Why do we need a hashtag in social networks: role, how to use

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Why do we need a hashtag in social networks: role, how to use
Why do we need a hashtag in social networks: role, how to use

You can show yourself on the Internet in many ways. Many options work in the promotion of goods and products. Therefore, a natural question arises here: why do we need a hashtag? Once you understand this, you will know the power of the "grid" in the company of a few words.


Before you understand why a hashtag is needed, you need to explain what it is. This is an English concept, which consists of two words: "hash" - "lattice" and "tag" - "label". Many people think that this is how the β€œβ€ symbol is called, but this is only its first half.

Why you need hashtags on Instagram
Why you need hashtags on Instagram

Hashtag is a keyword or several words that users use in microblogs and social networks. It is generally accepted that such a label is used for simplified searches for certain words, topics and content. A hashtag can be a reference to a new trend, or it can become one.


Why a hashtag is needed, they did not immediately understand. For a long time, no one even thought about such a combination. It is believed that IRC has become a field of tags in order to tag groups and topics there.discussion. On this network, the hash symbol was used to denote channels, while the local servers promoted the ampersand.

But in the current sense, the hashtag was born on Twitter. Chris Messin was the first to think of using the label. Some curious found his tweet dated 2007. In it, he invites followers to use the "lattice" as a label for groups. This idea was liked by the Twitterers, so they quickly spread the idea.

Why do we need hashtags in VK
Why do we need hashtags in VK


Why do we need a hashtag? To find the answer to this question, you need to understand its features:

  • tag highlights the main idea of the message and consists of keywords;
  • symbol groups information by topic;
  • it provides a quick search for messages of interest.

These are the basic properties of a label. But thanks to the development of this symbol, it became clear that its role could be completely different.

What for?

So, as we have already figured out, hashtags are labels for identifying topics and events. Some sites use this way of distributing information, but it usually means that the symbol will be hidden behind the code of the web page. But there are resources that do not hide the "lattice", which means that the tag itself becomes visible. This includes social media and some blogs.

Someone might say that the only purpose of the label is to search for information. On the one hand, it is, but the development of online marketing has given this symbol a new meaning.

Now the hashtags are playingrole in commerce. Suppose you are in the business of selling children's toys. You do not have the opportunity to open your store, so you are working on the site, but do not forget about promotion in social networks. You start a page on Instagram and start maintaining it.

The role of hashtags
The role of hashtags

Every SMM specialist will tell you that hashtags are an extremely important element for social media marketing. Thanks to him, potential buyers can find you. You put up a post with a photo of a doll, but how to tell about the product to those who do not follow you? In this case, special labels can be used. Which ones to put specifically, you can argue for a long time, and this is the work of the SMS man directly. But the first obvious hashtag under such a post would be doll. It is by clicking on this tag that users will see all posts with this tag.

How to work with him?

It is extremely important to understand how to use hashtags correctly, especially if you want to promote them on social networks. Surely you have already seen the hash symbol, after which a word or several words are written together. This is how the label looks like, which turns into a link due to the hash.

If you are interested in buying flowers in Moscow, you can go to any social network, such as VKontakte, and enter flowermoscow in the search. The system will find all posts that are devoted to this topic. But remember that not all social media users understand how the tag works, so even those who do not sell flowers in Moscow can write a similar combination at home.

How to write it?

So, you already understood that forA full hashtag requires the hash symbol and the words after it. But inexperienced users often decide that a hash symbol before any expression will instantly turn it into a tag. In fact, it is, but it does not make any sense.

How to use hashtags correctly
How to use hashtags correctly

So, the hashtag can be written in Latin and Cyrillic. There must not be a space between the pound symbol and the word, otherwise the link will not appear, and accordingly, the label will not work. Very often you can see something like this on the Web: New Year. Remember that in this case the hashtag will be β€œnew”, and accordingly, other users will find the post only by this word. So if you want to label with multiple words, use two spellings: newyear or new_year.

Also don't forget that there must be a space between hashtags so that the text does not turn into mush.

Social networks

Now this is the main field for using hashtags. It is difficult to overestimate their role here, because thanks to them you can really find people by interests, track events (and you yourself know how quickly any event in the world is covered now), make purchases, etc. But it just so happened that the most popular social networks do not are similar to each other, so the use of tags in them is perceived differently.

For example, Twitter works with tags as it pleases. Of course, tags are often used here to highlight important events: elections, tragedies, incidents or holidays. You can read other people's opinions on them.about certain situations. But more often than not, tags on Twitter play the role of self-expression and attracting like-minded people.

Why do we need hashtags on Instagram? Here the situation is presented somewhat differently. A lot depends on the page itself. If this is a personal account, then the hashtags here will be dedicated to either a specific topic or general topics.

Hashtags for promotion
Hashtags for promotion

For example, if you have a personal account, but in it you talk about music, then you will have tags associated with it. If you just post a photo for friends and acquaintances, then you can not use tags at all, or you can draw the attention of users to the image itself.

On Instagram, there are often tags that help sell a service or product. For example, re altors often use the hashtag rentapartments and the city where they work. The peculiarity of this social network is that you can come up with your own tag, according to which only your posts will be available. Bloggers often do this by creating name tags.

Why do we need hashtags in VK? Here the situation is similar to Instagram. Despite the fact that the social network itself is slowly losing its popularity, many still try to promote their goods or services here. Accordingly, they publish posts in their feed or in their community using the appropriate tags.

It's also easy to sort thematic posts on the wall thanks to tags, but for this you have to use a unique tag that no one else uses.

Proper use

When you understand why hashtags are needed in"Contact" or other social networks, you will be able to use them correctly. They will help your target audience find you, increase the reach of the publication, which will go beyond your subscribers. Tags will keep you up to date with all the happenings in the world, classify content or promote your personal event.

Remember that tagging can really help with marketing, but don't overuse it. There are plenty of ways to get into trouble. It is extremely important to read aloud the phrase that you have. Some tags become ambiguous when they contain several words (for example, many people remember the story with a beautiful photo from Bali and a strange hashtag fabulousbali).

Hashtags in SMM
Hashtags in SMM

Don't use quantity labels. It is very important that these are the most successful phrases. Now SMM specialists do not recommend using more than 10 tags under a post on Instagram, while 2-3 will be enough for other networks. Do not use a label through the word, as it looks unnatural, strange and distracting.

You will also have to get rid of very popular hashtags. For example, if you're into music, the music tag might hurt you because it's considered extremely popular. Instagram algorithms can even send you to the shadowban for the frequent use of very popular tags.

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