Virus removal - software overview, features and reviews

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Virus removal - software overview, features and reviews
Virus removal - software overview, features and reviews

In today's world, a lot of malware appears every day. Not a single user is insured against the defeat of a computer by a malicious program, especially if the computer is connected to the Internet. Since it is impossible to remove viruses without an antivirus, you should use specialized tools to clean your computer of malware. This article is an overview of the most effective and popular antivirus programs.

Windows built-in utility

Windows operating systems already have a built-in virus removal program that can scan your computer and remove malicious applications. You can launch it by double-clicking on the "mrt.exe" file in the "System32" directory.

It should be noted that the program lags behind the leading antiviruses in terms of efficiency, and it should be used only when it is not possible to downloadother utilities.

After starting, the wizard window will appear on the screen. The interface is simple and completely Russified, so even inexperienced users can cope with the program. Three scan options are available: full, custom, and quick. If you are sure that your computer is infected, you should choose a full scan. This option is the longest, but also the most reliable. Be prepared for the scan to take several hours.

There are no additional settings in the utility. The advantages include the fact that the utility does not need to be downloaded and installed. In addition, it was developed by Microsoft, so after its operation, the probability of failure of the operating system is minimal.


AdwCleaner is one of the most powerful computer virus removal programs. Its most important advantage is that it fights not only with typical viruses, but also helps to get rid of malicious applications that masquerade as useful software. Very often, such malicious applications change the start page in the browser, download modules, add ads to web pages.

adwcleaner main window
adwcleaner main window

The program is completely free, and its installation is not required. Although the developer does not require money for using the application, the signature databases are updated regularly, so the utility is in the first place in terms of efficiency. After the scan is completed, the program will give advice on how to eliminate incorrect settings to prevent future PC infections.

Utility interface is as simple as possible. Twice is enough to run the checkclick on the label, agree to the terms of use and click on the "Scan" button. Upon completion of the operation, it is enough to view the report, uncheck those elements that do not need to be deleted, and click on "Clear".

Attention! Malicious software is often disguised as the AdwCleaner utility, so download the application only from the official website of the developer.


Malwarebytes is a virus removal utility that has earned the recognition of millions of users. Distributed for free, but many features stop working after 14 days without purchasing a license. To remove viruses and free options is enough.

malwarebytes scan window
malwarebytes scan window

Many reviews and tests say that the utility helps in 95% of cases. At the end of the scan, the user is provided with complete information about the threats found. It is not necessary to remove everything that the antivirus finds. If he made a mistake and indicated a useful program as malicious, you can uncheck it and it will remain in the system after cleaning.

The disadvantages of the utility include speed. Scanning takes much longer than other software.


RogueKiller is a virus removal program that is little known in RuNet due to the lack of a Russian version. Despite the lack of fans, the utility does an excellent job with its powerful built-in virus scanning algorithms.

roguekiller settings window
roguekiller settings window

The application is distributed in three versions. You will have to pay to use two of them. For a home computer is quite enough and free. The other two will be of interest only to specialists, they have the functions of automation, scheduling, moving settings to a separate directory, etc.

RogueKiller also removes viruses from the file system, task scheduler, services, processes, browser modules. It is because of the wide range of actions that it sometimes scans for much longer than famous antiviruses. If the OS has already been scanned several times by different products, but events similar to virus activity are still occurring in it, try scanning your computer with RogueKiller.


SuperAntiSpyware, like the previous product, does not have a Russian interface. After reading the name, you might think that the utility only deals with threats of one type, but this is not the case. In addition to Spyware, the application copes with all such viruses. New versions of the program are released infrequently, but virus databases are updated regularly.

The utility is distributed free of charge, but real-time protection tools are not available to the user without a paid license. However, they are not needed to scan and remove viruses. A license is required only if the user wants to install this application into the system as a full-fledged antivirus.

Zemana AntiMalware

Zemana AntiMalware is an application based on more than just standard detection mechanisms. The utility connects to the cloud during operation to compare samples of detected threats with known ones. Due to this, it is somewhat more effective than other products.

Zemana AntiMalware scan window
Zemana AntiMalware scan window

Interestingly, the program not only scans files, it also removes viruses from browsers and their extensions. And today, many viruses are installed precisely as browser modules, which allows them to download malicious code on their own, even if it has been removed from the OS.

The disadvantages include a short period of work without buying a license - 15 days. However, it should be noted that this is quite enough for a one-time PC scan, and the free version is quite suitable for emergency removal of malicious software.


Often, after removing viruses, garbage remains in the system: registry keys and files that do not contain malicious code, but are necessary for the virus to work. HitmanPro cleans the OS not only from viruses, but also from all the tails that remained in the system after scanning it with another antivirus tool.

Hitman Pro scan window
Hitman Pro scan window

In addition to the efficiency of work, the program is characterized by a high speed of verification. Also, which is quite uncharacteristic for such products, the application does not require installation - after downloading it can be launched immediately.

The HitmanPro utility shows itself best in cases where viruses change browser settings. After scanning, advertising start pages will be removed, and pop-up ads downloaded by extensions willwill disappear. The only downside is the free time. Without purchasing a license, the utility will only function for a month.

Spybot Search & Destroy

Spybot virus detection and removal methods are quite standard. The main advantage of this program over others is that it not only removes viruses, but also gives recommendations for improving system security. Moreover, the utility allows you to fulfill all these recommendations using its built-in functionality. You will have to pay for some of the features, but some of them are available without purchasing a license.

Spybot Search & Destroy protects the registry and system files from changes, so that even if a virus gets on a PC, it will not be able to fully work. What is important, the utility allows you to roll back all the changes that it made to the OS during operation. This means that if the application makes a mistake and deletes an important file instead of a virus, it can be restored.


CureIt - Doctor Web's utility for removing viruses. The program is equipped with a simple interface fully translated into Russian. Although simplicity does not prevent the utility from being one of the most effective in its segment.

CureIt scan window
CureIt scan window

Installing the program is not required - to start scanning, just download the exe-file from the developer's official resource. It does not require any complex settings. It is enough to select the scanning mode and determine how the antivirus will react to malicious programs - remove them, move themto quarantine or ask the user what needs to be done.

The only drawback of Doctor Web's utility is that virus removal is its only function. The program does not actively protect the user and does not offer measures aimed at preventing virus threats. After each launch, you must agree to send utility usage statistics to the developer, otherwise it will not work to check the PC. This will scare away those users who are serious about protecting personal data.

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

In any review that is devoted to anti-virus protection, you can not ignore the products of the company "Kaspersky Lab". The virus removal tool from this company is called Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool. In all tests conducted by independent laboratories, the program always performs at its best.

main window of Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
main window of Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

The application interface is as simple as possible, and you can start checking your computer by clicking just a couple of times. Advanced users will like the ability to collect information about the OS, which will allow you to diagnose the cause of failures manually. In addition, scanning can be customized by excluding or adding custom directories. The program can work with network drives, email programs and removable drives.

Before the scan starts, the user can change the security level. For example, with a lower value, it will take less time to scan and remove viruses, with a high value, the efficiency of the utility will bemaximum. A very interesting feature is self-defense. If there is already a virus on the PC, then when installing the scanner, it usually tries to disable it even before it starts. With Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, this scenario is excluded. Although, if self-defense prevents the user from changing the program settings or removing it from the computer, then it can be disabled.

The application allows you to perform additional configuration before scanning. The user can specify the types of files to be scanned, the maximum size of scanned archives, whether to perform any actions with installers, whether to use heuristics, or whether to look for rootkits.

Specialists first of all recommend starting a computer scan with an application from Kaspersky Lab. Virus removal is the main task of the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, and it does its job perfectly.

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