Is "Windows 11" the name of Microsoft's next operating system?

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Is "Windows 11" the name of Microsoft's next operating system?
Is "Windows 11" the name of Microsoft's next operating system?

Today, more than half of computer and mobile device users choose operating systems from Microsoft. Of course, products from this corporation, which specializes in the creation and promotion of software for computers, are not without drawbacks. Not so long ago, the world saw a new version of the Windows operating system, it was assigned the number 10, not 9, as many interested users thought. What will be the name of the next version - Windows XP 11, 13, 15?

windows 11
windows 11

Why do people want Microsoft to create and release a new version of Windows?

The IT world is waiting for news about the release of Windows 11 for two reasons:

  • Users who have already worked with the new operating system have found a number of flaws in the software, such as the collection of personal data, passwords and browsing history in the browser.
  • Users do not want to constantly update the same operating system, they are interested in getting a qualitatively new product that will satisfy their needs to a greater extent.

New development strategyMicrosoft

Despite the fact that various tech portals previously reported that the launch of Windows 11 is planned in 2017-2018, a Microsoft expert (Jerry Nixon) dispelled all rumors at the Ignite conference in the USA. There, he stated that the number 10 Windows operating system will be the latest in a line of software for computers and mobile devices.

windows xp 11
windows xp 11

What does this mean? The corporation decided to change the strategy of development and promotion of its product. Microsoft used to release a new Windows product almost every 3-4 years. Now global updates are in the past. This idea came to the creators of the world-famous software because writing and debugging a new version of Windows takes more than 2 years, and a lot of money is spent on it. In other words, users should not wait for the release of Windows 11.

Now treat Windows as a service

Microsoft Corporation decided to completely change the approach to the development and creation of new software. Now programmers will only work on writing and refining the components of the existing operating system. Simply put, we can't see Windows Explorer 11.

Now updates for "Windows 10" will be released constantly (1-2 times a year). The first release of the new build of Redstone took place in August 2016. Microsoft developers want their brainchild to be perceived as a service. To update or obtain a particular program or component, you will need to purchase a paid subscription, and not install the entireoperating system again, you will not need to get used to the new design and menus. Microsoft will not release Windows 11.

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