that were present in the third part: rivers and mountains, elf houses in the form of giant mushrooms, unique fauna and much more.

Those who have the "Dragonborn" add-on can see similar buildings, as in "Morrowind", but in "Skyrim" on the territory of Raven Rock.

Features of the mod

Mod Features
Mod Features

There are several features that can be seen in "Skyrim: Morrowind Mod". For example, some items specific to Skyrim will be present in the modification - these are barrels, furnishings, food, and so on.

The concept of "Morrowind" in "Skyrim" is as follows: to transfer game components from the third to the fifth part, using the engine of the last project.

At the moment, the team already has about seventy people who are working not only ongameplay, but also over the voice acting of the characters. The team consists of writers, composers, weapon and armor designers, and programmers. This project is considered the most ambitious in the creation of modifications. Modders are transferring a completely completed world to a new game, while maintaining the entire canon of both parts. After the work done, "Morrowind" in "Skyrim" looks quite canonical, without violating the lore of both worlds.

How to get to Morrowind territory

How to get to Morrowind
How to get to Morrowind

Seeing strange creatures and huge mushrooms in Raven Rock, you can understand that these are echoes of Morrowind in Skyrim.

Last changes

Last changes
Last changes

Like any other global mod, Skyrim: Morrowind has already received a decent amount of updates. Here are some of the latest changes:

  • Main storyline quests, Temple of the Tribunal and Haalu can now be completed.
  • New models have been added for iron weapons.
  • Guards fully equipped with armor.
  • The enemy camp has replenished with ash monsters, kwams, mudcrabs and ogrims.
  • Additional tasks have appeared.
  • Detailed dialogue - now you can use a plugin that provides typical voices for "Morrowind" in "Skyrim".
  • The faces of the characters have become more unique - now each of them looks different.
  • The mod has got an introductory video.
  • Can be usedtrainer added to the mod.
  • Meshes have also undergone global fixes.
  • Locations of Molag Amur, Suran, Odai River, Ascadian Islands and Seyda Nin have been completely redesigned.
  • It is now possible to craft items.
  • The level of eloquence has increased to master - the player can give bribes and express taunts towards any character who is in dialogue.

What about Oblivion?

What about Oblivion?
What about Oblivion?

"Morrowind", "Oblivion", "Skyrim" - when will these three masterpieces be combined into one? The development team of this global mod says that they will start porting the canonical Oblivion to the engine of the fifth part only when the "Shadow of Morrowind" is completed.

Landscape designers are trying to adapt the world of the third Elder Scrolls to the Skyrim engine as much as possible. To create this mod, they use the well-known Creation Kit program.

A few clarifications

A few clarifications
A few clarifications

So what is this Skywind anyway? This is a completely non-commercial TES V: Skyrim mod that brings Morrowind to a more modern engine.

Many items and characters will be transferred - in general, all the components that make the game as we know it. But the child characters can not be seen yet.

As for the graphic component, it should be noted here that all models and textures have been reworked to high quality in order to achievea technical level close to Skyrim.

But there are some restrictions regarding the creation of items. To ensure balance, the player will only be allowed to craft one set of certain equipment, such as leather armor. But the creation will be available in any forge, as well as the improvement.

Movement between individual locations and the ability to put stamps will be possible only after the player puts the appropriate marks when installing the mod.

Morrowind armor will be available not only in full, but also in combination mode. That is, the player will be able to determine which parts and what armor he wants to use.

Since the area is prone to volcanic activity and other Morrowind climate delights, sand and ash storms will be added to make the project more successful.

But the combat system will get from "Skyrim", as it is more developed. But the system of magic spells can migrate from one part to another. In terms of means of transportation, guars will be available along with horses, but their appearance also depends on the player's preferences. To do this, select the appropriate item during installation.

Nuances during installation

In order to install this Elder Scrolls fan's dream, there are a few important things to consider to ensure that the mod will work properly.

For the full operation of the mod, you must purchase and install a licensed copy of Morrowind and Skyrim with all existingadditions. So it turns out that both parts will be the latest version.

Installing the mod

There are two types of data for download on the "Morroblivion" website - 1a and 1b. Download both and make sure that both archives are in the same boot folder, otherwise the installation will not work.

Then run the installer and specify the path to the game - no matter what, "Skyrim" or "Morrowind". After that, you can start a new game, where the classic game or modification will be offered.

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