How to build a hospital in Minecraft. Phased construction and obtaining stone slabs

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How to build a hospital in Minecraft. Phased construction and obtaining stone slabs
How to build a hospital in Minecraft. Phased construction and obtaining stone slabs

Since construction is the main activity in the game, some players devote all their free time to this, creating incredible sculptures, or simply building cities in a modern way. Any city should have a medical aid point, so you need to know how to build a hospital in Minecraft.

Many objects require a lot of material to build, which can be simply obtained or crafted at a workbench. For example, stone slabs are created by processing and crafting several items.

Required materials and how to obtain them

Stone plate
Stone plate

So, it's worth deciding what material the building will be made of. Stone slabs can be taken as the basis, but many use white wool. It looks better, but less reliable. Glass panels are suitable for windows, and paintings, flowers and more can be used as decorations.

For slabs you will need cobblestones, which are full underground. They are then placed in a kiln and processed to make stone. After you need to go to the menuworkbench and lay out three stone blocks in a horizontal line - this is how a stone slab is obtained.

Sand is needed to create glass panels, which is also placed in a furnace to make transparent blocks. After that, you need to fill all the cells on the workbench with blanks - this is how glass panels are obtained.

Interior design

For interior decoration, you can place paintings on the walls, and use dyed wool as wallpaper.

colored wool
colored wool

In the wards, in addition to the bed, there should be lockers for personal belongings, like in a real hospital. Chests are suitable for this, where you can put any items.

Torches or Jack-o'-lanterns can be used for lighting at night.

Building an object

When everything is decided with the materials, you can start how to build a hospital in Minecraft.

Floors can be laid out with slabs, and stone block or white wool is suitable for walls and ceilings. The windows of the hospital are made of glass panels.

There are beds in the ward, chests instead of bedside tables, as well as bedside tables and flowers. The tables are made from a fence and a wooden pressure plate. Flowers can be placed on a simple block of earth or in a clay pot.

On the walls to make them look more comfortable, you can hang pictures that are made from cowhide and paper.

In this way, you can build a hospital of any configuration, because Minecraft is a game without boundaries.

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