How to delete all posts in VK: detailed instructions. How to clean the wall in VK

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How to delete all posts in VK: detailed instructions. How to clean the wall in VK
How to delete all posts in VK: detailed instructions. How to clean the wall in VK

Many users are thinking about how to delete all posts in VK. We will try to answer this question further. Practice shows that achieving the desired result is easier than it seems. You just have to show a little knowledge and allocate time for the implementation of the task. In addition to completely cleaning the wall, we will also consider the procedure for deleting individual messages. All this can come in handy unexpectedly.

All ways to delete posts on the wall in VK
All ways to delete posts on the wall in VK

Ways to solve the problem

How to clean a wall in VK? It is difficult to give a definitive answer to such a question. The thing is that you can achieve the appropriate result in various ways. And each user decides which way to go.

At the moment, cleaning the wall from VKontakte entries can be carried out:

  • manually;
  • through browser extensions;
  • using special programs;
  • changing page code parameters.

Below are tips on how to use all of these tricks. Even a novice PC userwill be able to achieve the appropriate result.


Thinking about how to delete all posts in VK, each user should know how he can get rid of a separate message in the corresponding section. This technique will help, if necessary, manually clear the wall on the social network.

To delete a post left on the wall, you need to:

  1. Find the corresponding entry on the wall in VK.
  2. Move your mouse over the down arrow in the message log. After that, a small function menu will appear on the screen.
  3. Click on the inscription "Delete".

That's it. Now, if there are not so many entries on the wall, you can do the same with the rest of the messages. Ultimately, the user will tidy up his virtual wall "VKontakte".

Deleting a Wall Post Manually
Deleting a Wall Post Manually

This technique is not in great demand, because it is not suitable for a quick solution to the task. Will have to look for workarounds. Fortunately, they are!

Console to help

How to completely clear a wall in VK? Of course, you can always stock up on patience and time, and then use the technique we already know. It's just inconvenient. Especially if there are more than a thousand posts on the wall.

When working with Internet browsers, each page has its own code. By changing it through the console, you can quickly achieve the desired result.

How to delete all posts in VK? To accomplish this task, it is recommended to runfollowing steps:

  1. Login to your VKontakte account.
  2. Scroll through the wall as low as possible. Preferably, of course, until the very end.
  3. Open console in browser. For example, in Chrome, this is done by right-clicking on the working area of the page and then selecting the menu "View Code" - "Console".
  4. Insert special script. It is listed below.
  5. Press Enter and wait a bit.

The procedure only takes a few minutes. Similarly, you can get rid of the records accumulated on the wall in the social network "VKontakte" through any Internet browser.

How to clear the entire wall in VK with a script
How to clear the entire wall in VK with a script

The script to be pasted into the browser console would be:

(function () { 'use strict'; if (!confirm('Delete all posts from the wall?')) return; var deletePostLink=document.body.querySelectorAll('a.ui_actions_menu_item [onclick^="wall.deletePost"]');for (var i=0; i < deletePostLink.length; i++) { deletePostLink[i].click(); } alert(deletePostLink.length + 'posts deleted'); }());

The following code is also allowed:

var z=document.getElementsByClassName("post_actions");var i=0;function del_wall(){var fn_str=z[i].getElementsByTagName("div")[0]. onclick.toString();var fn_arr_1=fn_str.split("{");var fn_arr_2=fn_arr_1[1].split(";");eval(fn_arr_2[0]);if(i==z.length) {clearInterval(int_id)}else{i++}};varint_id=setInterval(del_wall, 1000);

It is worth paying attention to the fact that when applying the first script, all messages on the user's wall that he viewed will be deleted. That is why it is recommended to play it to the very end.

Which apps to use

Still wondering how to quickly delete posts on VK? To achieve the corresponding goal, you can resort to the help of special applications. They are used on both PC and mobile devices. The main thing is to know what exactly to work with. Otherwise, the user runs the risk of becoming a victim of scammers.

To work with the wall in VK on computers, it is recommended to work:

  • with VK-robot;
  • ViKey Zen.

There are other programs for working with VK, but these utilities are in the greatest demand.

In the case of mobile devices, you will have to install other applications. The best among them is CleanerVK. Let's take a look at all these applications in action.

VK-Robot: how to use for a wall in VK

The first application for PC is VK-Robot. This utility is paid, but the first time you install it, the user gets three days of demo access. This is enough to clear the social network of accumulated extra objects.

VK-Robot for wall cleaning
VK-Robot for wall cleaning

I wonder how to completely clean the wall in VK? The guide for using the VK-Robot service looks like this:

  1. Run the program and go through authorization using your account"VKontakte".
  2. Look into the "Settings" block.
  3. Switch to "Cleaning" section.
  4. Click on the button responsible for cleaning the wall.
  5. Select the account with which the user will work. This step is usually paid attention if the user has several accounts on the social network.
  6. Confirm transaction processing.

What's next? The user must wait a little. It takes time to clear the social network of the selected objects.

ViKey Zen

How to delete posts on the wall in VK? It was already possible to notice that in order to obtain the desired result, the user can use extensions and applications on PC and mobile devices.

Another good idea is to install the ViKey Zen app extension. This utility is somewhat reminiscent of "VK-Robot". Only you can use it on various platforms.

ViKey Zen and cleaning the wall in VK
ViKey Zen and cleaning the wall in VK

The guide to getting rid of the posts accumulated on the VKontakte wall looks like this:

  1. Initialize the "VKey Zen" utility in your browser.
  2. Open "VKontakte" and log into your account.
  3. Switch to the "Other" block.
  4. Click on the inscription "Remove posts from the wall".

At this stage, you can complete active actions. If your posts contain photos or pictures, you need to repeat the same operations, but by selecting the "Delete photo" command. You can manually clean the album"Photo on my wall".

VkOpt - official browser extension

How to delete all posts in VK at once? It can be seen that various methods are proposed to solve such a problem. And users themselves choose which way suits them. There is no fundamental difference between them - whoever is more comfortable.

VKOpt is a very successful browser extension for working with the VKontakte wall. It is safe and available even in the official Chrome store.

How to behave in order to get rid of the records left on the wall in VK? The guide to achieving the corresponding goal is something like this:

  1. Install VkOpt in your browser. It is recommended not to download the corresponding software from unreliable sources.
  2. Go to your page "VKontakte". Authorization in a social network is implied.
  3. Click on the inscription with the number of posts on the wall. It is located under the message writing log.
  4. Click on the "Actions" command.
  5. Select "Clean wall" operation.
  6. Wait.

What now? It is recommended to simply update the open web resource using a special button and enjoy the result. Until this is done, the posts can be restored.

Deleting posts on the wall through VKOpt
Deleting posts on the wall through VKOpt

Via mobile

How to delete all posts in VK? This, as it turned out, is not a very difficult task. Only it is proposed to solve it in different ways. Applications and extensions are the user's best friends at workwith wall.

Do you want to achieve your desired goal through a mobile device? Then you need to pay attention to a utility called CleanerVK. It works on the basis of "Android" without failures and malfunctions.

While wondering how to delete all posts on VK, a person can try the following steps:

  1. Initialize the CleanerVK program.
  2. Go through the appropriate application authorization in your account.
  3. Select the line "Clear the wall of records" in the list that appears on the display.
  4. Press the button labeled "Start".

From now on, it is clear how to clean the wall in VK completely once and for all. Everything is extremely simple and clear. The proposed operations do not require any special knowledge and skills.

Group wall

And how to delete all posts in the VK group? First you need to understand that such an operation is available only to public admins. And no one else. We will assume that the user has this status.

CleanerVK for cleaning the wall "VKontakte"
CleanerVK for cleaning the wall "VKontakte"

To answer how to delete several posts in VK at once, you need to use the CleanerVK utility. After its initialization in the selected gadget, you will have to do the following:

  1. Log in to CleanerVK using the data from your account in the corresponding social network.
  2. Tap on the bottom bar of the application, on the "Community" button.
  3. Specify the address of the group you want to deal with.
  4. Select the operation "Clear the wall,starting from old records".
  5. Confirm transaction processing.

If everything was done correctly, the public wall will be cleared of accumulated posts. Nothing incomprehensible, difficult or special. Only if the user does not have administrator rights, he will not be able to clear the group.


You figured out how to delete posts on the wall in VK. From now on, everyone will be able to independently choose how to act in this or that case.

Practice shows that it is best to use computer methods for solving the stated problem. They work faster and deliver less hassle. Mobile devices are much more difficult to handle, but sometimes they help to achieve the desired result. No need to be afraid. The main thing is not to work with unreliable web resources. All applications and extensions must be downloaded either from Google Play, or from the AppleStore, or from the Play Market, or from the official sites of the selected utilities.

Important: Over time, some tricks may stop working. So hurry up.

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