"Skyrim": Wind arc. Description of the location and its location

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"Skyrim": Wind arc. Description of the location and its location
"Skyrim": Wind arc. Description of the location and its location

The Skyrim map is full of places that are difficult to find if you move only along the plot. The main concept of the game is to explore the territory and discover it. The wind arc in Skyrim is another mysterious location that holds many secrets.

Map marker

Mark on the map
Mark on the map

The wind arc in Skyrim is located in the very south of the province, and it is very difficult to get there if you do not follow the path. So, the player needs to go down to the south, and Ivarstead becomes the starting point. Just below the village you can find the imperial camp, and from it the path goes to the mountains - that's where you need to go.

You can also use the path that starts from the Autumn Watchtower, in the possession of Falkreath - it is located on the other side of Mount Jerol.

The marker on the map can only appear if the player took the task from the greybeards to search for the words of Power.

Description of location

Wind Arc is another Nordic crypt that was built during the reign of dragons. However, unlike most burials, it does not haveentrance, so that the area is completely open.

If you follow from the Autumn watchtower, the first thing the player will meet is a broken stone arch, next to which there are two snow foxes - you can kill them and take the skin. Next, you can see a small pedestal and a couple of dead draugrs - you don't need to search them, since they have nothing. On the counter itself there are three types of potion: magic, he alth and stamina - we take it, it will not be superfluous.

A little further along the path, you can see another arch and small ruins covered with snow. Behind the second archway there will be two ice trolls - strong opponents. After the massacre of them, you can pick up the fat and the skull of the troll.

The road leads to the third arch, next to which lies a skeleton in a hoodie - the failed treasure hunter did not receive the long-awaited jewels, but next to him is a chest that can be searched. The content depends on the level of the character - the higher it is, the richer the content will be.

Last fight and reward

fight with the dragon
fight with the dragon

Near the chest there is a Nordic sarcophagus, and as soon as the player approaches it, a dragon priest will rise from there. The fight with him is not difficult, but very tiring, since the rebel will constantly move. This is not a named dragon priest, so he will not have a mask, but you can pick up an elemental staff.

After the priest, the main character will have a fight with the dragon, and which one depends on the level of the player. After killing the dragon, the player will receive his soul, bones and scales.

From the battlefield, you can go a little further and noticewall with words of Power.

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