Google products: list, features and capabilities, reviews

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Google products: list, features and capabilities, reviews
Google products: list, features and capabilities, reviews

American corporation was founded in 1998. Sergey Brin and Larry Page became the "parents" of Google. In 2015, they founded the conglomerate Alphabet Inc. Google is now considered to be the most powerful brand in the world. The site of the same name is currently the most visited in the world. But besides the search engine, other Google products are just as popular.


Google's most important product is the search engine. It is she who maintains the popularity of other instruments. But many people are familiar with it, because even in Russia, with the huge popularity of Yandex, a third of Internet users use Google to search for information.

The corporation has enough services and tools. Some of them are publicly available, while others are designed for highly specialized specialists. Most of them are web applications. All you need to use them is a web browser and an internet connection. Some tools will require you to install them on your PC or mobile device. It is recommended to use a high-speed connection, especially if it is a program for watching videos or working with maps.

The peculiarity of Google products is that they are all combined into a common system. For their work, only one account is needed, which will save all data and changes. After only one registration, the user gets access to work with mail, cloud storage, social networks, etc. Also, Google recently bought several Internet services, the most popular of which is YouTube. Those products that have already been withdrawn from service were sent to the Killed by Google section (killed by Google).

List of Google products
List of Google products

All company services can be divided into Internet services, specialized search, software and tools.

Internet Services

Google's list of products is huge, but it's online services that hold the key to it, as they are the primary tool for work and entertainment for users. This includes:

  • search;
  • YouTube;
  • Gmail;
  • Maps;
  • Drive;
  • Play;
  • News;
  • Hangouts;
  • Translate;
  • Photos;
  • Books;
  • Docs;
  • Blogger;
  • Custom Search;
  • Earth;
  • Calendar;
  • Keeper;
  • Analytics/AdSense/Advertising;
  • App Engine and more

Many services are used by ordinary users. Others are needed for highly specialized tasks.

Narrow search

So worth a special mentionspecialized search tools. All of them belong to Google Search, so it's hard to call them separate products. However, this includes:

  • Pictures.
  • Video.
  • Flights.
  • Blogs.
  • Academy.
  • Shopping.

The job of these services is in their name. From it it is clear that Google-Images is a tool for searching through images, and in Google-Academy you can find educational materials.

Entertainment Services

Google's products are so diverse that it's hard to put some of them into the same category (fun, work, learning, etc.). In addition, for some, one tool may seem like entertainment, and for another, it may seem like a service for work.

For example, YouTube has long been entertainment for many of us. We come here to watch news, funny videos, episodes of series and much more. But for video bloggers, this site has long been a job.

Google product
Google product

One way or another, the video hosting site provides services for the storage, delivery and display of videos. It allows you to download, view videos, comment on them and rate them. Find interesting channels, subscribe, create playlists and more.

Google also has two interesting products: "Map of the Moon" and "Map of Mars". Of course, both services could be classified as working tools, but often ordinary users want to look at unexplored places just to satisfy their interest. By the way, this also includes Google Earth. This projectprovides images of the entire earth's surface from satellites. Photos are so incredible that you immediately want to buy plane tickets and fly to the other side of the world.

Art Project can be considered another entertainment product of Google. This is an online art collection. Here everyone can look at the most popular paintings in high resolution. It works thanks to cooperation with 184 museums, galleries and palaces from different countries.

Google Project
Google Project

For work

Google has a lot of products for business. Now many of them are used by large companies. The main one, of course, is Gmail. This is a corporate email that performs all the necessary functions. It works with receiving and sending emails, helps create folders, dialogs, mark special emails, etc. Like many other services, it is connected to a Google account, which means it helps to integrate emails into other tools and vice versa.

Google Drive - cloud storage, which has also become a business tool for many. Here you can not only save important files, but also integrate images from Google Photos and files from Docs.

Working with documents in Docs
Working with documents in Docs

By the way, the Docs service has been extremely popular lately and has become an excellent replacement for MS Office. The tool works with editors of texts, tables and presentations. It saves changes in real time (when connected to the Internet), and also sends finished documents to the cloud storage. SoYou can work in this way on several devices without a flash drive, but using a common account or special access to files.

To help optimizers

For Internet marketers, Analytics/AdSense/Advertising services turned out to be no less important. Analytics is a tool that helps collect traffic statistics from a website. It works through a special code that connects to the owner's website. After that, he begins to collect a variety of data that will help in drawing up an optimization and promotion plan.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

AdSense is designed to work with contextual advertising. It will allow you to earn income from the most visited pages of the resource. The peculiarity of the tool is that it automatically creates relevant advertisements. "Advertising" - a service very similar to the previous one, but also works with keywords, which allows you to most accurately customize advertising.


Google products can also be found in the software section. Here are very popular projects and less developed ones. This includes:

  • Chromium is an open source browser.
  • Chrome is a browser with non-free elements and components that collect information about visits.
  • Dictionary - dictionaries.
  • Android is an operating system for mobile devices.
  • Chrome OS is an operating system for working with web applications.
  • TV is the platform for the set-top box.
  • Glass - headset for smartphones.
  • Fiber - work with high-speedInternet.

This also includes Webmaster - a tool for webmasters or Checkout for online payments.

Google products for PC and mobile also have their own tools. For example, Android, an OS that runs on smartphones and tablets, is installed along with a software package that includes the Play Market, Maps, Assistant, etc.

Chrome Browser works together with the main resources that are integrated into it. Some products will not work properly without this web browser.

Chrome web browser
Chrome web browser

There are also tools that make working with services faster and easier. For example, you can install Deskbar, a Google search widget, on your desktop.

The number of products is growing every year. For example, in March 2019, the company announced its own streaming service, about which little is known so far. However, YouTube itself also has such a function. But apparently, Google is not enough in this direction. And the concept itself looks a little different.

Some projects are closed. For example, in 2019, the end of the so-called Google+ social network was announced, which many did not fully understand.

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