Bold font in WhatsApp: how to change the writing style

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Bold font in WhatsApp: how to change the writing style
Bold font in WhatsApp: how to change the writing style

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications used by more than a million people around the world. It allows you to make free video and audio calls, as well as exchange text messages. Using the application is possible not only for individual, but also for group chats.

The developers have provided many features of the program, including providing users with the ability to highlight certain words, phrases, using other types of font. For this purpose, WhatsApp uses bold, italics, monospace, strikethrough.

Whatsapp default font
Whatsapp default font

Popular messenger

"Vatsap" is an application for smartphones designed for users to communicate via the Internet. Thanks to this program, you can always stay in touch with loved ones, friends, acquaintances, colleagues.

By installing WhatsApp onphone, the user gets the opportunity to conduct regular correspondence with subscribers. With the help of the program, you can send personal messages in unlimited quantities and without paying the operator. All SMS are delivered instantly, the main thing is to have an Internet connection. Correspondence is more convenient than with the classic use of SMS, and for free.

You can transfer media files through WhatsApp. Surely every user has encountered the problem of long-term mms transfer, and even with the low quality of the transferred files. With the advent of the messenger, you can forget about other methods of sending images, audio and video. Moreover, WhatsApp allows you to take pictures and shoot videos and immediately send them to your interlocutor.

To install the application on your phone, you need to download it from the official website or from Google Play. After installation, you need to open WhatsApp and register on the network by entering a valid phone number. An activation code will be sent to it. During the installation of the messenger, it will ask for permission to use contacts and other services. Information from the address book will allow you to find all subscribers who also use the application. They will be displayed in WhatsApp's own address book.

After installation, you will only have to customize the application to your liking, add an avatar and set the status. The last step is to create a chat with your friends who also use the app.

During communication, you can write in a standard font, or you can change it by highlighting, crossing out words or completely changingfont.

Formatting Secrets

To highlight certain sections of messages, the application provides several writing styles. Moreover, the developers tried so that there were no settings to enable them, while how to change the font in WhatsApp? For this, special characters are used to help change words while writing SMS.

whatsapp bold font
whatsapp bold font

Bold Emphasis

Sometimes, when writing a message, it is necessary to highlight some part of it so that the reader pays attention to it. For this, you can use bold font in WhatsApp. To activate it, it is necessary, while writing an SMS, before starting to enter a test or a word that you want to highlight, put an asterisk "" icon. After the word, this icon is put again. When the send message button is clicked, the section between the asterisks will become bold.

It looks like this: you type "Hello" in the message field, and the recipient will see "Hi".

Knowing how to make a bold font in WhatsApp, you can easily format SMS, making important points more noticeable. This feature helps to focus the reader's attention on those words that he might not notice when using normal typing.

Strikethrough font

Not always in WhatsApp messages bold type is relevant, sometimes it is more appropriate to use a strikethrough type of writing. To activate this feature, you need a word or phrase, highlighted on both sides with a tilde icon.

In the example, it looks like this: in the lineWhen you write a message, you type "~Hello~" and after sending the message it will look like a strikethrough word.

How to make it bold
How to make it bold

Monospace font

In addition to the standard typing, which can be highlighted by making WhatsApp bold or strikethrough words, it is possible to completely change the spelling using a completely different style. The messenger provides the ability to type words using the font for developers - FixedSys. To activate it, the desired fragment is highlighted with three quotes on both sides. However, you need to use not simple quotes, but quotes-apostrophe "`".

An example of using a monospaced font: "```Hello``` is written in the message box, you send it to the addressee, he receives a message with a different type of writing, similar to machine font.

Switching between font types can be applied in another way:

  • For subscribers who use the application on Android devices, you can change the type of spelling of words by pressing and holding the typed text for a long time. Then you need to select the vertical ellipsis icon and the desired font type.
  • For iPhone users, you can change the font by selecting "BIU", and then select the desired type of spelling.
Writing styles
Writing styles


In addition to bold, WhatsApp has the ability to italicize words - Italic font. To activate this function, it is necessary to highlight the desired place on both sides with the symbol "_". In an example, it would look like this: "_Hi_"turn into "Hello" written in italics.

Whatsapp font
Whatsapp font

You don't need to know what WhatsApp default font is, because it can be easily changed, highlighted, underlined or changed to monospaced. Using different types of text writing, you can not only highlight individual fragments, but also just have fun with friends, emphasizing comic expressions in messages.

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