Why do I need a program to access a remote computer?

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Why do I need a program to access a remote computer?
Why do I need a program to access a remote computer?

The article describes what a program for accessing a remote computer is, why it is needed, and in particular, one of them called TeamViewer is considered.

Remote access

program to access a remote computer
program to access a remote computer

With the development of computer technology and the increase in their availability, the need gradually arose for specialists who would serve them. Of course, home and personal computers differ from their huge clumsy predecessors precisely in simplicity and convenience, however, breakdowns and errors sometimes occur that are extremely difficult or impossible for the average user to cope with. In addition, the level of knowledge is different for everyone.

Unlike other areas of activity, the personal presence of the master to solve the problem is not necessary (if it affects only the software part). This is how the function, and later the program for accessing a remote computer, arose. So what does it do, when is it used, and when is it useless?


In fact, the role of such programs is to receive a fullcontrol of the desired computer. And, by the way, they are used not only to solve problems, but also in a number of other cases, for example, for control, ease of managing various systems, etc.

It looks like this: a program for accessing a remote computer captures the image of someone else's "desktop" and control over input-output devices, and then broadcasts all this via a local network or the Internet to the end user. The possibilities of such technology are not much inferior to real control. Of course, when it comes only to the software part, unfortunately, it is still impossible to physically influence the equipment remotely.


Most often, such programs are used in large enterprises, where the system administrator needs to control a large number of computers, and physically bypass each one for a long time and is not practical. In practice, usually everything is limited to correcting the mistakes of illiterate users, or performing actions that require administrator rights.

In addition, a program for accessing a remote computer is also needed as a way to control and manage a server, database or other device that is far away, or requires frequent, but little intervention in operation or settings.


teamviewer remote access software
teamviewer remote access software

Gradually, ordinary users also fell in love with such programs, who needed to quickly and easily check someone else's computer or do something with its system. In recent years, hugea program called TeamViewer gained popularity.

The TeamViewer remote access program differs from its competitors, first of all, in its simplicity of operation and ease of launch with configuration. It's completely free (for non-commercial use) and the latest versions don't even require installation. You can find it on the official website, and it is advisable to download it only from it, because otherwise there is always a chance to get a file infected with viruses.

Another advantage of this program is the ease of setup. After starting, the software will generate a numeric login and password, knowing which, any other user can connect for remote access.

List of remote access programs

If you make a list of the most popular and best programs of this kind, then it will look like this:

  • TimeViever.
  • Splashtop.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop.
  • Microsoft RDC.

They all fulfill the same purpose - it is convenient remote access, but differ slightly and only in some details.


list of remote access programs
list of remote access programs

Remote control of a PC is a handy feature that is extremely difficult to do without in our time. But, unfortunately, this is not a panacea, and these programs may not help in all situations.

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