This War of Mine Walkthrough, Guide, Tips

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This War of Mine Walkthrough, Guide, Tips
This War of Mine Walkthrough, Guide, Tips

Some beginners manage to mess things up at the beginning of the game This War of Mine, the passage of which requires the correct distribution of resources and an adequate response to various factors. For successful progress, all users can apply several strategies, but in any case, you will definitely have to adhere to the rules that are common to all. This article provides a description of a variety of tricks or tactics recommended by experienced players that anyone can use.

Game This war of mine
Game This war of mine

Competent start of the game

The smart way to organize a shelter plays a very important role in the project. At the beginning of the passage there is a random selection of characters. You can start over each time in order to get the most useful heroes. Many come to the conclusion that the whole game is built on random events. This circumstance forces players to always make decisions and choose the most appropriate option for further development.plot.


This characteristic depends on the specific features of the character. Strong and slow Boris will pull as many as 15 cargo cells. The same indicator for Marco. When sending miners on a sortie in the game This War of Mine, the backpack must be emptied and only the knife should be given to the character. So you can collect more useful items. You will have to use ste alth tactics and stay undetected to sneak up on enemies and backstab.

This war of mine in Russian
This war of mine in Russian

Arrangement and security of the shelter

As the game progresses, you will have to rummage through various heaps of garbage and extract everything that can be useful from there. First you need to create a locksmith workbench to craft scrap. You will need a tool to unlock locked cabinets.

Everything except the safe can be cut with an axe. Remember that one container is needed to store useful inventory. The resulting materials can be used as fuel in winter. Beds are also made from them so that the characters in This War of Mine 2 do not have to sleep on the concrete floor. The remaining materials must be used to upgrade the workbench. You will also have to close up every hole in the room. To make the shelter more comfortable, you can place a few chairs or armchairs there.


For the safe, you need to choose a closet and leave one item there. If there are no free containers left, you will have to cut unused furniture with an ax. In the heap of the resulting garbage, you can put items. Ax can be crafted onworkbench. You need to look for boards and weapon parts if there are not enough components. The ax can be exchanged for medicines in the garage.


This War of Mine is full of surprises. An alarm, for example, will help the Sims not be taken by surprise if thieves come into the house at night when everyone is asleep in their beds. To successfully repel attacks in the initial stages, it is enough to equip our heroes with several knives. It is recommended to put Roman on guard. A tired hero should never stand at his post. Increases the likelihood of injury during the defense of the home. Some things may also be lost if they are not hidden in the safe.

This war of mine walkthrough
This war of mine walkthrough

Night raids in This War of Mine

Versions of this game require a daily action plan. You need to make a choice of location, as well as select the necessary tools. This is due to the specific purpose of the upcoming sortie. First you need to put all the available inventory in the safe, except for the weapons that your comrades will use to protect themselves from marauders.

If there are no problems with provisions, you should first of all look for something that will be useful for subsequent crafting. In large locations, it is recommended to put all the collected inventory in a container located as close as possible to the entrance. Next time you won't have to spend a lot of time looking in the same location.

Knives are a lot of use

This is one of the most dangerous defenses in the game. Knives are good to use in ste alth mode or in combination withfirearms. In order for the enemy to come closer, you will have to make a little noise, and then hide. It will start moving towards the player. The blow must be delivered at the most opportune moment. To work without noise, you can use master keys. If this is not done, the enemy will definitely hear the sound of a breaking door. In this case, it will not be possible to sneak up unnoticed.

This war of mine codes
This war of mine codes


This is one of the most important characteristics of every character in This War of Mine. Characters behave in the game according to their morality. Depressed characters are prone to conflict with roommates. For this reason, fights often occur.

To boost your mood, Sims need a cozy hideout where they can forget about the war. The house can accommodate various interior items and provide heating. You will need some beds, armchairs, chairs, a radio and some books.

Characters' morale rises when they help other people. Heroes may worry about those who have been denied support. The player in such situations often has to choose between the resource supply of all comrades or their mood.

As a sign of gratitude for the support, passers-by, for example, can point to the location of various caches.

If one of the characters dies, the comrades may become depressed, prone to develop into grief. In the game This War of Mine, codes can be used to increase the morale of heroes.


Means of protection are best kept in a shelter. Characters spend a lot of expensive ammo. It is better to spend them in order to defend the shelter. Experienced players are advised to use shotguns. Bullets fired from assault rifles rarely hit a target at a distance and, accordingly, deal much less damage.

This war of mine cheats
This war of mine cheats


In the game This War of Mine cheats allow you to get an endless inventory, stop or reset time, carry out instant crafting of items, get an unlimited number of components. Thanks to the installation of some trainers, you can play in immortality mode, improve the condition of game characters.

Useful Items

In This War of Mine, characters can use several basic items.

Locks are broken with the help of "crowbar". The rubble can be disassembled with a shovel. During night outings, the knife will be simply indispensable. The usefulness of the ax can be felt from the very beginning of the game. It allows you to disassemble furniture for firewood.

It is desirable that each player character has one pistol to be able to repel attacks on the shelter. With a hacksaw, you can cut some grating and get to valuable items. Each character will need a body armor. The water filter contributes to the extraction of vital fluid. Bandages and pills should be saved and not used for minor illnesses or injuries.

Alcohol can be exchanged for drugs. The books help keep the morale of the characters at an acceptable level. Tobacco and coffee are used by addicted characters as well asare trade items.


In the game This War of Mine, the passage and decision-making depends on the peculiar characteristics of the characters. Some qualities can be useful, others are neutral. Some may develop dependence on tobacco or caffeine, as well as alcohol intolerance.

Pavlo's character runs very fast and can be used in locations where you will eventually need to make legs. Roman is good to use in combat, but in a bad mood, he can pounce on one of his own. Marco, an experienced miner, will be the main looter in the game. Chef Bruno consumes less food for cooking. Anton is good at math but there is not much more to say about him.

In This War of Mine in Russian, the lame Boris, a strong but slow loader, is able to carry maximum weight. Mechanic Martin uses crafting items economically. Secretive Arica makes little noise on sorties. Sveta, a former teacher, is nothing at all. May become depressed when refusing the quest about children.

Emilia is able to find an excuse for bad deeds. Journalist Katya trades well. Zlata lifts the spirit of the team by playing the guitar.

This war of mine english version
This war of mine english version

Combat system

In This War of Mine, the battle mode is easy to navigate. Naturally, you must first prepare the characters. Here you can use cold and firearms. The real goal of the game is not to kill as manyopponents while collecting ammunition. Tactics must be designed with the essential in mind.

To enter combat mode, you must activate the corresponding button next to the inscription "add". The image of the weapon on the intended targets can make it easier to aim. The maximum probability of hitting, of course, occurs at a relatively small distance from the enemy. Characters can hide in deep shadows and attack from cover. Sneaking up to a target at point-blank range increases the maximum possible damage, as well as the chance of a successful strike.

Survival Tips

In the game This War of Mine, the passage is facilitated by the implementation of several recommendations. Every character in the hideout must be armed. Neighbors, as well as merchants, begin to walk around the shelters from ten in the evening. No need to rush to end the day prematurely.

When surviving in the autumn, you need to quickly create rat traps, as well as install rainwater tanks. Eating is best done only when the character is very hungry. A master of all trades is able to improve machines without wasting extra resources. Regular bed rest will help heal minor injuries and illnesses.

Arrangement by walkthrough

On the first day, every closet in the house must be opened and dismantled for scrap. There is only one stash container left. Haven attacks start on day 3, so you don't have to arm anyone for the first time in the game. Electrical parts need to start saving from the very beginning. These items are used forworkbench upgrades.

Send injured characters to raid the hospital where you can ask for some medicine. The hospital comes under fire a few days after the first visit. If you go there, you can find many valuable items that you need to give to the doctor. This will have a good effect on the morale of the characters. You cannot be treated in the hospital after the shelling.

This war of mine 2
This war of mine 2

Advice for crafting items in This War of Mine

The Russian version, like the others, requires the creation of auxiliary items that have their own purpose during the game. First you need to craft a bed and a stove, as well as a water collector. Before the start of the winter season, you need to make an ax and break all the boxes in the shelter, except for one. The resulting junk is used as fuel. Crafting materials that could not be taken away from locations should be left in one cache. It is advisable to make a list of places with folded valuables.


Traveling traders visit the hideout in the evenings. They can purchase the necessary components for the missing products. A good deal with traveling merchants is a rarity. This procedure requires a character with a high corresponding skill. Good trading is possible at locations such as a checkpoint, hotel, patch, brothel or garage.

This war of mine characters
This war of mine characters


An exciting game is always full of surprises. Everyone is given the opportunity to test their organizational skills, to ensure norm althe existence of a group of characters in difficult conditions. To be able to learn the game from the other side, special trainer programs are being developed. In This War of Mine cheats make it possible to just enjoy the process without worrying that progress will be thwarted.

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