"Snake tooth", "Skyrim": walkthrough

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"Snake tooth", "Skyrim": walkthrough
"Snake tooth", "Skyrim": walkthrough

The developer's mistake is that with the growth of the character level, difficult opponents do not appear. Over time, enemies pop like seeds. The Skyrim: Serpent's Tooth add-on introduces a storyline with a complex dragon and a unique location into the game. The reward is a large amount of money, new spells, weapons and dragon cries, and a number of side tasks motivate you to explore the territories. The fan add-on will be discussed in the article.

skyrim mod snake tooth prancing mare
skyrim mod snake tooth prancing mare


The fan-designed Skyrim: Serpent's Tooth mod added new quests, spells, characters, locations and a storyline to the game for the level 10 Dovahkiin summoned by the Greybeards.

An authorized representative of the eastern trading company turns to the hero for help in order to destroy the dragon attacking the caravans. At first glance, the idea seems ridiculous, because there is no need for ancient winged monsters to attack merchants, but in the end, events develop in an interesting way.

Dialogue threads are voiced, but not translated into Russian. Because the domestic audience will have tobe content with sub titles.

As part of the DLC, the player will visit the island, fight the dragon Vulturkrah, complete a number of side quests, and receive unique rewards, including the new Fiik Lo Sah (Ghost Form) shout.

As part of the Skyrim: Snake Tooth mod, the protagonist will be able to purchase a new home - an abandoned imperial fort that needs to be put in order.

snake tooth skyrim walkthrough
snake tooth skyrim walkthrough


Theodine Bien approaches the player and advises them to find Luria Lior in the Prancing Mare. The NPC will tell you that the player will receive a reward of 10,000 gold for the task and mercenaries will help him. On the technical side, the latter represent the detachment, and Dovakin will travel with more than one companion:

  • Athir - Hammerfell warrior mercenary, formerly an Alikr.
  • Danelit is a Bosmer archer recently released from Solitude Prison.
  • Shargam is an orc berserker from Narzulbur. A strong silent warrior with a one-handed weapon.
  • Elmera is a skilled magician, expelled from her hometown for a successful experiment to summon the Flame Atronach inside a living person.

You need to meet with the mercenaries in a clearing near Falkreath and proceed to the "Pass of the Ancients" in the southeast. At the exit from the grotto, the first meeting with Vulturkrah will occur.

In a brief dialogue, the monster says that he has met a worthy opponent, but the duel will take place on the island of Serpent's Tooth, which sounds like "Brom Lok Strunma" in the dragon dialect.

The snake flies away, and the task is replaced by a new one -return to Luria Lior. The conversation with the quest giver boils down to the assumption that the dragon is trapping. The settlement is not protected, so there is no choice: the hero meets with Luria at the docks of Solitude and sails to the island.

Upon arrival, the detachment will proceed to the town whose inhabitants were attacked. Then the path will lie through the mountains of Skyrim to the temple of the Serpent Tooth, where you will meet an interesting NPC - the wizard Albertor, who is conducting experiments to control the draugr. A curious moment for which the creators deserved a monument during their lifetime: a short but informative game from the perspective of a walking corpse.

The Vulture Crash at the end of the quest isn't easy to beat! As a reward, Dovakin receives the promised money, along the way he will come across spell books to summon draugrs and the ancient Nord sword "Bloodchaser" to summon the undead.

Skyrim Temple of the Serpent's Tooth
Skyrim Temple of the Serpent's Tooth


Mod "Skyrim: Snake Tooth" added 17 new tasks to the game, 15 of which are side and cover the territory of the island. There are unique side-selection quests.

For example, you need to help the workers in the extraction of ebonite: spriggans are wound up in the adit, so every outing ends in a massacre. The creature descending into the dungeon will offer Dovakin to die in battle or kill the miners so that their blood restores the balance of nature.

skyrim snake tooth mod download
skyrim snake tooth mod download


Passage of "Skyrim: Serpent's Tooth" does not always go smoothly: gamers have sound bugs in the form of vibrations, similar to the collision of objects, when entering the room a number of thingsfall to the ground (as if someone is throwing them at Dovakin), near the rivers the sound of water is incorrectly reproduced. All this may be the result of excessive "smearing" the game with conflicting modifications.

If you take his side in a conversation with a spriggan and then kill him, the task will not be counted until the miners die. But after death, there is no one to accept the news of completion - the quest will hang like a dead weight.

A classic glitch is related to bodyguards: they get stuck in doorways, move the player from their place (sometimes leading to a fall from a height), climb into the line of fire, get under a hot hand and get in the way.

This happens with one, and here there are four of them (not including a personal companion and Luria Lior), so you need to be patient so as not to rashly break the keyboard on the monitor.

skyrim snake tooth fan mod
skyrim snake tooth fan mod


When experimenting with mods, it's better to save to resume the passage from the right place. If the player makes adjustments to the Skyrim: Serpent Tooth root files, it is advisable to make a copy.

The author spent 1700 hours to create the add-on, including testing and "cutting" to fit the release to Steam requirements. It is in the public domain: just download the Skyrim: Snake Tooth mod, install and play. When identifying errors, it is better to take care of performance: reduce the number of simultaneously running programs.

snake tooth skyrim walkthrough
snake tooth skyrim walkthrough


There is something for everyone in the unofficial DLC: island, challenginga dragon with charismatic dialogues, an interesting plot and an abandoned fort that could become a home.

Addition created with soul and professionally adapted to TES V: Skyrim. The game is oversaturated with side quests: there are more of them than the tasks in the main line. It is difficult to say whether a person who completed the game is 100% alive, because there is a high probability that Skyrim: Snake Tooth will be lost against the backdrop of side quests, collecting potion components and trying to escape from the guards after killing a chicken or stealing a sweet roll.

The quest is worth going through and appreciating the beauty of the author's idea: it was not in vain that 1700 hours were spent on detailed study of aspects of the add-on. Even the original soundtrack is the work of the author.

The Elder Scrolls VI will be released soon, and Skyrim will gradually fade into the past, remaining a memory of dozens of hours spent in the dark forests and snowy mountains of Tamriel.

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