How do I open a PDF file on my computer?

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How do I open a PDF file on my computer?
How do I open a PDF file on my computer?

Very common both on the Internet and in local processing are files with the PDF extension. Scanned documents and some pages in the browser are the main cases when users come across this type of file. You can open them in several ways, including without installing additional software. It all depends on the availability of stable Internet access.

PDF opening options

You are mistaken if you think that only those who are well versed in computer programs can do this process. Even a beginner in this business can cope with such a task. There are several ways to open a pdf file:

  • Through online platforms.
  • Programs installed on the PC.
  • By converting PDF to a more workable format.

Each of the above options work well. The difference is that the choice depends on the need for further use of the file.

PDF is a specialized format that was developed by Adobe System Corporationexclusively for the multifunctional use of files. It allows you to edit files, insert various links, notes, images into them, combine animation and other objects. The PDF format is recognized by absolutely all operating systems.

Scanned documents are usually saved in this format (an alternative to Jpeg and other graphic formats) so that later you can access them for editing. You can, of course, use the Adobe Photoshop CS program to edit a PDF file, but this is too complicated and not relevant process - the programs have too different purposes, and the possibilities are limited (except to erase any inaccuracies in the document or remove the extra part document).

Open PDF online

When answering the question of how to open a pdf file on a computer, the first way should be called online mode. It does not require installation and download of any special software. All you need is a browser (new or updated).

Program that opens PDF files
Program that opens PDF files

Yandex-browser can definitely be called the best representative. It contains an integrated plug-in that allows you to open PDF files without additional steps, just with a mouse click.

In online mode, not many functions are available to the user. This is viewing and printing. To work with editing a document, you will have to install a specialized program.

Opening a PDF file over the Internet

Another online way to open this typefiles - on the Internet resource. To figure out how to open a pdf file over the Web, you need to know trusted sites that provide such services (in most cases, they are free).

ways to open a PDF file
ways to open a PDF file

Many sites allow you to open a PDF file through a browser.

Working with them is quite simple - you first need to upload the file to the site. Then the resource itself will open the PDF for viewing, and in some cases for editing.

In addition, all such resources allow you to split a PDF document if it consists of several sheets. It is noteworthy that after splitting such a file, you can even download each sheet separately.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

For those users who regularly deal with PDF files, it is better to use special programs that should be downloaded from the Internet and installed on a PC. There are quite a few of them, but by far the best program to open pdf files is Acrobat Reader, which represents Adobe Corporation.

The feature set of this software is incredibly wide:

  • Setting the desired scale and format of the document.
  • Ability to copy document text and animation attachments.
  • A function for editing text and objects in a document.
  • New versions of the program that allow you to associate PDF files with search queries on the Internet.
How to open a PDF file on a computer
How to open a PDF file on a computer

It should be noted that the full package of functionality is available only with the purchase of a licensedprogram versions. In the home version, a standard set is available in the form of viewing, printing and copying.

Objectively speaking, the cost of purchasing a license pays off with the reliability of the program and unlimited possibilities from its use.

Foxit Reader

Another good program to open PDF files. Foxit Reader is not as popular as Acrobat, and its functionality is somewhat less. But if you answer the question of how to open a pdf file - through Acrobat or Foxit, then the latest version looks preferable.

A handy menu similar to Microsoft Office. There are several unique features here, including:

  • Installing comments and notes on certain sections of the document.
  • Visual and graphic effects on text (highlight, highlight, underline and strikethrough, etc.).
  • Audio playback of the text of the document (unfortunately, only for texts in English).

This is not a complete list of the advantages of the program, although it is not without small inconveniences.

how to open the desired file
how to open the desired file

In particular, the text cannot be copied for subsequent pasting into text editors, inconvenient search in the document for the necessary information, the need to purchase a full license to open all program functions.

ABBYY Reader

This software can be called legendary, as its history of serving PDF files goes back to Windows 98.

In principle, ABBYY is a full-fledged PDF converter that combinesthe ability to view, edit and convert these files to any other. By installing this program, the user will get rid of such a problem as opening a pdf file on his PC.

ABBYY is very easy to use and has a full range of PDF editing features. Here you can insert multimedia objects, copy text, and edit it directly in the document, and reversely convert files, both to PDF and from PDF (to doc, jpeg,-p.webp" />

Convert PDF to other formats

If you need to convert a PDF file to any other format, you can use special converter programs. The second option is to do it online.

In the first case, you will need to install such software on your PC, and in the second, you just need to enter the desired query in the search engine and use the proposed results.

What is the best program to open a PDF file?
What is the best program to open a PDF file?

Today it is not at all difficult to find the answer to the question of which program to open a pdf file in order to further convert it. There are powerful cross-platform applications that make it possible to convert files both to and from PDF format. Of course, when converting, the original templates and data are not always preserved. It depends on the quality of the original document. But for such giants as ABBYY and Solid Converter, the question of how to open a pdf file in Word, Excel and other formats is not at all difficult.

PDF files and mobile devices

Now many people use the Internet in smartphones. For such people, the question of how to open a pdf file may also be relevant. There is nothing difficult about it.

How to open a PDF file on Android
How to open a PDF file on Android

Adobe has taken care of users by creating a mobile version of Adobe Reader, with which you can figure out how to open a pdf file in Android and iOS. However, this software is not always convenient, so it is not very popular among mobile device owners.

After all, for the most part, books and magazines are published in PDF format for smartphones, and special online libraries are being developed to open them, which open such files and even allow you to make certain changes to them.

Thus, today on the Internet you can find a whole lot of opportunities that allow you to easily open PDF files, as well as work in them. Unfortunately, most of them are only shareware, which somewhat limits their availability.

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