Why the computer does not see the phone via USB, it only charges: reasons

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Why the computer does not see the phone via USB, it only charges: reasons
Why the computer does not see the phone via USB, it only charges: reasons

Android mobile system users regularly connect their devices to computers. To do this, they use USB connections, which allows you to move some files from your smartphone to your computer or vice versa. Sometimes, for some reason, the connection fails. In the article we will find out why the computer does not see the phone via USB.

Why join?

Modern technology allows you to connect two devices together, using a USB cable. It is included in the package of all modern mobile smartphones based on Android. Connection allows the following:

  • Charge the device through the computer's power supply. Unfortunately, replenishing the smartphone battery is not as fast as through the outlet.
  • Transfer any type of file. You can transfer videos, pictures, music and programs to your phone.
  • Checking the performance of the wire.

Often users want to knowwhy the computer does not see the android phone. We will talk about the reasons that cause this problem below.

Why doesn't it work?

Connection between devices may fail for two reasons, which are described below:

  1. Hardware reason. As practice shows, this inability to connect is caused by a broken USB. The wire is responsible for data synchronization between the computer and the smartphone. If it gets corrupted, you won't be able to connect. And it is not uncommon for phone charging jacks to fail or a USB port on a computer not working.
  2. Programmatic reason. In this case, your device does not have the necessary drivers or they are not installed on your computer. Windows does not recognize your smartphone and does not display information about it on the main screen.

Now you know why the computer does not see the connection of the phone. Correcting the situation in most cases is possible. However, when hardware causes are identified, the complexity of the correction increases many times over.

Windows operating system
Windows operating system

How to fix?

Buying a new wire or replacing the charging socket on the phone will definitely help. And the USB port on the computer is easy to replace with a new one, you can also connect the wire to another window.

If the above does not apply to you, then you have a software reason. It is eliminated extremely easily, in most cases a banal reboot of the device and digging into the settings helps. Drivers are installed on the computer from the official sitedevice manufacturer.

Charging in progress, but the computer does not see the smartphone

One of the most common problems with Android devices. Often, users ask themselves the question: why does the computer not see the phone? Only charging is in progress, and the corresponding indicator is on. And this means that the reason most often lies in the software component.

The smartphone responds to the connection, but the Windows system does not display it. Here are some basic tips to help you deal with this problem:

  1. The problem lies in the power cord. Disconnect it from the port it is connected to now and insert it into the new one. The fact is that modern models of laptops and computers are equipped with 3.0 connectors, which are indicated in blue. But for connection, old versions of ports 2.0 are used, and you need to connect to them. The front connectors may sometimes not work, then connect the wires to the back of the system unit.
  2. Use a new USB cable. This will help you find out about problems with the cable, if you have identified them, then connect through a new cable.
  3. Do an external inspection of the computer and phone jacks. Over time, garbage accumulates in them: dust, dirt, food leftovers. And it interferes with the connection between the wire and the computer port. Take an ear stick, lightly moisten it, and wipe the dust inside the socket.
  4. Try disconnecting the wire from your computer and connecting to another one. If the problem disappears, then your system is missing necessary programs or there is a virus.

Details on how to fix this problem are described below.

USB 3.0
USB 3.0

The computer used to see the phone, but now it doesn't

This happens when software crashes or driver crashes. And often this situation takes the user by surprise, and he does not know why the computer does not see the phone "Samsung" or any other brand.

What to do in such cases is described below:

  1. Dig into the box that came with your computer or laptop. There you should find a "native" drive that restores the motherboard settings. Don't be discouraged if the disc is lost. As a rule, developers post the settings from the disk on their official website.
  2. Download and reinstall the drivers.

After installing from a disc or from the website of the software developer, the computer must be restarted. And after that, check the he alth of the ports.

Various wires
Various wires

Second way

But if the above steps did not help you, then follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the "Control Panel" menu.
  2. Left-click on "System and Security".
  3. Select "Power Options".
  4. In the new window, find "Power Scheme Settings". The words are highlighted in blue and are not in the usual menu, but are located opposite the power mode selection.
  5. Click on "Change advanced power settings".
  6. You will opena small menu in which select "USB Settings".
  7. Then click on "Pause USB Port Option".
  8. In the items "On battery" and "On the network" set "Disabled".
  9. Confirm your actions by clicking on "Apply".

This method works with Windows laptops. Why does the computer not see the Xiaomi phone? This problem occurs due to the fact that the phone drivers are out of date. A specific problem with the mobile brand "Xiaomi" rarely occurs, because updates are often released to the phone, including drivers.

Settings screenshot
Settings screenshot

Third way

But if for some reason the phone is not displayed on the computer, then check for drivers through the PC. To do this, follow the following algorithm:

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. In the search bar type "Task Manager".
  3. Search for "Portable Devices".

Under normal conditions, the device should have a green checkmark to confirm that there are no problems and that all drivers are present. A burning red picture confirms that something is wrong with the system. And to fix it you need:

  1. Open device menu.
  2. Click on "Uninstall Driver".
  3. Disconnect and reconnect smartphone.

In this option, the system will automatically load the necessary drivers. After all the manipulations, the device should work correctly.

Phone connected to laptop
Phone connected to laptop

The computer does not initially see the device

Sometimes it also happens that it's not at all a cable or port malfunction, and not even the installed drivers. But why can't the computer see the phone?

The problem lies in the settings of the Android system. In new versions, it is possible to differentiate the connection: just charging, modem, storage. As practice shows, in most cases the system sets the default setting to "Charging only". To solve this problem, you should:

  1. In some models, it is enough to move the curtain down and select the desired connection method.
  2. This is not possible on other devices, open "Settings" and go to "Memory" and click on "Properties".

There and choose which connection method suits you. Sometimes the modem mode is enabled on the smartphone, which also prevents the computer from recognizing the device. Here are some more troubleshooting options:

  1. Install Windows Update or enable it in settings. It automatically downloads the necessary drivers that allow you to recognize your smartphone.
  2. Some manufacturers include a USB setup disk. Insert the disc into the drive, then open it and install the provided program.

Don't be discouraged if all the above methods didn't help you get your job done. There are several more options in the arsenal, thanks to which the computer will see the smartphone.

windows update
windows update

Viral software

Malicious viruses penetrate the system and cause various failures. Sometimes it is they who interfere with the normal operation of drivers on a computer and smartphone. They can block data transmission or remove software that allows you to display information about your phone.

As a rule, viruses on "Android" do not carry critical harm. And the possibility that the problem lies in the smartphone is extremely small. To protect and remove viruses, there are the following programs:

  1. Dr. Web. Uses innovative methods to detect virus programs.
  2. Avast Free. One of the most popular antiviruses in the CIS. There is an extensive database of phishing programs and viruses.
  3. Antivirus from the Kaspersky Lab. Domestic antivirus with a unique search engine.
  4. 360 Total Security. A universal antivirus from Chinese developers, it does an excellent job of finding viruses and works on new versions of the Windows operating system.

They are free, but have paid features. Also, these antiviruses can "scan" your mobile device, they are downloaded from the "Play Market" or from official sites.

Computer virus
Computer virus

Last opportunity

If you are still wondering why the computer does not see the phone, and all the previous methods did not work, then turn to resetting the settings. Before doing this, make sure that the USB ports are working properly and you have triedall of the above methods.

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