How to flash Huawei: step by step instructions, necessary programs and expert advice

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How to flash Huawei: step by step instructions, necessary programs and expert advice
How to flash Huawei: step by step instructions, necessary programs and expert advice

Huawei is a famous Chinese smartphone manufacturer. The brand is not only popular in China, but also has a good market share in the world. Like Xiaomi phones, Huawei devices run on Android's own customizable skin (EMUI). EMUI 8.0 is the latest update released by the company based on Android 8.0 Oreo firmware. Most of the supporting devices have already started receiving the update via OTA. But many users can manually download and install it. The guide below will need to know before flashing Huawei. It will be useful for reverting to stock firmware if mistakes were made during the recovery process.

Preparation of apparatus

You will need an 8 GB or more MicroSD card or internal memory to install the stock ROM. Pre-charge the phone to 100% and make sure there is enough battery to start the update process. Update operations may erase all user data. Therefore, if there is any important information, you need to make a backup copy beforeupdate using your phone's backup guide.

Mandatory procedures that are performed before flashing Huawei:

  1. Before flashing, you need to unzip the SD update_Package.tar.gz file and download UPDATE. APP to perform the update operation on the SD card. The package always comes with the main which is the full OS.
  2. Make sure you have the latest USB drivers and have them installed.
  3. Perform a full backup of the phone.
  4. The user must be fully aware of the consequences of an unsuccessful firmware, as well as the fact that any damage to the phone caused by these actions will be the responsibility of its owner.

Regular and forced update

Regular and forced update
Regular and forced update

In a normal update, you need to start the device and enter the system update module. Force update is used only when the machine cannot boot up or enter standby mode.

Algorithm for the sequence of performing a regular update, which is performed before flashing Huawei:

  1. Download the update package.
  2. Format the Micro SD card.
  3. Unzip the package and copy the entire dload folder with UPDATE. APP to the root directory of the Micro SD card.
  4. Now open the dialer on the phone and enter: 2846579 -> ProjectMenu-> Software update-> SDCard update-> OK, update process.
  5. Select moved to the SD card in the root directory.
  6. A screen will appear showing the installation process and wait for it to complete.
  7. When the progress bar stops, the phone will automatically reboot.

Switch to original firmware

Switching to the original firmware
Switching to the original firmware

In order to flash the device, the user does not even need USB debugging, Fastboot mode or standard methods used in other Android phones, because Huawei has simplified this process.

Before flashing Huawei through a computer, do the following:

  1. If the user still has access to the phone, be sure to back up everything on it because this process will erase everything.
  2. Charge the battery as much as possible, at least over 70%.
  3. Go to the official website of Huawei and download the firmware for the phone model, such as Huawei Ascend G510.
  4. In Windows, unzip the downloaded compressed file and copy it to the root of the microSD memory.
  5. Turn off Huawei Ascend G510 or other used model.
  6. Before flashing Huawei, remove the battery for at least 10 seconds and put it back.
  7. Then insert a microSD memory card into the phone.
  8. Press the volume up, volume down and power buttons at the same time for a few seconds.

The phone will start, the update process may take about 10 minutes, after which the device will switch toto the original firmware.

Stock software

If the user has a Huawei device, it is very important to update it to the latest version of the Android operating system, especially when you need to upgrade, downgrade or repair Huawei smartphones and tablets. To do this, the following requirements are met:

  1. Check the battery charge is at least 70%.
  2. Purchase a 4 GB SD card or more.
  3. Unlock Huawei bootloader.
  4. Download firmware via Updater.
  5. Download and extract the Huawei Stock firmware and copy the UPDATE. APP file to the internal memory or SD card.
  6. In a Huawei phone, follow the link: Settings=> System=> System update=> Then click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner
  7. Select file UPDATE. APP
  8. The machine will start updating.

Alternative method - users can flash Huawei Honor by installing stock ROM without turning off the device. To do this, create a new folder on the SD card> rename it to dload> put the file Update. App> open "Settings"> "About phone"> "System update" and finally click "Local update" to start the flashing process. After that, reboot the device.

Installing TWRP recovery

Installing TWRP recovery
Installing TWRP recovery

Previously, ClockworkMod (aka CWM) was a common recovery for almost all major Android devices. Since then, a lot has changed, a new service has appeared that has received many critical reviews, butalso a huge user base. The TeamWin Recovery Project, or TWRP for short, is a fully touch custom recovery that was originally developed for Nexus devices but has since been made available for countless other smartphones and tablets in both official and third-party builds.

Recovery sequence:

  1. Before flashing a Huawei phone, create a new folder in the phone's memory or SD card and rename it to dload.
  2. Download the Huawei Stock firmware and copy the file to the dload folder.
  3. Enter the device into Twrp Recovery.
  4. Turn off the machine.
  5. Press volume up and power button at the same time to enter TWRP custom recovery.
  6. Go to install, find file and flash it.
  7. After the update process is completed, click Wipe cache / dalvik to clear the original ROM and reboot your Huawei device.

SP Flash Tool App

Huawei SP Flash Tool application
Huawei SP Flash Tool application

SP flash tool is an application that helps to flash Stock ROM, custom recovery and fix some extreme cases: firmware upgrade, flash recovery, android and Huawei unfinished device. SmartPhone FlashTool works with MediaTek Android smartphones (MTK based). First you need to download the scattered file for MTK based device to work.

Installation algorithm:

  1. Run Flash_tool.exe.
  2. Click onScatter-loading, find Huawei and click Open.
  3. Click on the "Download" button.
  4. Connect Huawei Mobile.
  5. Turn off the device.
  6. Take out the battery.
  7. Connect the machine to the computer via a USB cable. The update process will start automatically.

Tablet update

Tablet update
Tablet update

Before flashing a Huawei tablet, you can install a custom version of the software on the device, which is useful when you fully install a fresh version of the Android operating system or other operating system. To do this, the tablet must be rooted, after which all current information on it will be erased.

Update procedure:

  1. Back up your tablet.
  2. Before flashing the tablet, make sure that all important data is saved in a safe place. This will ensure that your data can be recovered if your tablet crashes or becomes unstable.
  3. Before flashing Huawei Mediapad, root the tablet.
  4. Enable download from unknown sources. This will allow you to download and install apps from websites instead of going to the Google Play Store.
  5. Click the "Security" or "Lock Screen" tab.
  6. Click on the gray switch "Unknown sources".
  7. Install custom recovery. Custom recovery allows you to select the downloaded file on Android, making it possible to use flash memory.
  8. Enter model number and customrecovery in Chrome.
  9. Find a reputable download site.
  10. Find and press the Download button.
  11. Click on the "Download Complete" notification.

Huawei modem firmware


As with mobile phone operating systems, USB modem firmware can be updated to improve device performance. Some internet modems have connection and signal strength issues, and updating their firmware is often the solution.

Updating the firmware is almost the same as flashing a phone, during which the current firmware is replaced with a new one or an old one, if you need to roll back the state of the device.

In order to flash the Huawei MTS modem, follow the procedure:

  1. Download the firmware to the computer from the profile site. When the download is complete, you will need to unzip the file to extract the exe application inside.
  2. Generate an unlock code and firmware for the modem using the Universal Mastercode software and copy them on a piece of paper.
  3. Make sure the laptop or desktop UPS is fully charged and there is a backup power line. If the power is turned off during flashing, the modem will become useless.
  4. Remove the SIM card from the Huawei USB modem, connect it to the computer and run the firmware update that was downloaded and extracted from the zip file.
  5. Accept the terms of the agreement.
  6. Starting firmware update.
  7. Wait a minute whilethe update will scan the USB ports for a modem.
  8. As soon as the Huawei modem is detected, the program will display the current firmware version and the new update.
  9. Press the "Start" button and the firmware update of the device will be completed.

Pro Tips

Pro Tips
Pro Tips

You can perform quick updates through the Firmware Finder and download the latest firmware for your device using this application. The software does not require any root privileges or an unlocked bootloader. In addition, using it is almost impossible to install the wrong firmware version on a smartphone. Before any firmware, make a backup, fully charge the phone and connect to fast Wi-Fi.

For advanced Android users, there may be situations when you need to flash a Huawei modem, but only with certain files from an OTA update. For example, if the device accidentally became bricked, and the user knows exactly what he was flashing, he will be able to do the wrong actions and restore the device.

Reasons why Android phones freeze:

  1. The installed application is not compatible with the phone's operating system.
  2. Error reading data from SD card.
  3. Opening corrupted files, APK files, or application files stored on external media such as an SD card may cause your phone to freeze.
  4. Viruses or malware. This is one of the most common situations that affects the systemphone security.
  5. Errors due to incorrect ROM installation.

Huawei Android phones are great for ROM customization and flashing, however, using the wrong, incompatible, or badly coded ROM with many bugs can significantly affect the stability of the phone, so the user will need to be extra careful.

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