Synchronization "Android": the main directions of action and settings

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Synchronization "Android": the main directions of action and settings
Synchronization "Android": the main directions of action and settings

The synchronization function in Android is an integral part of absolutely all mobile devices running the OS of this family. To fully understand exactly how such actions are performed, it is necessary to clearly distinguish what exactly we mean by the term synchronization, since the actions performed for this, based on a specific situation, can vary quite significantly. Next, we propose to consider several typical situations and synchronization methods for each of them.

Android synchronization types

First of all, let's find out what needs to be synchronized. First, it may refer to connecting a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to a desktop computer or laptop. Secondly, such actions may be related to the synchronization of Android accounts with additional services (for example, with Gmail mail or YouTube video hosting). Thirdly, it may concernsettings for synchronous operation of applications installed on a PC and a smartphone (for example, the Chrome web browser). Fourth, very often such actions may be required when transferring contacts or phone books to a cloud service.

Sync Android with computer

Connecting to stationary computer terminals or laptops is the easiest thing to do. Apparently, everyone knows that for this you can use either a USB connection or Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologies. The most common type of Android synchronization with a PC is considered to be a wired connection via a USB cable.

MTP protocol activation
MTP protocol activation

In order for the computer to see the mobile device and the drives available on it, on the smartphone or tablet itself, you must first activate the USB debugging function, and also use the MTP protocol data transfer mode when directly connected to the PC (in older versions of Android, this function may called USB Mass Storage). In this case, both the internal drive and the connected SD card will be recognized by the computer system as the most common flash drives, with which you can perform the simplest actions to copy, transfer or delete information.

To install applets from a PC to a mobile device (and not only in these cases), you must activate the option to allow installation from other sources.

Samsung Kies App
Samsung Kies App

If you usespecialized control programs developed by mobile device manufacturers themselves (for example, Samsung Kies, Xperia Companion and the like), the actions are simplified even more.

MyPhoneExplorer program
MyPhoneExplorer program

But when creating backups in third-party general-purpose applications like MyPhoneExplorer, when connected to a computer, the mobile device must be switched to charging mode.

Account Sync

As far as account synchronization is concerned, it usually refers to Google registrations in the form of Gmail email service addresses and corresponding passwords. However, such data is often used in additional services that can be accessed from both the phone and the computer. This option is enabled by default on Android systems.

Google account synchronization with additional services
Google account synchronization with additional services

However, if you have several different registrations, you will need to enter the accounts section presented in the settings of your mobile device, then select the desired Google registration, mark the items of services that need to be synchronized, and click the confirmation button in the upper right corner.

Activate automatic synchronization in Android
Activate automatic synchronization in Android

In the same way, Android synchronization can be set to automatic mode. To do this, in the settings, scroll through the sections menu to the very bottom or enter the section provided for this, and then turn on auto-sync.

"Accounts" can be quite a lot (Google, Facebook,Viber, Telegram, etc.). When this option is activated, all accounts will be synchronized. If this does not happen automatically, log in to each registration. Tap on the button with three dots, and then select "Sync now" from the menu that appears.

Optimizing the performance of synchronized applications

Apps are much easier. This can be explained using the example of the Chrome browser or the popular YouTube video hosting, which use the link just to a Google account. When auto-synchronization is enabled, all changes will be fixed automatically, but at the same time, you need to work with programs and services only by logging in using such an account. In the same browser, bookmarks in the panel will automatically appear when you add if you log into the browser from another device. The same goes for adding your favorite videos to YouTube, actions with correspondence in Gmail, etc.

Synchronization of "Android" with "Google Drive" in the presence of the same applications on both the computer and the mobile device (or when entering the service through a browser) will also be performed automatically.

Transfer and sync contacts

As for the synchronization of the phone book of a mobile device or contacts for which other information is saved, it will be easiest to enter the contacts settings and turn on auto-sync there.

Export contacts on ANdroid devices
Export contacts on ANdroid devices

Alternatively, you can use the export of contacts to a file, afterso that in Gmail they can be imported from CSV or vCard files that you previously save on your computer's hard drive, SD card, or internal storage of your mobile device. After that, changes will be made with automatic synchronization.

Additional Solutions

In principle, to perform simple operations with any type of data, in addition to the applications mentioned above, you can also use third-party utilities like AirDroid, which install the main part on a PC, and when connected to Android devices, transfer the client applet to a smartphone or tablet.

But specialized utilities from manufacturers of smartphones or tablets look more preferable in the sense that they can be used to update, replace or restore factory firmware, which for some reason fails, without the need to perform a reset on mobile gadgets.

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