How to save contacts to Google: simple ways, transfer rules, recommendations and tips

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How to save contacts to Google: simple ways, transfer rules, recommendations and tips
How to save contacts to Google: simple ways, transfer rules, recommendations and tips

How often do you think about saving contacts that are present in the phone book on your mobile device? Many owners of such equipment, alas, do not attach much importance to this. But in vain! After all, the device can fail, and when it is restored or repaired, all data can be destroyed. And this is not about the fact that the phone itself can be completely elementary lost. And how then to restore the data, after all, you won’t keep in your head a huge number of phone numbers or related information about a particular subscriber?

There is no question of manually copying such data onto a piece of paper, and then re-entering it (even when buying a new device). It turns out that the easiest way is to use the special tools of both the mobile device itself and the Google service, which is designed to perform such operations. Howsave contacts to Google using various methods for this, then we'll talk.

General information about contact saving methods

First of all, let's define the basic methods of saving important information for you and figure out why it is needed at all, without taking into account the cases mentioned above. The biggest problem with almost all known mobile devices today is that their phone books often do not have enough fields to enter the required data. How many rooms can be added? Two three? You can add your residential address, email, etc. But even this is not enough.

SIM Overflow Error
SIM Overflow Error

Yes, and the SIM-card itself may have limits on the number of stored contacts, it overflows over time, and new information has to be saved already in the phone. But this is not always convenient, even if the phone provides much more options for input variations. But after saving the phone book in the Google service, editing can be done to a wider extent, and then transfer all the data to a mobile device. At the same time, they will be displayed exactly in the form in which you save them in the cloud service.

But back to questions about how to save contacts in Google. Among the most widespread and simple methods related to the use of a specialized Google service, experts distinguish two main ones:

  • export the phone book to a file with subsequent import directly in the service;
  • synchronization with the cloud service without the need to create an export file.

The easiest way to save your phone book

If you do not have many contacts, and you are sure that you will not lose your phone, you can simply transfer contacts to a SIM card. This, of course, is convenient in that when you insert the card into another device, they can be used in exactly the same way as before. Alas, it is impossible to fully insure against the loss or breakdown of a smartphone (tablet). What will you do in this case?

Creating a backup in the MyPhoneExplorer app

As practice shows, one of the easiest solutions can be to create a backup using universal applications. One of these is the MyPhoneExplorer utility, which works with almost all known mobile devices and regardless of their manufacturer or installed operating system. The main applet is installed on the computer, and during synchronization, the client part is installed on the mobile device.

Creating a backup in the MyPhoneExplorer application
Creating a backup in the MyPhoneExplorer application

After synchronization is completed, when you connect your phone to a PC via a USB cable or via Bluetooth, all installed applications, messages, etc. will be included in the backup. A distinctive feature of this program can be called the fact that it allows you to export and import the phone book in the form of the most common Excel spreadsheet file. Alas, such a technique is far from always practical, since the dataare stored either on a computer or on removable media, and if they fail or become damaged, it can be extremely difficult to restore information.

Creating a phonebook backup on a mobile device

Now let's go directly to how to save contacts in Google without using primitive methods and third-party software products for this. First you need to create a backup copy of the phone book, which includes information not only on numbers, but also on the additional data mentioned above.

Export contacts on your phone
Export contacts on your phone

On an Android device, in the contacts section, use the export function, which is called by pressing the button in the upper right corner, then select the backup location (phone, system memory or SD card).

Saving contacts to a VCF file
Saving contacts to a VCF file

Depending on the version of the installed operating system itself, the backup copy will be saved either in VCF format or in vCard format (there is no fundamental difference here).

How to save contacts in a Google account from a file?

Now you need to sign in to Contacts using either a desktop or mobile device and then import. Keep in mind that when performing such actions from a computer or laptop, if the file is saved on the phone, it must be connected to the PC (preferably via USB, and not via a wireless module, since communication disruptions can adversely affect the import process). Open page in and log in (log in with your registered username and password). By the way, the latter do not have to be exactly the same as those used on a mobile device. If you have multiple accounts, you can use any of them.

Import contacts to Google from a file
Import contacts to Google from a file

Now in the settings menu on the left, expand the additional section "More" and select import, after which in the window with options for actions, mark the item to import contacts from a file.

Using an older version of Google Contacts
Using an older version of Google Contacts

If the service gives a warning that import from the selected format is not supported, click the button to use the old version, and then specify the location of the saved object. Upon completion of the operations, you can log in using the previously used account on your mobile device and perform synchronization.

How to save contacts from your phone to Google by syncing with your tablet phone?

Now let's try a direct sync. How to save contacts in the Google cloud in this case? It's quite simple too! We assume that you are using an existing account on a mobile device, and you are logged in on the device with it.

Selecting the contact source for synchronization
Selecting the contact source for synchronization

Go to the contacts menu, in the same way as in the previous situation, use the export function, but then select the phone, card or system memory as the data source (it all depends on wherecontacts were saved initially), and then specify the target storage (in our case, this is an account for the cloud service).

Selecting a destination for synchronization
Selecting a destination for synchronization

Now mark the subscribers whose information is to be copied and activate the start of the process.

Note: It will take approximately 1-5 minutes to copy, and its status will be displayed on the status bar at the top. Do not press the copy start button twice or more as this may result in duplicates.

View results and edit records

How to save contacts in Google, figured it out. Now, as shown above, enter the cloud service under the registration that was used during the export process and open the "My Contacts" section. As it is already clear, all information will immediately appear on the screen. If necessary, you can edit information for each subscriber (change data, add new information that cannot be entered in the phone, etc.). As you can see, saving contacts from Android to your Google account is quite simple, not to mention changing them. If necessary, you can re-sync on your mobile device so that the information entered in the cloud service "migrated" to your device (in this case, the accounts used must be the same for both the cloud and the smartphone).

Actions on Apple devices

Now let's try to consider similar actions for those situations when you have a registration in"Google", but as a mobile device you use "apple" gadgets. It will not work to save contacts from iPhone to Google using direct synchronization, because Apple devices use completely different user profiles.

Sync Contacts with Google on Apple Devices
Sync Contacts with Google on Apple Devices

But if your device is running iOS 11 or later, you can use the accounts and passwords section, then add a Google account (by selecting the desired item and entering the email address with the password). After that, in the registration settings, it remains just to rearrange the contact synchronization slider to the on position, and then save the options set by tapping on the corresponding button at the top.

Note: If your OS doesn't support using Goggle credentials, you can export your phonebook to a file and then import it in the cloud itself as an additional solution.

Which technique is best?

In conclusion, if we compare the above methods, the easiest way to save contacts from Android to Google is through direct synchronization. The same applies to "apple" devices with iOS 11 on board. However, in extreme cases, you can always leave in reserve the use of the function of exporting the phone book to a file. The advantage of this technique is that if you have the appropriate applications on your computer or mobile device, you can edit the data even without accessing the Google cloud service. If the standardmethods do not suit you or you just do not like it, use the MyPhoneExplorer utility and save the necessary data on your computer or laptop.

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