How to delete deleted pages "VKontakte": step by step description

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How to delete deleted pages "VKontakte": step by step description
How to delete deleted pages "VKontakte": step by step description

Social networks have enveloped the globe. Now it is very rare to meet a person who does not have a page in at least one of the well-known networks. The majority are registered not in one, but in many, having in this way the opportunity to communicate, find old and new friends, join interest groups, watch movies and listen to music without leaving their favorite page, and enjoy other benefits, which are huge. On such sites, you can find out the latest news, immediately commenting on them and sharing information and your opinion with friends and other users, find recommendations or ask for advice about setting the table or watching a movie in the evening, learn about the weather on the other side of the globe, based on evidence people who are currently there, solve a legal problem and find out the reason for the failure of the Internet at home. That's why it's hard not to get caught on social media networks,and that is why the number of registered users is growing steadily.

how to delete deleted pages vkontakte
how to delete deleted pages vkontakte

"VKontakte". Question 1

One of the most popular networks in our country is VKontakte. A very small number of Runet users have never registered on this site. Only it’s easy to register, because when you enter the main page, we are greeted by a detailed and understandable description of this process, but how to delete the VKontakte page completely? The answer to this question may puzzle the inexperienced user.

Question 2

how to delete a vkontakte page permanently
how to delete a vkontakte page permanently

Another question that often worries users of this network is: "How to delete deleted pages of VKontakte?" This happens after you, having removed someone from your friends list, for example, a person who deleted his page, suddenly find him among your subscribers. Everything would be fine, but over time, the number of subscribers and such "dead souls" can grow to incredible proportions, which, you see, is not necessary at all - I want to see who is actually subscribed to your page, can see your feed in their news and monitor your other activities for public viewing. Yes, and that same "former friend" is likely to create a new page and, possibly, also become your subscriber, having tried again to be added to your "Friends" and received your refusal. Not very nice to havethere are several people with the same names on the same list, you want to understand which of the pages is "live", or maybe you just don't want someone to read your news every day in their feed.

How to delete deleted pages "VKontakte"

Let's discuss this less common question first. Then we will move on to the more frequent and simpler question of whether it is possible for VKontakte to delete a page.

So, the answer to this question is not very easy to give, because there is simply no simple way thought out by the developers. Weird. Everything is so beautiful and comfortable, and such an unpleasant trifle is missed.

how to delete an old page on vkontakte
how to delete an old page on vkontakte

Black List

How to remove deleted pages "VKontakte" from the list of subscribers? First you need to add them to the "Black List", and for this go to the list of your subscribers. You need to do this without selecting "My friends" in the left panel, but by clicking on your page, under your main photo, the "My followers" link. Only in this way will it be possible to add any person who is here to the "Black List". This is done by clicking on the cross that appears when you hover the mouse over the user's photo. In order for the objectionable subscriber not to immediately return to the previous ranks, it is necessary to leave him on the "Black List" for a while, well, for example, for an hour. Only after a period of time can you remove a user from the list of users you have blocked. Now he hasagain there was an opportunity for you to write and go to your page, but he will not return back to the list of subscribers. Of course, until he applies again to add you as a friend. Here is such a not very simple way how to delete deleted VKontakte pages. In order for the user you deleted from the list of friends or the user who expressed a desire to be friends with you, but did not receive your consent, not to get into the list of subscribers, you need him to unsubscribe from your page, and this, you see, is not always possible.

how to delete a vkontakte page completely
how to delete a vkontakte page completely

How to permanently delete a VKontakte page

This is a completely different question that has nothing to do with the previous one. Well, except that it concerns all the same, so beloved by many users, a popular site. In fact, earlier, before 2012, when the site was already at the peak of popularity, the question was "How to delete the VKontakte page forever?" sounded much more often. Because, just like the first question we discussed, there was no simple answer to it. More precisely, there was an official answer, but it was not at all simple.

Why delete?

Good question. There can be a great many answers to it. For example, unfortunately, it often happens that pages on social networks are hacked. This happens most often due to viruses that enter the computer, or simply by negligence. Attackers, gaining access, use someone else's page for personal gain, change personal data and otherinformation so that, having returned access to his personal page, the user often prefers to create a new one rather than restore the old one. Often such pages are blocked by the site administration. In addition, there may be other - personal reasons. That's when the question arises: "How can VKontakte delete the old page?"

how to delete someone else's vkontakte page
how to delete someone else's vkontakte page

Former difficulties

Earlier, a few years ago, there was no possibility to delete your data from the VKontakte website on your own. Having wondered how to delete the VKontakte page forever, the user had to write a letter with a corresponding request to the site administration. There he had to describe in detail the reasons for his decision, to which the administrators, considering the appeal for several days, could still refuse, depriving the user of the opportunity to put his decision into practice. In the best case, when a positive decision was made, the deletion took place only after the user presented documents confirming his identity, which is also not very convenient and pleasant - not every person, without hesitation, decides to present his passport to a representative of unofficial structures. The only way out for those who, in spite of everything, still did not retreat from the idea of getting rid of the hated page, was a violation of the rules of the site, which entailed blocking the user and closing the page. An effective, but slightly dangerous way - site administrators can block access to the site for such a user, afterthis may prevent him from re-registering.

Of course, these difficulties are not accidental. Such difficulties were invented in order to answer the question "How to delete someone else's VKontakte page?" had no answer.

is it possible to delete a page on vkontakte
is it possible to delete a page on vkontakte

New rules

Starting from 2012, the procedure for deleting your page for site users has been greatly simplified. Now, for this, it is enough to go down to the very bottom of the page with the settings of your VKontakte page, this is located in the panel on the left of the page, the item "My settings". There was an inscription: "You can delete your page." It's very simple - click on the link. Immediately after that, the system will open the next page of the page deletion procedure, where you will have to indicate the reason for such a decision and, if desired, check the "Tell friends" checkbox - then all users on your friends list will be notified that your page has been deleted. This completes the procedure for deleting the VKontakte page.

delete vkontakte page completely
delete vkontakte page completely


Do not think that the creators of the site have forgotten about security, and now it is so easy to delete the page of any user. In order to perform any manipulations with the user's personal page, you must enter the site, knowing his username and password. Of course, this is not 100% protection, because viruses and professional hackers can get access to your data. To avoid such situations, it is recommendeduse anti-virus programs and do not save the "login-password" combination on the computer.

And finally, I would like to draw attention to the fact that when registering on any site, and even more so on social networks, we indicate a lot of our personal data, such as passport data, phone number, address. Often, when a page is deleted, it, including all user data specified during registration, is only visually deleted. In fact, the data remains on the servers, leaving you the possibility of later account recovery. Keep this in mind if you are deleting a page because you do not want your data to be available to anyone. Of course, this data is not in the public domain, but do not flatter yourself that you have deleted everything.

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