Connecting to peers: problems and solutions

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Connecting to peers: problems and solutions
Connecting to peers: problems and solutions

Peers are called client machines involved in the process of downloading and distributing files when downloading from torrent trackers. Connection to peers is a method of connecting, as it were, to a mirror server, which at the moment is a user terminal on which some information is located. But sometimes the number of dispensers may decrease (for example, when the user has uploaded data and stopped the distribution). In this case, you can wait a long time. Connection to peers may fail for a number of reasons. They may simply be absent. But the parameter settings also play an important role.

What are feasts?

But first let's look at the theoretical part. The use of any torrent tracker and the corresponding download program (for example, BitTorrent or uTorrent) assumes the presence of so-called download mirrors, which can be found in ordinary applications, generally classified as Downloader.

connection to peers
connection to peers

In other words, the user does not download information directly from one server, but uses several resources for this, downloading parts of the source material. When connecting to peers, the request is made not to servers on the Internet, but to the local machines of users, on which the information is even partially loaded. But often the problem may lie precisely in the settings.

Why does it say "No connection to peers"?

When such a message appears, many users believe that it only indicates that there are no distributing machines on the network. It's not.

connections to peers what to do
connections to peers what to do

First of all, you need to clearly understand that torrent trackers are considered to be portals containing pirated content, and programs - the corresponding software. Such applications can be blocked at the system or antivirus level. The same "Windows Defender" or a firewall may have automatic settings that do not allow downloading content from "doubtful" sites, in their opinion.

No connection to peers: what to do?

The very first thing to do is to simply restart the program or even the system. The second step is to restore to the rollback point if everything was working before the problem occurred. The third step is to check the number of peers on the tracker itself. The fourth step is to configure the network settings.

why writes connection to peers
why writes connection to peers

Finally, if this doesn't help and the program still doesn't detect connection to peers,it is very possible that the problem lies precisely in its settings. To begin with, you can try to “deceive” the provider by enabling protocol encryption in the settings and simultaneously deactivating the IP filter, which can significantly increase the number of potential addresses from which distribution is made.

long connection to peers
long connection to peers

On the other hand, the problem may be that the receiving port is simply not configured. Therefore, instead of the standard port in the program, you need to specify any other one, for example, specified in the default web browser settings. In the case of downloading via Media Get, this works.

connection to peers
connection to peers

Connection to peers may also be missing due to incorrect network settings. However, as practice shows, the problem lies in the means of security. Here you will have to try disabling all Windows tools and antivirus. If the download works, you will need to add the site address to the antivirus exclusion list, and the torrent program to the firewall rules list.


In general, the problem is solved quite simply. However, when a user downloads ten links at the same time, the download priority may also be violated. Here you will need to set the maximum speed only for the object that needs to be downloaded in the first place, and the lowest priority for everyone else. If you have a low-powered computer or a low connection speed, it is not recommended to set absolutely all downloads to the maximum.

And along the way, you need to look at the settingsInternet protocol. As a rule, the provider itself provides automatic installation of parameters. You need to make sure that obtaining IP or DNS addresses is set to automatic. If the problem is still present, you should pay attention to the use of a proxy for local addresses (it should be disabled). Well, it goes without saying that you should carefully delve into the settings of the torrent applications themselves and pay attention to the status of the link in the tracker.

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