How to delete the desktop on Android? How to restore desktop on Android?

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How to delete the desktop on Android? How to restore desktop on Android?
How to delete the desktop on Android? How to restore desktop on Android?

Sometimes users install additional launchers on their Android mobile device. After some time, it may happen that several desktops are created at once. If you are still a new user of this mobile platform, you may have a number of questions. For example, if you don't know how to remove the second desktop, then you should be aware that doing it is actually very simple, the main thing is to know about all the necessary steps.

Choosing appearance

delete desktop
delete desktop

Let's first decide on the choice of a launcher for an Android mobile device. If the standard firmware is installed, and this is the case in most cases, then you will use the basic interface, but, unfortunately, you cannot change the number in it, as well as delete the created desktops. In this regard, you should choose the most optimal launcher for yourself. And then he will help solve the question of how to remove the Android desktop. Launcher for mobileplatform is a new interface and may have different visuals and other changes.


how to delete android desktop
how to delete android desktop

Currently one of the most popular is ADW. Launcher. It gained high prevalence due to the fact that it can be used both on a tablet and on a mobile device. With this application, you can create several screens at once, as well as customize them as you like. In order to make changes to the contents of this launcher, you must press on the screen area and then hold for a few seconds. As a result, a small window should open in which you can install or remove widgets, add new applications, as well as general settings for the desktop. In addition to the positive aspects of this launcher, there is also a drawback - this is the complete inability to remove applications from the installed panel. In order to remove elements you do not need, you will need to use the standard launcher of the mobile system. But it is still possible to delete the desktop with this popular application. In order to get to know the above software solution better, you will need to download it, and for this you can use the Playmarket.

Android: how to remove desktop with GoLauncher

android how to delete desktop
android how to delete desktop

You can also delete the desktop on your mobile device using another add-on. It's calledGoLauncher. In fact, this application is also one of the most popular and many users prefer to use it. If you still decide to use this program, download it and install it, then at the very bottom of the desktop you can find a dock in which, if you wish, you can save all the add-ons that you often use. You can also use the above launcher on a tablet, it will work quickly and fully, just like on a mobile device. In order to get into the settings menu, you will need to press the icon with your finger and hold for a few seconds, after which the parameters should open in front of you.


After the settings menu appears in front of you, you will notice that there are options for displaying the desktop. In addition, you can add widgets, various applications, and delete or add new screens.


how to delete second desktop
how to delete second desktop

If you want to know how to add a new desktop, then you can immediately say that this is done very quickly and simply. Go to one of the screens and use your finger to hold the surface for a few seconds, after which a new menu will open, where you need to select a section called "Page". Sometimes it can happen that many start windows are randomly created, and then you need to delete the desktop or even several of them. By the way, turning off the screen, as well as adding it, is very simple. To remove one of the unwanted desktops, simplyselect it, after which we draw with two fingers from the corners to the center - the pictures are reduced in the same way. Next, you should see a menu where you can manage the initial screen. Now we decide which desktop we need to delete, transfer it to the trash. After that, the screen you selected will no longer be detected. In the same settings, you can also set the main panel, for this you need to click on the Home button. You can also quickly delete a desktop after moving it to the trash. You can do the same with other elements that you don't need. But remember that if you have deleted the table and wish to return it, it is no longer possible to do so. By the way, being on the initial display, you can click on the designation of the "house", after which all screens will open at the same time. In this case, an unnecessary item can be captured and then transferred to the trash.

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