Security is Meaning, synonyms, etymology

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Security is Meaning, synonyms, etymology
Security is Meaning, synonyms, etymology

Security - what does it mean? This word is foreign and came into our everyday speech not so long ago. Therefore, not everyone fully understands when its use is appropriate and when it is not. Details about who this security guard is will be described in the article.

What the dictionary says

If you turn to the explanatory dictionary, then most often you can find there two options for the meaning of the word "security". The first of them characterizes this lexeme as a security service. For this meaning, the following example sentences can be given:

Security Service
Security Service
  • Looking at himself in the mirror in the hallway, Oleg ironically thought that he might well fit for the position of chief of security for some political boss, at least at the local level for sure.
  • The senior in the bank's security department laughed openly when the conversation turned to the actions of local bandits.
  • No matter how a few excessively active newspapermen, together with annoying paparazzi, tried to break into the club where a fight took place between two media persons, they failedovercome the powerful barrier created by the institution's security.
  • Over time, you stop noticing security cameras, and also begin to be indifferent to the piercing glances of plump ladies belonging to the local security service, who majestically flaunt along the corridor.

Second interpretation

In the second meaning of security - protection in one person, that is, a security officer. Here are examples of the use of the word for this case:

Security behind the monitor
Security behind the monitor
  • Andrey really wanted to run away, but the security guard assigned to him by his father quickly noticed his movement towards the exit, caught up and followed him one after another.
  • Anna reprimanded her friend: “You cooed with him for half a day, while I stood at the balcony door, so that no one would disturb you.”
  • Students had to stand in front of the building for about ten minutes, until finally a security guard with a fathom-shouldered figure and a short haircut allowed them to enter.
  • Orders in the company, where Marina recently joined, were very strict: only for an altercation with security could one fly out of the company in no time.

It is better to learn the meaning of the word "security" by studying its synonyms.

Similar words

They can be divided into two groups according to each of the above values.

Synonyms for the first meaning of the word "security" are:

  • security agency;
  • security;
  • security service;
  • security service;
  • security firm;
  • escort;
  • escort;
  • escort service;
  • guard group;
  • guard post.

Among the synonyms for the second value you can find such as:

  • guard;
  • bodyguard;
  • bodyguard;
  • escort;
  • accompanying;
  • guard;
  • watchman;
  • security officer;
  • bouncer;
  • shooter;
  • watchman.

Next, the origin of the word under study will be considered.


Security in the classroom
Security in the classroom

As for the etymology, it is rooted in the Proto-Indo-European language, where there is a stem kois, from which the noun coira was formed in Old Latin in the meaning of “care, care”. Further from him came the noun cura in the same meaning. Then the prefix se was added to it, expressing the elimination, separation and ending us.

This is how the adjective securus came about, meaning "careless, safe, carefree, calm." From him in English came the adjective security, which translates as "security". From there it "migrated" to Russian in the two meanings indicated above.

Next, we will talk about one of the varieties of the security profession.

Who is a bodyguard

This highly trained security officer must ensure the safety of the person he is guarding. Or is it a person who provides security services personally. Also he can bea government agent protecting an official or individuals from danger.

As a rule, bodyguards work for rich people or protect politically important figures. Among the dangers they are designed to prevent are the following:

  • theft;
  • attack;
  • murder;
  • abduction;
  • harassment;
  • harassment;
  • threats;
  • loss of confidential information;
  • extortion;
  • other criminal offenses.

Security is a person who takes a hit. The safety of the guarded strongly depends on how prepared, how bold and prudent the bodyguard is. The main task of security is to quickly analyze the current situation, make the right decision with lightning speed and implement it at the highest professional level.

Computer security

Smart Security
Smart Security

In conclusion, it should be noted that in computer technology there is the term "smart security", which, as a rule, refers to a set of solutions that ensure the security of devices. It combines the maximum degree of protection and the minimum impact on computer performance. Artificial intelligence is used in modern technologies. It prevents infections from viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, rootkits, and other threats. However, the program does not affect the performance of the computer.

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