Turgenevskaya station. Walkthrough "Metro 2033"

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Turgenevskaya station. Walkthrough "Metro 2033"
Turgenevskaya station. Walkthrough "Metro 2033"

Fans of the post-apocalypse love the project for the colorful atmosphere of post-nuclear Moscow, shootouts with bandits and mutants in the subway. In Metro 2033, the passage of Turgenevskaya is difficult due to the threat of collapse and monsters. You can find details in our article. So, we are going to the passage of the station "Turgenevskaya" in the "Metro 2033".

metro passage 2033 redux turgenevskaya
metro passage 2033 redux turgenevskaya

Cursed Tunnels

The mutant threat forces trade caravans to bypass the abandoned station. The lack of explosives and the lack of ammunition in the face of continuous monster attacks make it difficult for Turgenevskaya to pass through Metro 2033.

Using the compass on the tablet, the player will find dynamite among the remains of the dead group of sappers. The first direction is undermined by one checker, the second requires a box.

Every step is deadly for the hero.

The way to pass "Turgenevskaya"

In Metro 2033: Redux, two tunnels must collapse to save the locals.

The way to the first point is through the lobby and up the stairs. Herosets a charge on the column using the "E" key and runs for cover from the explosion to the spot of light in the center of the station.

While the squad is on the defensive, you can heal wounds and reload weapons.

The compass on the tablet will indicate the direction to the suitcase with dynamite from the group of dead soldiers and the explosion point in the right tunnel. Artyom will have to shoot back in both cases, so as not to be cornered by the attacking ghouls.

metro 2033 station turgenevskaya passage
metro 2033 station turgenevskaya passage


Mistakes of players passing "Turgenevskaya" in "Metro 2033" are connected with incorrect tactics. By analogy with online PVE shooters, clearing the station of mutants is needed for the subsequent installation of explosives.

These actions are wrong because the monsters are endless. The trigger to stop the flow of enemies will start after blowing up the tunnels. The protagonist will soon run out of ammo and will have to fight hand to hand.

The lack of ammo is acute in high difficulty: every bullet or spoke counts, and bats are very aggressive and can kill with one successful hit.

The only way to survive is to complete the mission quickly: after blowing up the tunnels, the location will become safe.

The Cursed Station is a dangerous place in Metro 2033. The passage of "Turgenevskaya" is simple only at the initial levels of difficulty for beginners. Experienced players choose a more difficult mode and taste the beauty of the author's idea.

Severe ammo shortage conditions are fully conducive to carefully thinking through steps, playing in ste alth mode, conserving ammo andpassing some locations without killing.

Saved ammunition will come in handy in locations where it is impossible to avoid shooting. If you can slip past a person in the shadows, then the mutants smell the victim and attack suddenly. You can strike with a bayonet, but you won’t have enough strength for a long time.

metro passage 2033 redux turgenevskaya
metro passage 2033 redux turgenevskaya


The Metro 2033 project continues to evolve: in February 2019, the continuation of the cult series called Metro: Exodus was released. For the first time, events unfold on the surface and cover the territory of central Russia.

Artyom is joined by wife Anna from Metro: Last Light, and the gameplay combines shooter and ste alth elements.

Weapon crafting has been added, the world has become open, the plot is still linear, and the excitement around the release promises success for the new brainchild of 4A Games and Dmitry Glukhovsky.

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