Game Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus: reviews, review, system requirements

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Game Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus: reviews, review, system requirements
Game Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus: reviews, review, system requirements

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus is essentially an experiment on the previous part of the game. This episode has finally found its artistic value. He is a cross between Indiana Jones and the Elusive Avengers.


The action of the new game will take place on the territory of the United States of America. According to the plot, this country is completely controlled by Germany. As you progress through Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus, it becomes clear that the new government has already managed to clean up the ranks of racially unclean citizens and suppress a more or less combat-ready population.

wolfenstein 2 the new colossus reviews
wolfenstein 2 the new colossus reviews

The setting matches the action, the locations of New York and New Orleans are a cross between ghettos and dilapidated landscapes from the world of Fallout. However, most of the game will take place in the so-called Nazi bases. They will need to carry out whole sabotage, look for the necessary information and slowly destroy harmful opponents.

The game world is very diverse: you can catch a German soldier chatting with representatives of the Ku Klux Klan or find a crowd of locals waving their handsmilitary parade of the Nazis. In addition to all this, you can visit radioactive zones, fly to Venus and participate in the casting for a role in one of the Nazi films.

As in the previous part, Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus pays a lot of attention to the characters, their personalities and NPS interaction with each other. It would seem a classic first-person shooter, but now it has become a full-fledged RPG. The game is simply replete with cuts, in which the main characters can exchange interesting thoughts, cry, and perform various actions. As for the main character, Blazkowicz, he also often says interesting monologues and phrases.

wolfenstein 2 the new colossus
wolfenstein 2 the new colossus

The new game still credits Blaskowitz with his intense hatred of the Nazis. The level of violence in Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus is off the charts. This is regardless of how the game is played, be it ste alth mode or hit-and-run style movement.

Sit out in a secluded corner is unlikely to succeed, as the game is literally populated by various opponents of very different levels of complexity and weapons. For a successful passage, you have to constantly move, shoot, make "breakthroughs" into the camp of the enemy, find armor and ammunition. Sometimes, in the heat of battle, the fights become so hard that it seems like there is no way out.


As in the previous part, Blaskowitz can shoot with two hands at the same time. But now he can do it using different types of weapons. For example, in one hand you can use a rifle, and inthe other is a shotgun. It may not seem like the best combination of weapons, but it can be very effective against a horde of opponents.

Towards the middle of the game, the main character can get a very interesting set of exoskeleton. With it, you can move among enemies and locations in three different ways. It will become possible to flash through huge steel doors and thereby demolish opponents. It will be possible to take off over rivals on special mechanical legs or shrink to extremely small sizes, move through various cracks and manholes. With the help of an exoskeleton in the game Wolfenstein 2 New Colossus, you can get various items hidden in hard-to-reach locations.

wolfenstein 2 the new colossus ps4 reviews
wolfenstein 2 the new colossus ps4 reviews

The development of the main character is similar to leveling in most RPG games. That is, you can pump shooting skills by constantly shooting, or, for example, with a ste althy murder, you can increase your possession of a weapon with a silencer. In order to improve each type of weapon separately, upgrade kits have been introduced. You can install them at any time.

In general, the game is not something new in this genre. It is just an improved version of the previous part of the series. Added new features, weapon branches, upgrades and improved visuals.

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus and system requirements

Because the game is brand new, it uses the most advanced video technology. Unlike the console, the PC version has many different settings and settings. For a more or less comfortable startyou will need an Intel Core i7 or AMD FX 8350 processor. You will need an NVIDIA GTX 770 class video card with four gigabytes of RAM on board. An equivalent AMD Radeon R9 290, also with four gigabytes of memory, is also suitable. The game will need about 8 GB of RAM. The launch is possible on versions of the operating system Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. There should be about 50 GB of free space on the media.

The recommended system requirements for Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus are more powerful and modern types of equipment. For example, it is recommended to use NVIDIA GTX 1060 6gb. Of the AMD counterparts, the RX 470 is suitable. You will need twice as much RAM.

wolfenstein 2 the new colossus 2017 reviews
wolfenstein 2 the new colossus 2017 reviews

The Wolfenstein 2 version of The New Colossus (unlike the console versions) will not limit the amount of framerate. Screen resolution can also be changed. In addition, you can adjust lighting, shadows, reflections and more. Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus was developed in collaboration with AMD, so it has support for the Vulcan API, which should have a positive impact on game performance.

A bit of passing

Wolfenstein 2 New Colossus is a very unusual and interesting game filled with various secrets and tricks. Therefore, it is worth paying a little attention and passing. Moreover, there are several variants of it.

First choice

At the very beginning of the game Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus, the player will be asked to watch a video and remember the events of the previous part. Thenan important decision will have to be made. It consists in choosing who will survive from two characters: Wyatt or Fergus. If you leave the first one, then it will be possible to crack mechanical locks. If Fergus is left alive, then it will be possible to open electric locks. In addition, the choice of the surviving character may affect the passage as a whole, since the paths will be different.


First you need to walk to the entrance and start a dialogue with the fighter. Having received a rifle, you must return to the corridor and destroy the first rivals. It is worth noting here that completing additional tasks, such as kills without aiming mode, headshots, etc., can earn additional points. Rolling, you can see in the distance that two opponents were killed by some kind of magnetic field. Next, the device itself that generates it will be detected. By destroying it, you can remove the effect of the field. There will be a short cut-scene after which you can move on. Several traps will be presented here, activating which you can destroy opponents.

wolfenstein 2 the new colossus review reviews
wolfenstein 2 the new colossus review reviews

After reaching the platform, you need to go upstairs and inspect the panel on the left. Here the first note of the soldier Oscar will be found. Then you need to go down the long pipe and move to the conveyor. Then to the next. After that, a Nazi will appear who will turn off the conveyor, thereby complicating the task of the protagonist. Having moved to another part of the corridor, the hero will find a room with grenades and a note from the commandantFisher. Moving further along the conveyor, you need to silently kill enemies, or do it without bothering with quiet actions. Moving and focusing on the marker, you can turn a little, hitting the vent, which will lead to the compartment with the diary of the rebel from Kreisau.

Flying fortress

After a long cut-scene, the hero will be released. You need to immediately pick up the nearest weapon and move on. Here you can take two machine guns at once.

Daughter of General Yangel will later direct the hero to the control unit. In this location, it is better to show ste alth killing skills, i.e. Eliminate Nazi soldiers silently. Enigma codes can be found on the bodies of fallen officers. After liberating the submarine, the hero can meet with an unusual soldier in a special armored suit. It is equipped with powerful laser weapons, shots of which should be avoided. After defeating him, you can take his weapons for yourself.

wolfenstein 2 the new colossus reviews steam
wolfenstein 2 the new colossus reviews steam

Moving along the outer hull of the airship, you can slowly continue to destroy enemies in ste alth mode, receiving Enigma codes from them. Having reached the escape pod, you must leave the current level.

Compartment F

After a short cutscene, it will be revealed that Compartment F really exists. Also, at the beginning of the game, the hero will be given a special weapon - a diesel craft. It is capable of firing special sticky projectiles that can later be detonated. With the right use of it, it will not be difficult to pass the level.


To get outsideyou will need the dieselcraftwerk already mentioned earlier. You need to shoot at the shutters that will lead to the surface. On the street, the hero will periodically encounter small groups of enemies, drones and grenade launchers. And then you will need to find a hatch that will lead to the subway. There the hero will meet several dogs, dealing with which is not difficult. Then you need to activate the generator to start the train and get out of the subway.


Back outside, Blaskowitz will encounter several enemies that can be de alt with quickly. Several combat drones will hang in the air, it is very difficult to avoid meeting with them, but still possible. The main task is to get to the elevator. You will need to get to the next level through its mine.


The main task of the hero in this location is to deal with a large number of enemies as quickly as possible. Since there is a fair amount of ammo scattered throughout the level, this shouldn't be much of a problem. In addition, there is a large stock of interesting collectibles. After getting out of the penthouse through the ventilation, you need to go upstairs. There is a small swim waiting for you, you need to get to the remote control. He will turn off the screw and open the way in the tunnel. At the end of the level, you need to activate the warhead to complete the location.

Thus, moving quietly or shooting enemies left and right, the hero gets to the main antagonist of the game - Frau Engel. There are no difficulties in defeating her. The winning player will see the final scene.

Feedback and reviews

Manypopular gaming publications and online resources met the game quite well. Reviews about Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus are mostly positive. Resource Igromania notes that this game is an old-school shooter, which is not ashamed to even be called brilliant. Passing it can take only 2 pm, but the portal still recommends stretching the pleasure of the gameplay. Popular resource PlayGround also left a review about Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus. In it, they also mentioned that the new series is well complemented by the old one. 3D news in its review of Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus notes that the developer National Games has long set the standard for such rail shooters.

wolfenstein 2 the new colossus walkthrough
wolfenstein 2 the new colossus walkthrough

Games. noticed that fans and fans were waiting for the continuation of the game, as the product is an excellent combination of the developments used in the previous part. But still, the new company and the storyline bring their own special flavor. The Kanobu resource in his review of Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus expressed his admiration for active gunfights and a departure from classic trends like loot boxes and multiplayer.

Pros and cons from players

Based on user feedback on Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus, we can make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the new game. Someone considered the game too predictable and monotonous. This is expressed in the fact that the previous part smoothly flows with its principles into the new one. Some also dislike a lot of blood andviolence. On the plus side, they write down a good plot, colorful characters, excellent graphics and gameplay.

In the reviews (Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus, PS4), users express the hope that Bethesda will be able to continue this game series in the future. According to many players, after passing, only vivid and deep impressions remain. In particular, I really like the plot, which is so unpredictable that at some points it seems as if Blaskowitz has come to an end, but somehow he always manages to get out of any trouble.

As far as the Steam platform is concerned, the reviews and reviews about Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus in most cases turned out to be positive and interesting. One of the users after passing the game shared, for example, information that the game can be completed in just 10 hours. The players specify that if you set yourself the task of collecting all the collectibles and bonuses, then the passage will be delayed.

In other Steam reviews about Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus, users note that nothing like this has been released in this genre in recent years. Almost every review notes that the game remains the previous version of The New Order.

In closing

It's been almost half a year since Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus was released. During this time, the game has gained many fans and satisfied users. As noted earlier, it is a continuation of the previous part of the game, but new features have been introduced into the game. It is this (plus a great storyline and gameplay) that played into the hands of the company's creation -developer.

In general, the entire series of the game, from the very first Castle Wolfenstein, the times of the first Blood and Duke Nukem, and ending with the one described in the article, is an interesting general history of an alternative universe in which there is also a war against Nazism. Almost every part of the universe has always caused delight among gamers of all ages. They diluted the world of computer games with their unprecedented cruelty and openness. But each new part was an improved version of the previous one. As you can see, the series is still holding its own.

Apparently, the topic of Blaskowitz is not yet closed, and, perhaps, in the near future, gamers around the world will be able to see the continuation of this exciting epic with the mass destruction of the Nazis. The game turned out to be worthwhile, the developers have worked pretty well. However, the new part of the game is unlikely to be expected before the end of 2018-beginning of 2019. There was no brilliant success that could rush the developers, but the game still occupies consistently high ratings.

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