AC classification. Ensuring information security of automated systems

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AC classification. Ensuring information security of automated systems
AC classification. Ensuring information security of automated systems

The division of automated systems into certain classes according to the conditions of their work from the position of information protection is required to develop and use certain measures to achieve the desired level of information protection. The action applies to all applied and created systems of companies and organizations involved in the processing of confidential information. The choice of method and means for protection should be based on the importance of the information being processed, the differences between the classification of the AU in terms of composition, approach to information, and the number of users.

Types of systems

Consider the main ways of classifying speakers. According to the scale of application, they are:

  • Local.
  • Local.
  • Territorial.
  • Industry.

Meet by mode of use:

  • Batch processing.
  • Challenge-response system.
  • Dialoguesystem.
  • Real time system.

Automated information system

It was created to accumulate, save, update and process already systematized information in certain subject areas and issue information at the user's request; it also determines the level of confidentiality. What else can be said about her? This classification of automated systems can work independently or as a component of a complex system.

classification of automated systems
classification of automated systems

By type of information resources, the classification is as follows:

  • Factual.
  • Documentary.

Factual Systems

The former can operate with factual information presented in the form of a specially organized set of formalized data records. With these records, the system database is formed. There is a special class of software designed to develop and maintain such factual databases.

Document systems

Documentary systems use informal documents of arbitrary structure in natural language. Among them, information retrieval systems are the most common, including software tools for developing and analyzing initial data, organizing the process of entering and further storing the information received, supporting communication with the user, processing incoming requests and arrays of documents. The latter often contains not just textsdocuments, but also their bibliographic description, sometimes abstracts or reports. In the process of work, search images of documents are used, which are formalized objects that reflect the content of the document. After that, the system converts the request into a search image of the request. Then it is compiled with the image of the document according to the criterion of semantic correspondence. Another variant of the search system is library complexes, which are used to construct electronic catalogs for libraries, taking into account the information security of automated systems.

development and analysis of initial data
development and analysis of initial data


Geographic information systems designed to process data located in space-time have also been actively developed. Geographic information is used for integration. With their help, you can arrange information about a place or city in the form of a set of maps. Each element of the set represents information about one of the terrain characteristics. Individually, they are called layers. The base one is the coordinate system in which all maps are registered. This makes it possible to analyze and compare data from all layers or in a given combination.

Splitting information into layers and then combining them gives great potential for these systems as a scientific tool and decision-making tool, since it provides the ability to integrate environmental data of a wide variety of types, analytical analysis of the use of this information andensuring information security of automated systems of this type. GIS can contain hundreds of map layers arranged in a specific order to show information about transportation, hydrography, population, economy, and other natural and social environments.

privacy level
privacy level

Such a system would be useful in a wide range of situations that require the analysis and management of natural resources.

At present, the term "information system" has acquired a much broader meaning, partially replacing the term of an automated control system. In addition, IP means any AS that is used to work with information.

Computer-aided design

The named type of systems is intended for the design of products or processes of a certain type. They are used to create and process design information, select rational options for technical solutions, carry out design work and prepare design documentation, which also includes drawings. To support the functioning of the system, a library with standards, norms, typical elements and modules, as well as optimization procedures accumulated in the system, can be used.

ac classification
ac classification

The result of the work of the computer-aided design system is a set of documentation that meets the norms and standards, in which design solutions are noted for creating a new or upgrading an existing technical facility. Most of these systemsused in mechanical engineering, electronics, construction and more.

Automated system for scientific research

In recent years, this classification of the AU has been used in the development and conduct of scientific research in complex natural sciences, such as chemistry, physics, and others. Primarily, these systems are designed for measuring, fixing, accumulating and further processing the data obtained during the experiments, as well as for monitoring the conduct of experiments, recording equipment, and the like. Often, for such systems, an important function is the planning of an experiment, which reduces the cost of resources and time to achieve the goal.

ac classification
ac classification

Also a necessary property of this AS classification is the function of creating and maintaining banks of habitual research results, especially those that are expensive and difficult to conduct. As a result, better processing methods may emerge that can extract new data from an already old experiment.

Another kind of experiment automation is the task of automating testing with some technical object. A distinctive feature is that the control influences that affect the quality of the experiment are aimed at provoking the worst conditions for the operation of the selected object, which may not exclude the occurrence of emergency situations.

ac classification
ac classification

Any of the listed systems has its own means of protection against unauthorized access, taking into accountinformation specificity.

The listed types of information systems are actively used in the modern world. Also, the development and improvement of existing programs for working with information is underway. The classification of speakers is not limited to the above and may evolve as new systems are created.

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