How to clear your Instagram search history. All options

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How to clear your Instagram search history. All options
How to clear your Instagram search history. All options

A large amount of information is uploaded daily to the Instagram social network, new pages appear. The search system in the application allows you to find absolutely everything. Users actively use this feature.

But when too many requests are made, eyes start to run wide in an attempt to find something you need. Then the question arises: how to clear the search history on Instagram?

Why it is recommended to delete unnecessary requests

Those who are at least a little versed in technology know: if you periodically "clean" applications, both the device and programs will work more stable. All this is because each graphic file is automatically copied to the memory of the smartphone, thereby slowing down its performance, as it becomes necessary to process additional information.

Over time, unnecessary garbage accumulates, not only the phone starts to slow down, but also the social network, errors occur during video playback and other troubles. If you notice that there are too many unnecessary files, then it's time to takeappropriate action.

Also, it's always worth remembering: if your smartphone ends up in the wrong hands, an outsider can view your entire search history. This is a rather unpleasant situation for those who would like to remain in the shadows. This is especially the case for those who use Instagram for work.

It is very important not to forget about promotional content. Depending on the interests and preferences of users, the social network begins to periodically offer ads, which terribly annoys the average user. There is only one way to get rid of it: you need to clear your search history from time to time.

clear search history easily
clear search history easily

Where to see all requests

As we have already found out, all existing requests are stored in the memory of Instagram. There are special tabs for this information. "Tags" covers keyword queries. "People" are entries that are associated with name lookups. The most popular and latest are placed in the "recent/top" folder.

how to clear history
how to clear history

Deleting requests

Before you completely clear your Instagram search history, check again everything that you have searched for before and make sure that this information is no longer useful to you. After that, you can act. So, how to clear your search history on Instagram. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • First enter the program on your tablet or mobile phone, log in if necessary.
  • Go to your account, find the settings tab.
  • Clear search history inInstagram on Android or iPhone is very easy: on Apple gadgets, you need to click on the gear icon, and on Android, on the three-dot sign.
  • Scroll down the page and select the "Clear history" command. Finally, just confirm the action.

From now on, you will no longer worry about how to clear your Instagram search history forever. All requests will instantly disappear.

search history in settings
search history in settings

Partial deletion of history

Sometimes you just need to get rid of some requests and leave others. How to clear the search history on Instagram partially? The algorithm is:

  • Enter the app using your smartphone.
  • Then tap on the magnifying glass icon - a search box will appear.
  • Go to the "recent/best" tab, select the desired queries by long pressing the screen (separately - each phrase). Wait for the “Hide” command to appear.

This way you can leave important requests and delete useless ones. After such manipulations, the device will work much faster.

how to hide some requests
how to hide some requests

Can I delete my search history on my computer

It will not be possible to get rid of unnecessary requests through the web version of the social network, since the system simply does not save them. You can clear the search history on Instagram, as you may have guessed, only by installing the Android emulator through a computer. So:

  1. Download any of them, such as the currently popular Bluestacks.
  2. Installit to your computer.
  3. After launching it, enter the “App Center” menu.
  4. Type “Instagram” into the search bar. Find and download the program.
  5. Log in to your account, find "Settings".
  6. Find the “Search History” column there.
  7. Next click “Clear”.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about it. This option is ideal for those who like to use Instagram from a computer.

Now you know how to get rid of information that is no longer relevant and clogs not only the memory of the application itself, but also your smartphone. Requests can be deleted either completely or selectively.

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