What can be deleted from drive C: tips

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What can be deleted from drive C: tips
What can be deleted from drive C: tips

We will talk with you about what can and cannot be deleted from drive C. In addition, we will learn how to free up space on a hard drive so that such cleaning does not cause us problems. Let's quickly begin to study our issue.

what can be deleted from the disk with
what can be deleted from the disk with

What is a disk C

But before that, it's worth discussing what the system drive C is and how it differs from all the others. In addition, you will have to think carefully why cleaning this place can cause a lot of trouble for many users. Particularly for beginners.

If you are thinking about what you can delete from drive C, then you should understand that this partition is an important part of your operating system. This means that it must be treated with extreme caution. Why? Yes, all due to the fact that any careless action can lead to the collapse of the system.

So, before you think about what can be deleted on the system drive C, you should know that it is better not to touch the Windows folder. As you might guess, it is in it that our "OS" is located. True, there are exceptions. We will talk about them a little later. Until then, let's seewhich should normally be cleaned up.

Old programs

The first thing you should remove if you have a huge need for free space on the C drive is, of course, old programs. True, you do not need to get into "My Computer" and just erase the data folders. The "Control Panel" will help us in this matter.

which disk can be deleted
which disk can be deleted

Go to this service, and then select "Add or Remove Programs". A window will pop up in front of you, in which a list of all installed content will be displayed. Now take a close look at it and think carefully about what you can remove from the C drive (from your programs). Select the objects, then click on them with the right mouse button, and then select the "Delete" function. Wait for the process to finish and look at the result. As a rule, you will have a little place. True, not only this content can be erased. Let's try to figure out what can be removed from the disk besides old programs.


For modern users, the lack of hard disk space is often associated with overcrowding with a variety of games. It doesn't matter if they are online or not. The main thing is that such content takes up a lot of space. Especially if it was downloaded from the Internet. Indeed, the so-called installer (installer program) is also added to the total occupied space.

Think what can be deleted from drive C? Then clean the toys that were installed in this section. The same "Panel" will help you with this.management". Open it, then wait for the content list to load, and now clean up unnecessary games. As a last resort, you can reinstall them on another partition. This will give you a good opportunity to free up space on the system disk.

Don't forget to remove the toy installers as well. It is best to write them to removable media so that you do not have to transfer files over and over again. Such a move will save you for a long time from the lack of space on your hard drive. But this is not all the methods used. There are a couple more moves that will definitely help you deal with the lack of space.

is it possible to remove Yandex disk
is it possible to remove Yandex disk


The guide to cleaning up your hard drive from junk continues. Now you should pay your attention to such a place as the "Downloads" of your browser. As a rule, this folder is located on drive C and gradually fills up. With all this, users do not even think about cleaning this place.

But if you forget about the "Downloads" folder, then you can think for a long time about where to get free space for the correct functioning of your computer. Especially when the operating system starts giving us messages "Low space on drive C". As a rule, such alerts can cause panic in any user.

What can be deleted from the C drive from the "Downloads" folder that belongs to your browser? To be honest, absolutely everything. Especially if all the downloaded data has already been transferred somewhere. If not, thenit is recommended to move the downloaded files to a place where they will not interfere, and then select the entire contents of the folder and erase at once. Many users note that this action helped free up a decent amount of space in the system partition.

Old Data

The next objects to be cleared are usually old user data. We are talking about personal information: photos, pictures, videos, music and so on. True, few people store such files in the system partition. However, sometimes this happens.

what can be removed from the disk
what can be removed from the disk

If you are thinking about how to free up space on your computer, then try to write down personal data that you do not use on some medium (blanks and removable hard drives are good). After that, you can erase everything that was just to be recorded.

Modern photos and video files, as a rule, are distinguished by a special quality, and, therefore, by their volume. So you can be sure that such a move will help you clear the lion's share of gigabytes (or even terabytes) on your computer. The main thing here is to carefully record everything that is important to you on third-party media.

Virtual Drives

Sometimes users ask: "Is it possible to remove Yandex. Disk and other virtual machines to free up space on the computer?" The answer is quite simple - there is such a possibility. It will not damage the data recorded in the cloud, and it will also help you clean up the system partition of your hard drive.

True, there is not much to rejoice herecosts. The thing is that when you delete, say, the same "Yandex. Disk", you erase as much space as the program itself "weighs". But not the number of gigabytes that is written in this "program". So you can free up a couple of megabytes. And that's it.

If virtual cloud disks are used frequently, and even more and more files are constantly being dropped into the root folder, then it makes sense to reinstall the content on a larger partition. So, if the operating system crashes, you will not lose important files.

what can be removed from a disk with tips
what can be removed from a disk with tips


Well, now let's move on to a more interesting and intriguing topic. Now we will talk about cleaning the computer from viruses. After all, they often fill the system partition, and then begin to destroy the Windows folder.

What can be deleted from drive C? As already mentioned, the virus. But how to do it right? Any antivirus program will help you. True, it is best to use Dr. Web, Avast or Nod32. These are the real leaders in the fight against computer infection.

So, check your operating system for viruses. Deep scanning will help with this. After that, click on "Treat". Most files, as a rule, are subject to disinfection, but it also happens that some data cannot be saved. If you are thinking about how to remove viruses, while freeing up space on your computer, then click on the "Delete" button in the antivirus. It will appear after the scan is completed.

From what disk canremove a computer infection in this way? Honestly, from anyone. Select the settings for the scan, scan a particular section and clean the computer from the viruses found. Nothing complicated. True, there is one more small trick that will help users deal with the lack of free space.

what can be deleted on the system drive with
what can be deleted on the system drive with

Temporary files

Our topic "What can be removed from drive C: tips for everyone" continues. Now we have come with you, perhaps, to the most interesting point, which very often occupies a central role after the message is displayed: "Not enough space on the system drive C". We are talking about cleaning the computer from the so-called temporary files.

Every time you perform certain actions in the operating system, they are fixed and recorded. Some of these entries are deleted on their own after restarting the PC, but some remain. And they accumulate. Again and again.

Downloaded movies, browser settings and various reports - all this is hidden in the C drive partition. Try to get rid of this garbage in a timely manner. It is best to carry out a kind of cleaning once a month. With active video viewing - once every 2 weeks.

In this situation, as a rule, resort to the use of special programs. For example, CCleaner. Download, install and use. It is enough to check the checkboxes in the settings for the place to be scanned, and then click on "Scan". A few seconds - and the check is completed. NowAll that remains is to click on "Clean". Ready? You can see what happened - literally in two clicks you will free up a lot of space on your hard drive.

hard drive cleaning guide
hard drive cleaning guide


It's time to take stock. We learned that you can delete from disk c in order to free up space. With all this, we now know how to carry out this action without any harm to the operating system.

True, it remains to give one little advice: when you get the message "Not enough free space", start by cleaning your computer from temporary files. As a rule, this action is a natural leader in freeing up gigabytes.

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