How to remove Kaspersky Internet Security: the simplest methods for novice users

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How to remove Kaspersky Internet Security: the simplest methods for novice users
How to remove Kaspersky Internet Security: the simplest methods for novice users

Have you ever de alt with removing antiviruses or replacing one security program with another? If yes, then you probably know that it is often very difficult to do this, and sometimes (without special knowledge) it is impossible at all. Next, let's look at how to uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security. This antivirus is taken as an example only, since the basic methods that will be presented below can be applied to other software products of this type.

Slightly looking ahead, it is worth noting right away that today the matter is simplified by the fact that developers provide their own uninstallation tools for most well-known antiviruses. Nevertheless, even when using them, unforeseen problems can arise, and among other things, you also need to take into account several important nuances related tocorrect removal operations.

How to remove Kaspersky Internet Security: general method and preliminary steps

The general rules for the described antivirus do not differ much from the actions used for similar antivirus software products. Since the developer himself gives you his own means of removing all components of the installed package, you can initially use it. In the same way, you can simply use special uninstallers like iObit Uninstaller or optimizers for this purpose, which provide functions for removing user and / or system applications (for example, CCleaner).

Shutting down the antivirus
Shutting down the antivirus

But before uninstalling, you will need to close the active antivirus, that is, exit the program using the corresponding menu item called via RMB on the system tray icon. After that, it also does not hurt to check for active antivirus processes in the "Task Manager" and, if possible, terminate them.

How to completely remove Kaspersky Internet Security, including the license and other protection components?

Now you can start performing basic operations. Some users immediately begin to search the Internet for specialized antivirus removal tools. Speaking specifically about how to remove Kaspersky Internet Security, it can be noted that in this case you do not need it at all. To start the process, you must have an installation distribution kit at hand or use your ownbuilt-in uninstaller, from which you should select the installation start file. The application itself will determine that the antivirus is installed on the computer, and then prompt you to select the necessary action. At this point, you only need to confirm the deletion. After moving on to the next stage, you will be prompted to select the components to be saved.

Selecting objects to keep on deletion
Selecting objects to keep on deletion

For example, if you had (or still have) a valid license for Kaspersky Internet Security for 365 days, but you plan to reinstall the antivirus, it is better to leave it. If you replace the antivirus with another one, it is strongly recommended to remove it. It is also undesirable to mark the points for saving the parameters of the program and the data of iChecker checks. But the contents of the contents of the quarantine is better to get rid of.

Antivirus removal confirmation
Antivirus removal confirmation

When proceeding to the next step, all that remains is to confirm the deletion and wait for the process to complete. Upon completion, a reboot will be prompted automatically and must be performed without fail.

What to do if the antivirus is not removed?

If for some reason the antivirus is not removed, first of all, note that the installer must be run only as an administrator. If there are problems in this situation, try to perform similar steps by booting the system in safe mode. But the most basic trouble is that when uninstalling, the antivirus installer may require a password. But how to remove Kaspersky InternetSecurity, if you forgot the desired combination? Whether you like it or not, you will first have to recover the password, for which you will need to contact support, and after recovering it, repeat the deletion procedure.

Using uninstallers

Despite some difficulties, just related to passwords, you can do without the tools offered by Kaspersky Lab. The best tools even for an inexperienced user will be either uninstallers or optimizer applications, which in most cases ignore such requests. As such programs, you can recommend either the iObit Uninstaller package or the CCleaner program.

Removing antivirus in CCleaner
Removing antivirus in CCleaner

In the first application, it is advisable to immediately check the automatic cleaning of leftovers, and in the second, at one of the stages, you will need to agree with the deletion of registry entries and residual files.

Confirmation of deletion of antivirus registry entries
Confirmation of deletion of antivirus registry entries

Although it will launch its own antivirus removal tool initially, it may not ask for a password when it finishes.

Activities on mobile devices

As for uninstalling Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, you should not use the built-in tools from the applications section for this. Unfortunately, there is no special uninstaller for mobile systems. However, you can do it much easier by installing the mobile version of the CCleaner app or using the Revo Uninstaller.

True, some experts note that the disadvantage of the second applet is that in the absence of root rights, it does not always remove residual components (leftovers), even if it finds them and offers to get rid of them. In order not to root your phone or tablet, the easiest way is to delete the specified directories from the memory card or internal storage (based on where exactly the antivirus was installed) manually, for example, by connecting a mobile device to a Windows computer. You can also use mobile file managers like E-xplore or ES File Explorer.

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