What is a stack in Minecraft. stack mods

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What is a stack in Minecraft. stack mods
What is a stack in Minecraft. stack mods

Players who visit the expanses of the Minecraft world use some terms, the meaning of which only they know. For example, "craft" is the creation of an item. Therefore, many beginners wonder: "What is a stack".

Character Inventory

block stacks
block stacks

Before you know what a stack is, you must first understand the character's inventory. In the inventory, you can put absolutely any items that the character can get. However, space is limited, so you have to either save or build chests to store materials that are not needed at the moment.

Also, the game has an auto-pickup system - that is, things are automatically placed in inventory when the character is next to them.

To create a chest, you only need eight wooden boards. Then you need to lay them out in a circle on a workbench and get one chest. You can increase the capacity of the chest by placing two storages side by side - then you get one large chest for things.

chest in game
chest in game

To move the entire stack at once from the inventory, you need to hold Shift andleft click.

But those who are engaged in exploring the world, and not building and creating items, will have to thoroughly study what a stack is in Minecraft.

Word Definition

So what is a stack in Minecraft? A study term or stack is a limited amount of one type of material that can fit in one cell. In Minecraft, what is a stack? This is 64 resource units that can be placed in one character inventory slot.

When the limit is reached, the next amount of material is placed on the adjacent slot, and so on, until the inventory is full. When this moment comes, the player will not be able to pick up any things and they will simply lie next to the place where the resource was mined.

In order to increase inventory space, players can install a mod on stacks, which increases the number of items placed in one cell. In this way, you can mine or explore without being interrupted by the constant manipulation of placing items in the chest, or throwing materials out of the inventory.

Before downloading any mod for stacks, you need to make sure that the game is updated to the latest version. It is important! For the mod to work properly. Following the instructions, you can install the modification and enjoy the game without restrictions.

Stack Size

stack mod
stack mod

Now that you figured out what stacks are, you can install mods for them. The first modification allows you to increase the number of items in onepile.

Only there is one "but" - this mod increases the number of certain items, not for everyone.

So, you need to install the mod and close the game. After that, follow the /.minecraft/config folder and look for the Stack Size.cfg file. The last three letters mean the file extension, which allows you to configure game settings.

Open the file with notepad and start editing. It is necessary to find or enter the name of the resource whose quantity needs to be increased.

Unfortunately, the modification only works with materials - it is not designed for tools and weapons.

All names are written in two words and must be separated by a bottom space. In this way, you can increase the number of, for example, diamonds from 64 to 164 and so on.

Stack Up

Unlike the previous mod, this one is not limited by configuration settings. Moreover, this modification also applies to the instruments.

No need to write any commands and lines in notepad and so on. Simply find the desired file and install it. Just be sure to make sure that the version of the game is suitable for the mod. Otherwise, the mod simply won't work.

To do this, you need to download the mod and do not unpack it, as usual. Copy to folder: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods.

Now you can start the game and check the mod in action.

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