How to connect a PC to WiFi without a cable: step-by-step instructions for setting up a home wireless network

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How to connect a PC to WiFi without a cable: step-by-step instructions for setting up a home wireless network
How to connect a PC to WiFi without a cable: step-by-step instructions for setting up a home wireless network

In most cases, when using a wireless Internet connection for computer devices, routers (routers or ADSL modems operating in Wi-Fi mode) are used. Mobile devices, as a rule, are initially equipped with wireless modules, which allows you to connect to your home network through a router "over the air" directly. But owners of stationary computer terminals quite often have to rack their brains in search of ways to connect to wireless networks, since they do not have Wi-Fi adapters as standard. How to get out of this situation, then we will try to figure it out. There are not so many ways to connect a stationary PC to wireless networks, but they are, and setting up a connection will not take too much time and effort.

Connecting a PC to WiFi: Basics

It goes without saying that one could, of course, use a special network cable and connect the fixed terminal directly tocorresponding port on the router. But this is terribly inconvenient, because, for example, in a private house, the router can be located on the first floor, and the computer on the second. How to connect a PC to WiFi without a cable, and even at minimal cost? In this case, in any case, you will need some device that, when connected to the terminal, will act as a wireless signal receiver. There are also not as many options here as we would like.

Firstly, you can additionally purchase an inexpensive WiFi adapter, either external or internal, or use another router or mobile device as a receiver. It is unlikely, of course, that you will find a router lying idle at home, therefore, considering the main issues related to how to connect a PC to WiFi without a cable, we will start from the use of additional receivers and mobile devices, which everyone probably has and each.

Selecting a wireless adapter

So, the best way to connect is to establish a connection using an additional adapter.

External and internal WiFi adapters
External and internal WiFi adapters

You can buy either an external one (connected via a USB port) or an internal one (installed directly on the motherboard in PCI or PCI Express slots). Which type should be preferred? Most experts recommend buying external adapters, since they only require a USB connector to connect them, and you don’t have to disassemble the system unit case. In addition, such devices are much cheaper. To work separately, you needinstall the driver from the disc, but usually the system installs all the necessary control software on its own the first time you connect.

Procedure for connecting to an existing network

We have made a choice and assume that you have already connected one of the types of adapters to your desktop computer, the drivers have been installed, and the device itself is recognized by the system as a wireless module. You can check its status in the Device Manager (devmgmt.msc).

In theory, if you already have a WiFi network configured, resolving all questions regarding how to connect a PC to Wi-Fi without a cable comes down to the simplest step.

Selecting a wireless network
Selecting a wireless network

When connected, a wireless network icon appears in the system tray, which you need to click on, after which a list of available connections will be displayed. Select the required network, enter the WiFi password and wait for the network requirement to be checked.

What to look for in PC settings?

If for some reason there is no connection, but access from other devices (for example, from a laptop, phone or tablet) is possible, you will need to check the wireless connection settings. To do this, call the connections section using the ncpa.cpl command in the Run console, call the RMB menu and first look at the network status.

Enable wireless connection
Enable wireless connection

If it is found that the connection is not active, turn it on.

Automatic IPv4 protocol settings
Automatic IPv4 protocol settings

If notthis will also help, go to the connection properties, select the IPv4 protocol in the list, go to its settings and check that the receipt of all addresses is set to automatic mode (this is a prerequisite for a wireless connection).

Google DNS Addresses
Google DNS Addresses

If necessary, you can try changing the DNS addresses by entering free combinations from Google into the fields, usually consisting of a set of eights and fours, then save the changes on exit and try to open some page on the Internet using any available browser.

Setting up a new connection

You don't usually need to create a new connection. This may be required only if your wireless network was not configured initially. But how to connect to the Internet? To do this, you will first need to configure the router using the parameters provided by the provider for this (they are usually indicated in the appendix to the main contract). After the router starts working in the wireless signal distribution mode, the connection will be no different from what was described above.

What to do if the PC does not see WiFi?

The situation looks much worse when all devices seem to be connected and working, but no connection is detected from the computer. In such a situation, you will have to check that the adapter drivers are installed correctly (if necessary, they may need to be updated, for which it is better to use applications like Driver Booster, Slim Drivers or DriverPack Solution Online version), check the statusconnection in the corresponding section described above, set the parameters to full automation, and in the most extreme case, you can try to delete the created connection and search for the network again.

How do I use my mobile device as a hotspot?

Now let's figure out how to connect a PC to WiFi without a cable, if you don't have an additional adapter, or you don't want to spend money on purchasing it, but you have a mobile device (for example, a phone or tablet) at hand. For convenience, consider Android devices. On "apple" phones and tablets or on devices with Windows Phone on board, the actions performed will not differ much (the main difference can only be in the name of the menu items needed for configuration and their location in the corresponding sections).

It is not advisable to use a smartphone as a modem, since the connection will be made solely through the services of a mobile operator, and traffic may be paid or limited.

But if you go to the mobile modem settings, the device can be switched to access point mode. Connecting a PC to WiFi without a cable to the router in this case will be carried out by connecting a smartphone to it (for example, using a USB cable).

Setting up a hotspot on a smartphone
Setting up a hotspot on a smartphone

In the connections section on your smartphone with the WiFi connection turned on, go to the modem and access point item, in the point settings section, set an arbitrary name for the new network and set a password, and then simply turn on the usepoints by checking the corresponding item in the settings (the settings should indicate that the device is visible, and it is better to deactivate automatic shutdown after a set time interval completely).

Connecting a PC to WiFi via a hotspot on a smartphone
Connecting a PC to WiFi via a hotspot on a smartphone

After that, as in the case of an external receiver, click on the icon of available networks in the tray, select the created connection, enter the password and enjoy surfing the World Wide Web.

Connecting with a mobile device via Bluetooth

Finally, let's figure out how to connect a PC to WiFi without a cable, without even using a USB cable.

Activating an access point in Bluetooth tethering mode
Activating an access point in Bluetooth tethering mode

If your computer has a built-in Bluetooth radio module, you can put your smartphone into Bluetooth modem mode (of course, if it supports such a function), and then pair the devices with each other. This one looks even better. But you still have to configure the access point.

Which one is better?

Summing up all of the above in terms of preferences, I think it's better to still purchase an external wireless adapter, although you can equally use a smartphone. True, it may need to be constantly plugged into the mains, because with prolonged use as an access point, it will be discharged much faster than usual. But this can affect the battery in the most negative way. So don't waste your money on some simple WiFi adapter withwith a minimum range, especially since such a device costs mere pennies.

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