How to get a pen pal interested? Basic Tips

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How to get a pen pal interested? Basic Tips
How to get a pen pal interested? Basic Tips

Technological progress has an impact on all spheres of human life - more and more girls are now registering in various social networks and other sites for communication, sharing photos, commenting on various entries. The Internet has become one of the most popular places for communication and dating. And one of the most important aspects in the process of communicating with a young man she likes for a girl is the ability to present herself correctly.

features of correspondence with a man
features of correspondence with a man

Connectivity and consistency of messages

How to interest a pen pal so that online communication grows into something more? To do this, it is important to adhere to several basic rules - they will not scare away a potential gentleman, but, on the contrary, create a good image.

One of the main such rules is a clear and coherent presentation of one's thoughts. In the process of communication, you need to ensure that all ideas are interconnected, and there is no logical contradiction between them. You should not jump from one subject to another - it is necessary that each subsequent phraselogically continued the conversation.

Sometimes there are times when a conversation is nearing its end. In such situations, you need to learn how to smoothly transition from one topic to another, while allowing the guy to join in the dialogue. After talking a little, you will no longer need to think about what exactly to talk about now - you can calmly discuss everything in the world.

boyfriend texting rules
boyfriend texting rules

Collect dossier

Many of us know that a terrible force is not beauty at all, but information. Therefore, you can adhere to this truth, and collect as many interesting facts about your interlocutor as possible. At the initial stages of communication, almost any information that may be of interest to him will do. For example, information about the pets he loves, music, financial status, all kinds of hobbies.


How to interest a pen pal and create a brilliant image for yourself? The most important rule is to pay attention to the correctness of your messages. In no case should you write with swear words. You should also pay special attention to punctuation marks, try to express your ideas as clearly and freely as possible. At the same time, a young person should not feel disadvantaged or more stupid in some way. It will be easier for him to make contact when he sees that a smart and cultured girl is talking to him.

how to make a chat successful
how to make a chat successful

Where to start?

You can start with a simple greeting. For example, write something like "Hello", "Hey" or "Salute, handsome."

Then standswait for the young man's answer. If he is interested in communication, then he will certainly answer, and then you can continue to charm him. If not, feel free to forget about him, because there are still so many handsome guys waiting for your attention.

You can ask a question about what he is doing - this, in turn, will allow you to answer the question about your activities at the moment. You can ask something like, “So what are your plans for tonight?” or “How are you?”

If you feel confident enough in yourself, you can ask for a compliment. Instead of asking him how things are going, in this case, you can write something like: “I hope I'm not too distracting for you. I just got bored." If a guy likes you, then he will certainly take this opportunity to write how happy he is to receive messages from you.

To test the waters, you can use the question: "How are you?" Once he asks a question about what you are going to do, you can use this moment to flirt a little. For example, if it’s late at night and you need to get ready for bed, you can write that it’s very difficult to fall asleep without warm hugs. And if it's cold now, you can write about it - this is one of the most ideal clues for talking about how he can warm you up.

If you don’t feel like writing anything special yet, you can send a message that now you are “carried away by the thoughts of one pleasant man.”

interest a man by sms
interest a man by sms

Keep communication style

How to get a pen pal interested? The main thing is to stick to live communication, avoid using memorized phrases taken from social networks. Also, do not put a period after each phrase - it is quite appropriate to use emoticons or exclamation marks. It is worth showing a man that you are not a meticulous madam, but an interesting lady with whom you can discuss serious topics and laugh heartily. Also, do not try to stand out with the help of special terms and words that not everyone will understand. Beyond that, it's good to keep a little bit of mystery around you and sometimes respond a little brashly.

Express your emotions

Many girls think about how to interest a pen pal, but there are no universal recipes here. It is important to be able to feel the current situation, to correctly express your feelings. You can safely express your feelings - after all, you can hardly lose anything if you confess them. The main thing is not to be too imposing or to be cloyingly sweet.

sms chat with boyfriend
sms chat with boyfriend

Confidential communication

During the correspondence, you can talk about your hobbies, recently read books or films that you have seen. You can also share your emotions after a recent trip, send him some photos taken against the backdrop of beautiful natural landscapes. You should find as many points of contact with the guy as possible - perhaps he has recently read the same book or is going to visit the same country.


It is known that many men prefer to choose attentive ladies as life partners who know how to take good care of loved ones - at least that is normal male psychology. How to interest a pen pal using this technique? It is very simple to do this - you should focus on the feelings and experiences of a man, ask him about how he feels. If a guy starts talking about himself, “opening his soul”, then you should not interrupt him. You can offer your own way to solve pressing problems. Try to listen to the innermost ideas of a man, remember what he says.

how to text a guy
how to text a guy


Let's look at a few rules that will help avoid embarrassing mistakes in communication.

  • Don't text him in batches without giving him a chance to reply.
  • Sometimes it's good to write late at night - then the man will not be distracted, he will have enough time to think about the answer.
  • Try to be yourself. Correspondence will have a significant impact on your image in his eyes.
  • Don't be too pushy and send empty messages if he doesn't answer. Maybe he's thinking about the answer, or maybe he's just a little busy.
  • If during the conversation the answer “Bye” came, you should answer in the same way. If the guy resumes correspondence, you should not bombard him with questions about why he abruptly stopped communicating the previous time. In the event that he asks a question about what youwere busy, it's worth saying something even if there really was nothing to do.
  • Correspondence should be short and sweet. Do not stretch it for too long, trying to focus only on yourself. If the conversation for some reason does not stick, it is better to end it and postpone it until the next time.
  • Also, do not go beyond the generally accepted boundaries of decency.

How to get a pen pal interested: questions

The right question is a great start to a dialogue that will have a positive impact on the relationship with the interlocutor. In order not to get confused, it is important to come up with possible options for what to ask in advance. Consider what questions you can interest a pen pal.

  • "How are you spending your evening?"
  • "How are you?"
  • “What are your plans for today? What are you doing?”
  • "Hello! Do you want to play an online game?”
  • "Green longing! Can you recommend any interesting movie?”
  • "How was your day? Was it successful for you?”
  • "Do you still do fitness (fishing, basketball, tennis)?"
  • “I heard the latest news - in the city of N. this happened…”
  • "Where did you go on vacation?"
  • "Which season do you like best?"
  • "Can you call yourself an adventurer? Why?”
  • "Do you spend a lot of money on yourself?"
  • "What is your childhood dream?"
  • "What's your favorite meal?"
  • "Which do you prefer, tea or coffee?"
  • "You lovewatch cartoons?”
  • "What's your favorite movie?"

How to interest a guy in correspondence: examples of SMS messages

In writing SMS messages (as well as messages using various instant messengers) there are also several rules that will make correspondence successful. Psychologists recommend starting SMS with a call by name. Diminutive names like "baby" or "cat" are best avoided.

It is also useful to keep intrigue in the process of communication. After all, it can become a real mental virus, which, once abandoned, will begin to eat his brain from the inside - at least psychologists say so. How to get a pen pal interested in short messages? For example, you can write to him something like: "I learned something about you." This will help to generate a question in his head, to which he will begin to try with all his might to find the answer. Intrigues can come up with a variety of. For example, "At our meeting you will need a stone." Let him think carefully about why. The main thing is to maintain the image of a successful and confident girl while writing a message.

confess your love by text
confess your love by text

Let's look at a few examples and phrases of how to interest a pen pal.

  • "I like your (your, yours…)." There are hardly any people who do not like compliments. In this message, you can indicate something specific and not too ordinary - for example, pumped biceps or a confident look.
  • "You are the most… on the whole planet." Instead of a pass, you canput anything - smart, fun, creative, etc.
  • "I have a little surprise for you." Not only kids love surprises. Quite adult men are also often crazy about any surprises. Such spontaneity is a real source of energy for long-term relationships. The stronger sex constantly needs to maintain interest - such is male psychology. How to interest a guy by correspondence (examples are discussed in this article)? Surprise him in moderation and sometimes cook something unusual and unexpected for him.
  • "Do you want a secret?" Here you can think of anything. After the message is sent, you need to wait a bit and send your secret. For example, "I can't stop thinking about you since yesterday."

We looked at examples of how to get a guy interested in texting. The listed phrases and techniques can be supplemented and modified so that a particular man likes them. The main thing is to be careful in communication, to be tactful and cultured. A real man will always appreciate this approach.

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