What is used to check the computer

What is used to check the computer
What is used to check the computer

One well-known Russian humorist in his speeches often emphasizes that the Russian people and curiosity are inseparable concepts. It's hard to argue with this. Having bought a music center, hardly anyone will be able at least once not to unscrew the volume control to the maximum position.

computer check
computer check

And not at all because it is really necessary, but just like that … And any happy owner of a new car will not be able to resist not to check the speed limit. The person is just curious. Everyone can find a lot of similar life examples in their memories.

Checking your computer is another opportunity to satisfy your curiosity. Working behind the screen of a computing system and not knowing how many conventional units (the so-called "parrots") it issues is not about our person. Checking a computer can serve two purposes: identifying failures and determining performance potential. The latter allows you to objectively compare this system with others, which is in demand, in particular, when buying new components. Sometimes a program for checking a computer, inloading the internal blocks with calculations to a large extent, it quite successfully solves two problems at once. These are the applications we'll talk about today.

Checking computer performance includes testing three main components that just affect the speed index. These are the central processor, video adapter and RAM.

computer performance test
computer performance test

Sometimes a hard drive is included in this list, but this is not entirely true: choosing a high-performance system based on hard drive speed measurements is not the best solution.

Thus, checking the computer requires the installation of the necessary software. It is worth noting the 3DMark package from Futuremark (for the video subsystem); diagnostic complex SiSoft Sandra. For a more extended result, AIDA64 and Victoria (hard drive) can be recommended. Of course, this is not the ultimate truth, since there are several dozen programs whose task is to check a computer.

computer checker
computer checker

So, video. The 3DMark package is available in several versions - 2001, 2003, 2005, Vantage, etc. For modern systems, you must select the latest version. The correctness of the comparison is achieved by running the default test (this is the unspoken standard). When working, the screen displays excerpts of three-dimensional clips from non-existent games using the latest technologies for constructing 3D images. The result of the program is a digital index. The higher hethe more productive the system.

SiSoft Sandra is used to check the speed of mathematical operations. After installation, you need to go to the "Performance" section, select "Central Processing Unit" and click the "Update" button. The test will start. At this time, it is better not to use the computer for other tasks. As a result, a window with graphs will be shown, allowing you to compare your result with other systems. In the same way, you need to check the multimedia performance and do not forget about the bandwidth of the RAM. Data obtained in different versions of Sandra cannot be compared.

Having these three results in hand (actually six, since they are doubled), you can get an idea of \u200b\u200bthe performance of your computer.

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