How bluetooth headphones work for a phone: how to connect and use

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How bluetooth headphones work for a phone: how to connect and use
How bluetooth headphones work for a phone: how to connect and use

Headphones are a popular phone accessory. Almost all smartphone users have headphones. A wired headset is the most common, however, there is also a wireless option. This article explains how wireless bluetooth headphones for phones work.

What is this

Wireless headphones are a headset that communicates with a smartphone via bluetooth. There are bluetooth headphones with wires connecting the ears. Such models have one module that provides simultaneous sound in two headphones.

headphones with wire
headphones with wire

Another variety has no wires at all. The two earbuds do not connect externally. And they exist as two separate parts. These bluetooth headphones work separately, but if they are connected to the same network, they will work as a whole.

separate headphones
separate headphones

There are many options. For example, there are large Bluetooth headphones on the market. This headset is very comfortable to wear on the ears foraccount of their soft overlays. Basically, these types of headphones are designed for games, but can be used for normal purposes. Due to their large size, they are not very convenient to wear in public places.

big headset
big headset


Before we figure out how bluetooth headphones work, let's look at what they are for and in what cases they are used.

Wireless is very convenient for busy people. You can listen to music or other recordings without fear of wires getting tangled or your phone falling out of your pocket. This can be useful for athletes or other moving activities where wires can get tangled.

earphones for training
earphones for training

Talking on Bluetooth headphones will also be comfortable, as you can insert one into your ear and hear both the interlocutor and the sounds of the environment.

Of course, this headset is also suitable for ordinary people, because wireless devices are superior to conventional ones with wires.

Device principle

Now let's look at how bluetooth headphones work with a phone.

Wireless communication is carried out in such a way that signals are transmitted from a source to a receiver. In this case, the smartphone is the source. And the receiver is headphones.

Pairing between the two devices is required when connecting the device for the first time. During this process, data is exchanged between the phone and the headset. They exchange unique codes that identify a given device. Thus, the headphones are connected exactlyto this smartphone.

Re-pairing does not occur, so the subsequent synchronization of devices occurs automatically, since the devices already have each other's data.

Signal Limits

The question of how bluetooth headphones work has been considered. However, this is not all there is to know about wireless communications. There are factors that influence and limit this connection:

  1. Distance. Obviously, bluetooth cannot work to pair devices if they are far apart. The devices have different ranges, but basically the maximum distance is 8-10 meters.
  2. Obstacles. It can be a concrete wall or radio emission. For example, the signal will be much weaker if there is a wall between the two devices. Also, for example, the connection will be constantly interrupted if one of the devices is near the microwave oven. It emits radio waves that affect bluetooth synchronization.

Sound quality

man on the subway
man on the subway

How do wireless bluetooth headphones work compared to conventional ones? Here the differences can be significant.

For example, if the characteristics of wired and bluetooth headphones are the same, then the sound will still be better for the former. The reason for this is just the bluetooth connection, which requires sound compression for better transmission. However, this difference is not too significant, so this cannot be considered a big minus of wireless headphones.

User safety

Many are concerned about the question of whether it is harmful to listen to music through a wireless connection? Shouldfigure out how strong the bluetooth signal is and how it can affect a person.

Bluetooth connection cannot be made at a distance of more than 10-12 meters. From this we can conclude that the signal of such a connection is rather weak. For comparison, you can bring a regular cell phone. Its signal can spread up to several kilometers, but it is also considered weak. Thus, there is no doubt about the safety of using bluetooth headphones. Their signal is absolutely harmless at any time of use.

man at work
man at work

Connection rules

How do bluetooth headphones work when connected to a device? The wireless headset can be connected to a phone, tablet, laptop and even a computer. But only if there is a bluetooth module. It can be purchased as a separate device and connected to the desired device.

When buying, first of all, you need to pay attention to the bluetooth version and check if it is compatible with your phone or tablet. If yes, then there will be no problems when pairing.

The first step is to read the instructions for use, as important information may be written there.

You need to turn on the headphones with the corresponding button. You may need to press another one in order for the bluetooth signal to connect. Now on the device you also need to enable communication and click "Search for device". If the headset is broadcasting a signal, the phone will display the name of the headset you want to connect to. As mentioned, the first connection requires pairing and may takefor a while. "Connected" on your smartphone or tablet indicates that the wireless headphones are ready to go. Now it remains to turn on the audio recording and enjoy the music.

For individual headphones that are not wired, the operation will be slightly different. You need to start a signal on both headphones and connect to them from your phone. In this case, there will be two connections.

How to choose

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, we recommend that you follow the tips:

  1. As already mentioned, the main factor is the bluetooth version, which must be suitable for connecting with this device. If the communication version is new, then the headset will be able to keep the battery longer, as less power is required for synchronization.
  2. If, in addition to a wireless connection, a normal connection is also required, then there are models that have a cable connector and there is the possibility of a wired connection.
  3. Headphone type. There is a small headset, and there is a large one. The choice depends on the purpose for which the device is needed. If for normal listening at home or on the road, then small ones will be enough. If you need headphones for work or for games, then you can purchase large ones.
  4. Battery capacity. It is clear that the larger the capacity, the longer you can listen to the recordings and the better.
  5. The presence of a microphone. To talk on the phone with a headset connected, you need a microphone through which sound will be transmitted. If conversations are excluded, then headphones without a microphone will do.
  6. Frequency. ThisThis parameter determines how many different sounds the headphones are capable of reproducing. For maximum comfort, choose a headset with a frequency range of 20,000 Hz.
  7. Sensitivity. This is normal volume. The higher the sensitivity, the louder the volume can be adjusted.
  8. Resistance. This quality determines how Bluetooth headphones work and their overall sound quality. Good sound will be for those whose resistance value is higher than 32 ohms.

Now you know the features of the fashion accessory.

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