Shooter for the passage: the best games

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Shooter for the passage: the best games
Shooter for the passage: the best games

Today, a wide range of computer games of various genres is presented to the attention of gamers. Of these, judging by the numerous reviews, passing shooters are considered one of the most popular. With well-drawn graphics and extremely dynamic gameplay, the player is unlikely to get bored. The only minus of shooting games for passing is that they use monotonous linear locations. In an effort to correct this shortcoming, many developers in their creations recreate open worlds with the ability for the player to independently choose routes. The article presents only a few shoot-through games that are recognized as the best.

Crysis 3

This game is the third final part of a rather dynamic and very entertaining sci-fi shooter. Now you can play as a Prophet and confront the survivors of the biological attack of the cephalopods. Also, together with the rebel formations, you will have to destroy a powerful corporationC. E. L. L. Of course, the plot of this shooting game is quite simple, but many people like it for its well-designed gameplay.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Of all the shooting games for the passage, this game has been considered a classic for a long time. The New Order presents the 9th part. The developer recreated an alternate universe in which Nazi Germany won and spread tyranny throughout the world. It is up to you to resist the German soldiers and robots. The new project received a lot of positive feedback from fans of shooting games for the passage.

walkthrough shooting games
walkthrough shooting games


This is a pretty standard first person shooter. The plot is based on the occupation of the United States by the DPRK army. Shortly before these events, Korean scientists designed a special button, through which you can turn off all systems. The Americans purchased large quantities of weapons with this button. As a result, all US equipment is disabled, and you will have to resist the invaders as a fighter of a partisan detachment.

Far Cry 3

This open world game created by Ubisoft is considered to be a really good shooting game. To gain power on the fictional island of Rook Island, the protagonist is forced to confront the pirates led by Vaas and other criminals. You can upgrade your character, thanks to which he will have various skills. With new features, you can deal with opponents quietly.

shooting games
shooting games

S. T. A. L. K. E. R

The shooting game was based on the work of the Strugatsky brothers "Roadside Picnic", which gave the whole game an atmosphere of horror. It consists of three parts, namely "Shadows of Chernobyl", "Clear Sky" and "Call of Pripyat". The game is filled with various anomalies, mutants and stalkers wandering alone. If you love the dark and oppressive atmosphere of abandoned places, then this shooting game is just for you.


Surely every gamer is familiar with this legendary game, which is rightfully considered a classic. In the new fourth part, Mars is overrun with demons, and the task of the protagonist is to resist the creatures that have appeared.

Computer game
Computer game

With great opportunities, the creators of the game were able to implement a project with a huge number of different effects. In addition, new methods of destruction have appeared. For example, you can carry out a fatality. To complete it, you need the demon's he alth to be running out. Judging by the reviews, the shooter has very colorful graphics, hurricane and incredibly fast gameplay that will not let you relax for a minute.

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