What is the quality of the video

What is the quality of the video
What is the quality of the video
video quality
video quality

Cinema, like art, attracts billions of users every day to the displays of electronic devices. Of course, new releases with famous actors, blockbusters, etc. are especially popular. Many Internet resources, trying to attract visitors, compete with each other, trying to post the next film as soon as possible. However, the quality of the video, especially at the first time of its appearance, does not always please the user.

Quite often there are situations when the time spent on downloading a movie is wasted, because the result is different from what was expected. To prevent this from happening, you should understand what the conditional abbreviations mean, placed next to the titles of films in the “quality” column.

Video quality CAMRip or CAM for short. This abbreviation refers to a video filmed by a camera in a movie theater. This is the so-called "screen". While watching such films, people may walk in front of the camera. Quite often, the recording is accompanied by poor sound and fuzzy, jerky images.

ts video quality
ts video quality

TS video quality(Telesync). This is also a screen, but of a higher level. With TS, the shooting takes place either in an empty room or in the operator's booth. In this case, the camcorder is mounted on a tripod, which eliminates the possibility of twitching images and getting into the frame of strangers. There is a variety called Super TS. The difference from the usual TS lies in the additional processing of video shot in the cinema. The result can be both good and not very good, as it entirely depends on the professionalism of the person who performed it.

TeleCine. This quality of video is familiar to many under the terms "roll" or "digitization". This is a digitized version of the film obtained from a movie projector, which allows you to achieve more or less high-quality results. The main distinguishing features of the "roll": a slight blur of the image and an abundance of yellow in the picture.

VHS-Rip is a digitized video cassette. Usually the quality is quite average or very bad. The picture is not clear, there may be streaks on the screen, etc.

best video quality
best video quality

DVD-Screener or DVDScr for short, also SCR. This version is usually distributed for "promotional" purposes specifically to leading critics and others associated with the film industry. The quality is at a high level, however, it is deliberately "spoiled" by various watermarks, warnings, etc.

The quality of the DVD needs no explanation. This is a good video that will be read on all players, has a clear picture and good sound. A copy is often made from it, which is compressed in order to obtain high-qualityvideo, but smaller. This copy is called a DVD Rip.

HD is a high definition video that is well suited for large home theater screens. It has high definition picture and good sound. The quality depends on the source, which can be TV or Blu-ray, HD-DVD. TV "rips" are called HDTV Rip, and the best video quality comes from HD Rip, Remux, HD-DVD Rip, and BR Rip.

There's also TV Rip. This abbreviation can be found if the user is interested in serials. The source of the recording is a television signal, and the quality depends on many factors, among which the skill of the one who creates the Rip occupies an important place.

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