Internet provider "Smile": customer reviews

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Internet provider "Smile": customer reviews
Internet provider "Smile": customer reviews

Provider "Smile" is part of the Virgin Group, which provides telecommunications services. The client base has about 220 thousand subscribers, and the presence area includes more than 500 settlements throughout the country.

General information

"Smile" is a Russian Internet provider that offers citizens communication and television services. The company has been operating in this area for more than ten years. The management of the organization declares the regular improvement of the quality of signal transmission and the use of innovative technologies in telecommunications.

Company `s logo
Company `s logo

The activities of the organization are also aimed at installing devices for distributing Wi-Fi and connecting equipment for video recording. Users are granted access to a personal account in the Virgin Connect system.

Registration and login to the "personal account"

In order to use the services, the subscriber will need to create an account on the company's website smile. Then you need to enter the last name and first name that will be used to log in. The user must create a username and password. In the line below, you will need to enter the email address to which the message with the code will be sent. At the final stage, you will need to confirm the completion of the registration procedure.

Internet features
Internet features

The subscriber can independently change the tariff and activate additional functions in the "personal account". After authorization, the user can configure the router to distribute Wi-Fi. In case of any difficulties, you can contact the call center of the company. Specialists will provide advice to all questions of interest.

Public Opinion

In order to form an objective opinion about the Smile provider, you can study the real feedback from subscribers. Many of them criticize the company's pricing policy, as the cost of services is constantly growing, and the quality of communication leaves much to be desired. Positive feedback about the Smile Internet provider states that the company provides high-quality and stable communication and Internet services. The advantages of the operator include wide coverage and discounts for new subscribers. A wide range of tariff plans allows you to choose the best option for people with different financial capabilities.

Let's start studying the features of this organization from the point of view of users.

Negative points

Some reviews about the Smile provider are full of negative comments about constant technicalfailures due to which the Internet does not work. Many subscribers claim that the poor quality of service delivery began from the moment when Virgin Connect bought the company. Negative reviews about the Smile provider contain information about the lack of stable operation of television and the Internet.

Subscribers' opinion
Subscribers' opinion

Other customers were not satisfied with the technical support, because the specialists could not solve a single issue. Critical comments claim that managers and other employees blame subscribers for Internet problems. Not every client is ready to endure such a dishonorable and boorish attitude, so many refuse the services of this provider.

Good points

Subscribers also share their positive experience of cooperation with this organization. Some reviews about the Internet provider "Smile" note the ability to choose the best tariff at a low price. The company arranges special promotions for customers who have been using telecommunications services for a long time. Reviews of the provider "Smile" report prompt troubleshooting when failures occur.

Internet connection reviews

Some reviews of the ISP "Smile" claim that the company is not interested in maintaining the customer base. Users say that the organization is aimed at attracting new subscribers for whom special offers have been developed. Negative comments are full of information about constant problems with the Network andsudden internet outages. The operator does not have backup lines, so if technical work is carried out, the network disappears for users. Sometimes the speed drops to 10 Mbps, which is confirmed by negative reviews about the Smile Internet provider.

Computer user
Computer user

Other callers report a lack of feedback from the company as the call center staff cannot help with issues that arise. As a negative point, one can also note the waiting time on the line, which is 20 minutes. If there are any problems with the Internet, experts say that users need to purchase another router. This situation does not suit most subscribers, since the company sells services together with the router. Therefore, the provider must be responsible for the quality of communication. Subscribers warn against cooperation with this provider due to constant network outages and incompetence of employees.

TV Reviews

Many customers report that the company is unable to provide quality service. Users often freeze the image on the screen and the sound disappears. Other subscribers say that the company does not warn about disconnection of services. Negative customer reviews about the Internet provider "Smile" contain information that when switching to a new broadcasting format, most of the channels do not work. There are constant micro-breaks on the Web, so users cannot watch a single movie to the end.or programs. The reviews contain information about the constant braking of the air and freezing frames.

Inside view

Reviews of employees about the Internet provider "Smile" will fully tell what is happening inside the organization. Some argue that this is a successful foreign company that has a high degree of social responsibility. Others talk about decent wages and good bonuses. The reviews note the need for revisions, which directly depend on the area of responsibility.

Internet Service Provider
Internet Service Provider

Negative reviews report the tyranny of the bosses and leaders of the company. Former employees talk about safety violations and theft in warehouses. Every year there is a "cleansing" of personnel, in which employees are asked to issue an application of their own free will. Experts say that the payment of bonuses is not regulated by anything, so there is a risk of receiving one salary at the end of the month.

Summing up

Connecting to the "Smile" network is quite easy, but at the same time, users receive poor connection quality in the form of constant disconnects. Many talk about insane technical support, which cannot provide competent advice on certain issues. Dissatisfied users frankly say that the company deceives subscribers and cheats people for money. In conclusion, it must be said that the company occupies the last place in the rating of Internet providers. Reviews about "Smile" and opinionemployees will help form an unbiased opinion about this operator.

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