Quick YouTube channel promotion

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Quick YouTube channel promotion
Quick YouTube channel promotion

On the Internet, you can earn quite normally. In principle, this is what very, very many people do. Now the mass business is moving to the Internet, where some entertainment channels and communities on social networks have learned how to correctly publish advertising (not intrusive, interesting and with a call to action), many large corporations are hiring freelancers and remote employees, people are used to shopping on social networks … And this is not a complete list, confirming that there is money on the Internet. You just need to know how to earn them correctly. It is to earn by one's own labor, and not to hope for easy money without investments.

yputube channel promotion
yputube channel promotion

Monetization of video content

Video content is also being monetized today. Videos have become a trend, and a very large audience is concentrated on video hosting. YouTube, as the largest video hosting and the second most searched search engine in the world, keeps up with the trends.

You can already make money on videofor a long time - connect advertising, recommend various products to subscribers, use an affiliate program. But uninteresting videos of dubious quality will not gather an active and loyal audience. But it is precisely the large number of subscribers, their activity in the form of comments, likes and reposts in social networks, that is the core of stable and high earnings on YouTube, as well as promoting your own or corporate brand. This is where YouTube channel promotion comes in.

Channel theme

If you still have nothing to promote - it doesn't matter, you can create and design a channel well in just a few hours. First, you need to decide on a topic. It can be anything. It's great if the topic gets on the list of relevant ones. And, of course, the topic of the channel should be close and interesting to its creator - otherwise it will be boring to shoot videos and promote the YouTube channel. When choosing a topic, it is important to immediately imagine what audience it will be designed for. Highly specialized topics are likely to be of interest to a small number of Internet users, so they will not collect many likes.

youtube channel promotion
youtube channel promotion

technology, computers, and so on. Relevant selections of films by subject, games, products, reviews and reviews (the so-called unpacking), beautychannels, videos dedicated to the topic of motherhood, culinary channels. For a long time, videos with a description of earning strategies have enjoyed the attention of users.

Publishing "all at once" will not work - you need to clearly define the topic. Videos about everything can only be afforded by famous media people who will get subscribers anyway.

Creation and design

To create a channel, you need to have a Google account. The registration process is standard, you will need to enter the desired login (it will also be an email address), gender, date of birth, phone number and a spare email address. On YouTube, you need to go to the "Creative Workshop", where there will be a "Create Channel" button. The service will ask you to decide on the name and add a picture - the channel logo. The latter can be done later. It is advisable to add a channel icon and cover in the same style - without branding, it is difficult to imagine effective promotion of a YouTube channel. On the cover, you can indicate links to profiles in social networks, your own website.

Record and publish video

Quality and interesting content is a guarantee that the promotion of the YouTube channel will go like clockwork. Videos should be uploaded regularly, preferably at the same time, for example, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 19:00 Moscow time. This is a convenient time, as many come home from work, get rid of household chores and sit down at the computer. Therefore, there is a high probability that subscribers will quickly notice and watch the new video. You can publish something every day, regularity here is one of the guaranteessuccess.

tvgoo youtube channel promotion
tvgoo youtube channel promotion

Content must be copyrighted. You cannot use even small fragments from other videos that do not belong to the creator of the channel. This will result in fines from YouTube and possibly even a complete blocking of the channel. Also, the videos should be helpful. Promotion of the TVgoods YouTube channel is a good example, the team publishes live broadcasts of TV programs - although the video is not copyrighted, it gets a good response, user activity and a lot of views.

The optimal length of videos is about 3-5 minutes. You can, of course, make videos for 15-20 minutes, but users should watch such content to the end. Otherwise, such a length of the video does not justify itself. With long videos, you can use such a trick to get users to watch them: promise a contest at the end or come up with something else that will keep their attention.

Be sure to use all the tricks of calls to action. Many users forget to like or subscribe, watch the video to which the link was made at the very beginning of the video, and so on. They need to be encouraged to do so. The author of the video in the video can ask subscribers to give a “thumbs up”, share content on social networks, or (those who wandered into the channel by accident) subscribe.

Principles of successful work

There are three essential principles for successfully promoting a YouTube channel. Firstly, post videos that will be of interest to viewers, do not sell or recommend obviously low-quality videos.products. Secondly, money is not at all the main thing in SEO promotion of a YouTube channel. It all depends on how high-quality content you offer viewers. Thirdly, a good channel with interesting videos advertises itself. Some videos become popular as soon as they appear on the network. Creating such content is worth striving for.

promotion youtube channel tvgoods
promotion youtube channel tvgoods

YouTube channel promotion

Promotion is the next step, without which channel monetization will give absolutely no results. There are many options for promotion. Among them, you can list white, gray and black methods (the last, and ideally penultimate ones, you should not use), paid and free, the most and least effective. Although the latter, of course, depends on many factors. For an entertainment channel, for example, promotion through social networks will be quite effective, but less so for a corporate video blog.

Seo-optimization of video

Even if the video itself is of high quality and interesting, but its description and title do not make you want to watch the video, then there can be no question of any effective and quick promotion. Seo concerns both the name, and the description, and tags, and the correct indication of the category. Be sure to use keywords of high, medium and low frequency. To determine the most suitable, use Yandex. Wordstat.

By the way, even the name of the video file that will be uploaded to the hosting should be optimized. A video with a title from an incoherent setYouTube will “trust” Latin letters and numbers less than a video with a clear and understandable title that reflects the content.

Create playlists with similar videos or videos with a common theme. For example, define in one playlist all the reviews of the most powerful phones, all the most productive models or new items. This will increase the likelihood that a user interested in one topic will continue watching the video on the same channel and become a subscriber.

seo promotion youtube channel
seo promotion youtube channel

Be sure to fill in all the video settings when uploading to the hosting: language, location, video embedding.

An example of good SEO, but not so much for the channel as for the main site, is the promotion of the TvGoo YouTube channel. The service provides itself with a boost in the citation index due to the fact that under each video with a live broadcast of television programs it leaves a link to itself.

Attract new subscribers

Attracting the first hundred or thousand subscribers is the main task of the owner of the "young" YouTube channel. There are paid and free methods. Among the free ones: mutual subscription (exchange of subscribers), manual publication of channel advertising on social networks, forums and in any open sources. There is no need to spam - this is already from black methods and will not lead to anything good. Free promotion - longer, but then it's free.

Free and paid advertising

In more detail, it is worth dwelling on paid and free methods of promotion. In addition to optimization, you can involvesubscribers and through third party services. They are free due to the fact that first the channel owner needs to perform certain actions (subscribe to someone else's channel, watch a video, like, repost to one of the social networks, and so on), and then order the promotion of their channel for the points earned on the internal account. Examples of such services:

  • BigLike.
  • YTuber.
  • Like4you.
  • Socgain.
  • Pumput.

Paid methods are advertising on other people's channels (then popular bloggers encourage their subscribers to subscribe to your channel or watch a video), promotion services, contextual advertising, publications in popular thematic groups on social networks, and so on.

youtube channel creation and promotion
youtube channel creation and promotion

Paid promotion

Paid advertising can be purchased from Wiboom, SeeDr or VideoSeed. It is better to order YouTube channel promotion (complex) from an smm specialist working remotely or in the state (for large companies that enter the Internet market).

youtube channel promotion sites
youtube channel promotion sites

Paid methods also include "buying" active or passive subscribers. A hundred subscribers can be purchased for only 140 rubles, a thousand - for 1190 rubles. There are also sites for promoting a channel on YouTube. On many resources, you can order views, likes, subscriptions and reposts (QComments, Vlike, VkTarget, SocialTool, and so on) or first subscribe to several publics and communities yourself, and then use the earned moneyto promote the channel.

In closing

Creating and promoting a YouTube channel is an interesting and profitable business. You just need to approach the matter correctly and then everything will work out. For information: it takes about a year to promote a channel by white methods until the first tangible income is received, even if the content is of high quality, interesting and useful.

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