Ad blocking in Edge: several ways

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Ad blocking in Edge: several ways
Ad blocking in Edge: several ways

Edge is the newest development among Internet browsers from the well-known company Microsoft. This browser is included in the latest Windows 10 OS. The user receives the first access to the Global Network after buying a new computer or installing an operating system through this solution. Let's talk about a fairly significant drawback of the application and how to fix it - the lack of the ability to block ads in Edge by default.

About Edge browser

The browser in question was created from scratch, and is intended primarily to replace the outdated and rapidly losing popularity of Internet Explorer. It should be noted that Edge came out generally a worthy competitor to other browsers, although it is not without flaws. Of course, blocking ads in the Edge browser, if it was present from the very first version, would have brought Microsoft's solution much more popularity than it can be stated today. This is a really requested feature.

edge ad blocker
edge ad blocker

How to block ads in Edge

If we talk about blocking various advertising components of modern web pages through the browser in question, then this, of course, is an important function of the Internet browser for many. Users are accustomed to using similar functionality in other web browsing applications that they used before the advent of Microsoft. But after all, any application is not evaluated by the presence or absence of one or another, albeit important, function. Many people like Edge in general, for example, for the speed of work and its presence by default in the OS. As for additional features, solutions have been found. Ad blocking in Microsoft Edge can be done using third-party software and plugins. From a certain point, it is also possible to activate the blocking function in the browser itself.

The very first method

When the first versions of the browser appeared, there was no way to block "advertising garbage" in any way. But the first solution was found pretty quickly - blocking ads in Edge using the Adguard application. In general, this blocker shows itself as an excellent tool with which advertising banners and pop-ups are automatically removed. In addition, the software package, which is Adguard, includes components that allow you to speed up the Internet, as well as provide opportunities for comprehensive protection of the user and computer from online threats.

browser ad blocker
browser ad blocker

Pros and cons

Thus, with the help of Adguard you can significantly improve the quality and security of Internet surfing in a browser from Microsoft. Ad blocking in Edge and other features that appear after installing Adguard make the browser almost perfect. The only stopping factor is the cost of the application, for some users it seems too high.


With the development of the Edge browser and the release of major updates in the product in question, new features that were previously missing have become available. In particular, it became possible to use add-ons from third-party developers - plugins. This expansion of functionality was welcomed by so many users, including because ad blocking in Edge has become more accessible and simple. It is enough to install the AdBlock extension from the Windows 10 app store, and in most cases you can forget about advertising on web pages.

microsoft edge ad blocker
microsoft edge ad blocker

Advantages and disadvantages of AdBlock

Probably, this method of solving the issue of removing annoying banners and other "garbage" site components can be considered the most popular, besides, the plugin is distributed free of charge. The disadvantages include the fact that AdBlock does not block absolutely all ads, the extension still skips the offers of some companies. This is most likely due to the agreements that exist between the developers of AdBlock and other companies (there are rumors that even Google is among them).

Built-infeatures Edge

windows edge ad blocker
windows edge ad blocker

Of course, the developers of the most popular operating system sometimes listen to the opinions of users and implement popular features in their applications. As you know, the Edge browser is updated along with the operating system, being its integral part. With the release of one of the major updates to Windows 10, ad blocking in Edge, more specifically, the ability to block pop-ups, has become a built-in feature of the Microsoft browser.

In order to enable this feature, you should open the browser and go along the path: "Settings" - "Advanced options" - "Block pop-up windows", then turn the switch for using this feature to the "On" position. After such manipulations, pop-up windows should theoretically not bother the user. The above method is a relatively effective method to remove the most annoying, very disturbing and often dangerous elements from the web browsing experience.

Microsoft, of course, can state that ad blocking is present in Windows Edge, although it is difficult to call the above function a 100% reliable solution that meets all user needs.


ad blocker in edge windows 10
ad blocker in edge windows 10

In their announcements, the developers of Windows and the Edge browser quite often promise their users to create and implement a full-fledged ad blocker in the browser. There are no details about the release dates, and therefore predict whenusers will get a really complete and functional solution built into the browser is very difficult. In addition, we should not forget that advertising revenue is a rather large amount that goes into accounts including Microsoft. It can be assumed that this is the reason for such a slow development of software tools that are very necessary for ordinary users …

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