How to freeze a friend's page in VK: step by step instructions and methods

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How to freeze a friend's page in VK: step by step instructions and methods
How to freeze a friend's page in VK: step by step instructions and methods

Freeze pages in social networks - a very common phenomenon. But not everyone knows how to implement it. Some confuse freezing with deleting a profile. And this becomes a huge problem. Next, we will try to figure out how to freeze a friend's page in VK. How successful is this? And how can you deal with it if necessary?

Freezing is…

First of all, you need to understand what kind of process we are talking about. A freeze is a temporary blocking of a person's profile.

Frozen VK page
Frozen VK page

If the user goes to a frozen page, he will see a message that the profile has been frozen. Also in this post will be asked to convey relevant information to the account owner.

Is there a chance

How to freeze a friend's page in VK? It is worth finding out how successful this idea is, because it is impossible to perform many operations on social networks with other people's profiles.

In principle, it is possible to freeze a friend's account, but for this you will have to try. If you don't want to communicatewith the corresponding interlocutor, you can simply block him. That is, add to the "black list".

What is the punishment for?

I wonder how to freeze a friend's page in VK? The step-by-step instructions below are sure to help you achieve that goal. The main thing is to act decisively and not be afraid.

Freezing of profiles in social networks is carried out for good reasons or at the personal initiative of the account owner. The second option will not work - it is unlikely that someone will give up VKontakte at the behest of a friend. Therefore, we will focus on the first trick.

Why can they temporarily block an account in VK? For example, if:

  • profile hacked;
  • User "caught" a virus for VK;
  • person shows suspicious activity;
  • There were a lot of complaints about the page.

In reality, things are not as simple as they seem. Initially, you might think that it will be possible to block someone else's profile on a social network in the shortest possible time, but in practice this is not entirely true.

How to freeze a friend's page in VK - options
How to freeze a friend's page in VK - options

About hacking and viruses

Thinking about how to freeze a friend's page in VK, you can resort to one trick - to make your friend hack or "catch" a computer virus that steals data from the social network.

Usually, this goal can be achieved using a variety of suspicious applications and programs. They offer users interesting non-existent options for VK. For example,reading and restoring someone else's correspondence. How to freeze a friend's page in VK? The options for solving this problem are varied.

In order to implement your insidious plan, it is recommended:

  1. Find some dangerous program for VK. The main thing is not to install it on your computer and not try to use it.
  2. Give the corresponding file to your friend under a plausible excuse. It is necessary that a friend install the utility and pass authorization in it.
  3. Wait a while.

At this stage, active actions end. If everything is done correctly, then after authorization in a suspicious program, your friend's profile will be hacked. A corresponding virus will appear on the PC.

Where will it lead? Malefactors, as a rule, begin active activity from the cracked pages. They attract the attention of the administration of the social network. Your account will be blocked for suspicious activity. This may take several days.

Profile complaint

How to freeze a friend's page in VK? Ways to solve the problem are very limited. The thing is that just like that, blocking by the administration of a social network is not carried out. There must be good reasons for this, as already noted.

How to complain about a friend's page in VK
How to complain about a friend's page in VK

The most reliable way to block the account of friends and strangers is to leave a complaint about the profile. The more of them, the higher the probability of freezing the page. Therefore, it is worth thinking in advance about who can support you in an insidious plan. You will not be able to achieve the desired result on your own.

To leave a complaint about a friend's profile, you must:

  1. Go through authorization in your profile.
  2. Go to the page of the friend you want to temporarily block.
  3. Click on the button with an arrow pointing down. It is located under the avatar.
  4. Select the command "Complain…".
  5. Fill out the form provided by the system. It should indicate the reason for the complaint. If possible, it is necessary to attach screenshots and photographs confirming the words of the applicant.
  6. Submit request for processing.

What's next? Nothing! The user just needs to wait. If there are many complaints on his friend's page, his account will be temporarily blocked. Just what you need!

Important: This trick can be extremely time consuming. To make it work, you need a large number of valid profile complaints.

False denunciations

How to freeze a friend's page in VK? The instructions presented earlier help to achieve the corresponding goal with remarkable success. But there are a few more solutions.

Instructions for freezing a page in VK
Instructions for freezing a page in VK

For example, you can use the "false denunciation". If a person starts complaining about other users for no reason, the enthusiast may be temporarily blocked.

To achieve the desired result, the user must first somehow gain access to his friend's VK, and then from his profile massively send out complaints about bona fideusers. After a while, your friend will be blocked for unfounded denunciations. True, it will not be difficult to unfreeze the page.

For advertising

How to freeze a friend's page in VK? There is another rather interesting solution. True, it is somewhat reminiscent of sending a complaint to the profile.

Sending a message to Spam
Sending a message to Spam

This is about accusing the interlocutor of sending spam. Anyone who advertises links and spams should not be on a social network. These are the rules of VKontakte.

The guideline for accusing someone of spamming looks like this:

  1. Open a dialogue with your friend. It's about who you want to freeze.
  2. Highlight messages containing advertisements or spam with the mouse cursor.
  3. At the top of the chat log, click on the "This is spam" button.
  4. Repeat similar actions with other messages.

You need to remember - the more spam sent to you, the higher the chances of a successful freeze. Perhaps, these are all existing methods for solving the problem. From now on, everyone will be able to answer how to freeze a friend's page in VK.

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