Serial number: what is it and where to find it?

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Serial number: what is it and where to find it?
Serial number: what is it and where to find it?

When a person buys a device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or car radio), he definitely needs to make sure that the device is original and unique. After all, cases when, under the guise of original gadgets, they sell all sorts of "gray" goods that arrived to us illegally are not so rare. How to understand that we have a completely original product? There is a serial number for that. It is assigned to each device and is unique. It is he who allows you to determine the "dullness" of the product. But you need to understand what it is and what it is eaten with. Let's talk about this. What serial number could it be?

serial number
serial number

What is this

The serial number (English Serial Number or SN) is a unique identification number of the device, which can consist of both Arabic numerals and Latin letters. It's like an identification number in a person's passport. In this ridiculous-looking combination of letters and numbers, very important information is encrypted. It is almost impossible to decipher what the numbers and letters mean, since each manufacturer has its own code based on the marking adopted in a particular company. But herechecking the device for uniqueness with this code is as easy as shelling pears.

where is the serial number
where is the serial number

What is used for

For the most part, the serial number is needed by the manufacturer himself, so that you can understand which batch of products is "defective" and who developed it. This practice was introduced in order to be able to somehow organize service and punish those responsible for the marriage. If this code does not correspond to what is indicated in the manufacturer's documents, then the warranty service of the device will not be performed, since the product will turn out to be "gray". Many official websites of manufacturers of computer components or other gadgets are equipped with a product search system by serial number. So the end user can check the originality of a device.

serial number check
serial number check

Where to find

Where can I find the serial number of this or that device? It depends on which device you are talking about. If it's a smartphone, then the serial number in budget models is written on a piece of paper glued under a removable battery inside the case. If the battery is non-removable and the case is monolithic, then the desired code can be glued to the back of the device. You can also see the desired combination of characters in the smartphone itself. You need to go to "Settings", and then to the item "About phone". The number will be listed there. If we are talking about devices such as car radios, then the claim combination will be written on the box itself, also correspondingThe sticker will be present on the head unit case.

phone serial number
phone serial number

Computer part number

This is a very interesting situation. Checking the serial number of computer components can be done both by a simple inspection of the device, and using the software capabilities of the operating system. You can also see the number of computer components using applications such as AIDA64 and Everest. Also, the desired combination of numbers and letters can be pasted on the component itself. This number may also be written on the boxes of accessories. By the way, a good opportunity to check the correct spelling of the number on the box is to run "Everest" or "Aida" and see if it matches what is hammered into the firmware of the component itself. If it does not match, then the product is "gray".

what serial number
what serial number

Printed circuit boards

These include things like RAM modules, some video cards, motherboards, sound cards, and others, where the serial number is usually found on the board itself. Moreover, it is written in such a way that it is not possible to correct any letter in it. The number is applied by laser engraving and covered with a layer of special varnish, which is used in the radio business. Needless to say, it is very difficult to fake such things. But some make it. Therefore, it does not hurt to check the code programmatically. Suddenly it does not match the engraved? But this is unlikely. Even if the product is "gray", the craftsmen will take carefor the numbers to match. Maybe not always.

Feature telephone number

The serial number of the phone (regular push-button handset) is located under the battery on a special sticker with information. In addition to the serial itself, IMEI and the country of manufacture are also written there. By the way, IMEI, like the serial number, is a guarantee of the originality of the device. It can be checked very simply - dial 06on the phone keypad and press the call button. A combination of numbers and letters will appear on the screen. This is the IMEI. Unfortunately, the serial number cannot be verified in this way. But it is quite possible to find it in the settings. In the "About phone" section.


The serial number of the device is a combination of Arabic numerals and Latin letters, which is used to identify the device and verify its uniqueness. You can find it on the product case, on the packaging or in the gadget's firmware. The main thing is that what is written matches. You can also check the uniqueness of the gadget using the official website of the manufacturer. Many companies are implementing the option to check the serial number. And rightly so, because there are a lot of "gray" products. And the client must be sure that he purchased the original device. However, relying on the serial number alone is not worth it. It is necessary to take into account all the possibilities of checking the originality of the device. In smartphones, mobile phones and tablets, IMEI plays this role. It also allows you to check the uniqueness and is much more reliable than some kind of serial number. However, it is the latter that guarantees the user a servicebreakdown service.

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