What is a winlocker and how to identify it

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What is a winlocker and how to identify it
What is a winlocker and how to identify it

One of the most familiar viruses for ordinary users is Winlocker. Its feature is focus on the Windows operating system. When infected, a large window or banner will hang on the computer screen, the content of which may vary, but the essence is reduced to one thing - to receive money from the user. What is a winlocker and what to do in case of a collision with it will be discussed in this article.


The first cases of infection with this virus began to be recorded in 2007. However, by 2012 it was replaced by more advanced encryptor Trojans. It is quite difficult for an ordinary user to get rid of it, since this will require specialized knowledge.

winlocker builder
winlocker builder

From the side, the winlocker has the form of a window in which it is proposed to receive a service (download a file, a program, read an article) by simply sending an SMS to the specified number (funds are also charged for this). After sending, the user will allegedly receive an activation code, whichwill unlock your computer.

Development stages

Initially, the definition of what a winlocker meant was a Trojan that replaces the host file and closes access for its further editing. This led to the fact that when trying to visit a certain site, there was an automatic transition to a fake page created by the author of the virus. As a result, the user's desktop was blocked, on which a banner with humorous content was displayed. Any novice hacker can know how to make a winlocker of this kind - due to the simplicity of the procedure.

After that, banners with obscene content appeared, which were fixed in the browser and did not affect anything else.

How to make a winlocker
How to make a winlocker

Soon this method evolved, and the banner was able to close the desktop and the task manager. As a rule, the problem was easily solved by experienced users.

The latest versions of winlockers are launched before the system itself boots, thus leaving ordinary users no chance to deal with the problem.

Download winlocker builder is quite simple. Usually, this is enough to visit several pages on the Internet, which contain various files and programs for free download. In some cases, simply clicking on a random banner is enough to induce the download of this virus and its installation.

How it works

The principle of operation is quite simple, and familiarizing yourself with it will help you find out what a winlocker is. After downloading, it will automatically start and register in startup. AfterA reboot banner will appear on your desktop. Turning it off by standard means is impossible, since the usual key combinations are blocked. The latest versions of the threat can infect the system even when running in safe mode. When you try to send SMS to the specified number, the chance of receiving a code is very low. There are quite a few options for winlockers that self-destruct after entering the received code. For inexperienced users, the best solution is to seek third-party help. In this case, reinstalling the system can always help (if the skills allow it).

what is a winlocker
what is a winlocker


To minimize the chances of contracting a virus like this, follow some simple rules:

  • Log in with a restricted account.
  • Set a complex password for the administrator account.
  • Have media available from which you can reinstall the system if necessary.
  • Create restore points at least once a month.
  • Open suspicious files in a virtual machine (VirtualBox).
  • Make a backup to an external device.

The described threat is quite dangerous, and getting rid of it on your own, even if you know what a winlocker is, is almost impossible. You should take into account all the rules of behavior described above in order not to encounter this threat, and also install an antivirus, since most of them help fight the danger by simply preventing it from modifying system files.

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