How to restore correspondence in the "Telegram": step by step instructions, tips

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How to restore correspondence in the "Telegram": step by step instructions, tips
How to restore correspondence in the "Telegram": step by step instructions, tips

How to restore correspondence in the "Telegram" after deletion? This question torments many users of the messenger. It happens that on emotions, out of uselessness, or just by chance, you delete correspondence, and then you regret it. There are several ways to solve the problem.

How to restore correspondence in the "Telegram", deleted by accident or by mistake

First, you can look into the root folder of the program. It is located in the memory of the smartphone and is called Telegram. Most likely, nothing could be found in it. One could turn to the settings of the messenger itself, but the problem is that there are no specialized functions for restoring correspondence in Telegram.

Login page
Login page

Perhaps there is third-party software, even if in some miraculous way it allows you to access the "Telegram" servers. But even there, surprisingly, not a single deleted correspondence is stored.

Perhaps the developers will help return the messages "chewed" by their brainchild? By contacting the support service, the user receives the final answer to the question of whether it is possible to restore the correspondence in the Telegram. Alas, this is impossible!

However, you should not immediately say goodbye to the article, because below it will be described how you can save correspondence in the "Telegram" in order to avoid a repetition of such a nuisance.

Cloud Storage

Not so long ago, Telegram, in line with the current network trend - cloud storage - launched its own. The developers did not become sophisticated in functionality and made the simplest option - Cloud Storage. All information saved by the user in the cloud is located on specially dedicated messenger servers.

Telegram in smartphone
Telegram in smartphone

This is very convenient, because remote location allows you to save important data even if the local disk is lost or damaged.

Some features of "Telegrams"-clouds

Unlimited disk space on the server allows you to store as much information as you like. The only limitation is that the size of the file saved in the cloud should not exceed 1.5 GB. Larger documents can be split into multiple archives and uploaded to the Cloud individually.

All storage provided to the user is free.

This feature is available in any version of Telegram - desktop, for smartphones, tablets, etc.

Now more about how to use the cloud service"Telegram" on any of the devices.

How to restore correspondence in "Telegram" on a computer

To open the service on a PC, you need to download the desktop version of the application from the developer's website, log in to the system and click on the icon in the form of a rectangle with folded corners, located next to the profile name and avatar. In this case, the user enters the "Favorites" dialog, where you can save any messages, media, etc.

laptop on the table
laptop on the table

It is worth checking whether the data will be deleted from the "Favorites" if the corresponding information is deleted from the dialogue with the user. The answer is no. Now, even if the conversation with someone is cleared, those messages that are saved in the cloud will remain there. Thanks to the new service, there is no longer a need to think about whether it is possible to restore deleted correspondence in Telegram.

On smartphone

The mobile version of the Telegram app also provides the ability to save messages or media to the Cloud. In order to access the cloud, you must:

  1. Open the Telegram app on your device.
  2. Click on the Telegram popup menu icon located in the upper left corner of the program.
  3. In the list of parameters, find the "Favorites" option. A window will open in which you can save any information both from the "Telegram" and from the phone's memory.

In order to transfer a message or media from another conversation to this dialog, that is, to the Telegram cloud,it is necessary to select the desired fragment in the corresponding correspondence, click on the right arrow, which is located to the left of the delete icon. Now select "Favorites" from the list of dialogs for forwarding. It remains to be checked whether the information from Cloud Storage will be lost when it is deleted from the correspondence? If you delete some old message (which will still remain with the final recipient), you can make sure that it has not disappeared from the cloud storage.

Now you can delete the letter from yourself. This option is available only when working with fresh messages. The result will justify the expectation - the data will still be in Cloud Storage.

The same can be done with a media file. And in this case, the functionality of the application will work successfully, and the information will not disappear from the cloud storage anywhere. Now you can restore the correspondence in the "Telegram" at any time.

Popular messengers
Popular messengers

Shared files

The last thing to mention about Cloud Storage is that data can also be saved in a joint correspondence, and even in a group conversation.

To get to the menu for working with media files, you need to click on the username and select "General media" in the list that opens. This is where all the saved data is located. However, it is worth noting that when the corresponding file is deleted from the correspondence, it is also deleted from the "Shared Media" folder.

Using the gallery

One last possibility worth mentioning. If the dialog has been deleted and the function"Save in gallery" is activated, then all media can be found in the device's memory. To check the status of this option, you need to go to the already familiar "Telegram" pop-up menu on your smartphone, scroll to the end and see if the slider is moved to the right next to the "Save to Gallery" function.

Telegram on computer
Telegram on computer

Benefits of the Telegram service

Despite the fact that in order to save deleted data in this messenger, you need to do some preliminary steps, it has a lot of fans. Users are attracted by the following features:

  1. Ability to transfer files of any type and format.
  2. Easy synchronization, unlimited number of simultaneous sessions.
  3. Organization of general conversations, in which up to 5 thousand people can take part.
  4. Fast work, no freezes, instant delivery.
  5. Complete confidentiality, which is ensured by the function of self-destructing messages after reading and the maximum reliability of the source code of the messenger.
  6. Wide use of the service, a large number of users.
  7. The ability to create your own channels dedicated to any topic of interest to the author. You can post not only text information, but also video.
  8. Viewing other people's thematic channels. Possibility to subscribe to the most interesting and popular. New Release Alerts.
Application installation
Application installation

Despite the fact that in the messenger itselfthe possibility of recovering deleted messages is not laid down, this can be done if you take care of the safety of your data in advance. Modern cloud technologies come to the rescue. Cloud Storage is a convenient storage for all messenger lovers. Anyone who has used this service at least once will easily answer the question of how to restore correspondence in the Telegram.

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