Learn how to leave Odnoklassniki. We solve other problems of this network

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Learn how to leave Odnoklassniki. We solve other problems of this network
Learn how to leave Odnoklassniki. We solve other problems of this network

The social network "Odnoklassniki" was conceived as a site that any unprepared visitor can understand the device. Probably for this reason, this site ranks second among the social networks invented in Russia. But despite the simplicity of the interface and settings, users of the Odnoklassniki. Ru service from time to time have various problems in mastering it.

Let's take a look at some of the most common questions people have on the site. It is not always clear how to leave Odnoklassniki, clean up discussions, and exit the site. Let's try to understand each of these problems.

Clean up the Discussion section

Many users get bored with unnecessary information in the "News Feed" and "Discussions". Let's try to get rid of unnecessary news.

First, let's get rid of unnecessary notes in the "Feed". To do this, hover your mouse over the news that you do not like. You will see a cross above this "garbage" that you need to click on. You will see a window asking you to hide one note or all news from your friend. If you don't want to see updates from this at allperson, check the box next to Hide all discussions and events. Next, confirm your decision. Now there are fewer unnecessary materials in your feed!

how to delete discussions in classmates
how to delete discussions in classmates

Let's clean up the discussions. To do this, open the "Discussions" section: you will see the full list of news in the column on the left. Click on any of the discussions, then it will open to the right of the list of all notes. In the top menu of the window that appears, you will see the name of the author of the news, as well as the inscription "Hide". Click on the word "Hide" and the selected news will disappear from your discussions.

There is another way to clean up the Discussion section. To study it again, select some note in the left column and carefully look at it. A cross appeared in the right corner of the icon. By clicking on it, you can remove the unwanted message from the discussions.

Now you know how to delete discussions in Odnoklassniki. Carefully study other types of communication and correspondence on the site. All of them can be cleaned in the same way as discussions.

Looking for an opportunity to exit the site

In order to exit the Odnoklassniki social network, you need to find the inscription "Exit" in the top menu of the site (on the right). However, some residents of the Odnoklassniki website do not know how to exit the page. It's because the settings got messed up somewhere. Let's try to fix it.

classmates how to exit the page
classmates how to exit the page

If the Log Out button doesn't work, try clearing your cookies and your browser's cache. If there is no button at all, resize the elements in the browser. To do this, press the key combination "Ctrl" and "Minus".

Methods for deleting a page in Odnoklassniki

Now let's analyze in detail the question of how to leave Odnoklassniki. To do this, there are several different methods, each of which we will consider separately.

So, there are several ways to leave Odnoklassniki:

  1. Close your profile.
  2. Perform page deletion.
  3. Add characters to your profile address.

What is a "Private Profile"

The "Closed profile" service allows you to hide your information from strangers, as well as restrict access to your page. The account closing function is paid, so your virtual account must have a sufficient number of OKs to enable it.

how to leave classmates
how to leave classmates

A free alternative to "Private Profile" is "Publicity Settings". You can change them manually. Please note that these functions cannot be enabled at the same time. These services are mutually exclusive. Let's look at each operation separately.

Closing access to the profile for free

First you need to go to the "Settings" section, which can be opened in two ways:

  • Click the "More" link in the top menu, and then select "Settings" from the list that opens.
  • Click on "More Activities" below your main photo. Now select the "Change settings" link from the list that appears.

You alreadyknow how to go to the "Settings" section. Open it and go to "Publicity Settings". There are three headings here. In the "Show" section, set the value to "Only to me." In the "Allow" section, select "No one" and "Only friends." Under the "Privacy" heading, select the "No" option.

Your next step should be to replace real personal data with fictitious ones. After that, you should clear all pages and sections of your profile. There is one “but” in this method: your masked page will still be found using the old data that you added during registration.

Activate the "Closed profile" service

In order to activate the "Closed profile" service, go to the "Settings" section. Next, you need to open the link "Close profile". After that, a small window will appear in front of you, in which you will be asked to confirm your decision.

Now your page will be hidden from prying eyes until you decide to open it again. If you want to close access to your data again, the service will need to be activated and paid again. In the event that you do not enter your “Closed Profile” for three months, the page is deleted.

How to leave Odnoklassniki forever

You have learned how to hide your account from strangers. Now it's time to find out how you can leave Odnoklassniki. Now we will talk about this in detail. But first, pay attention to the fact that you can only leave Odnoklassniki in the full version of the site. Mobile does not support this feature.

Go to your profile on the Odnoklassniki. Ru website and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a bottom menu consisting of several columns. Pay attention to the last column (on the right) and find the line “Regulations” in it. By clicking on it, you will find yourself on a page with rules that you can read. Have you read? Now find under the text of the rules the link "Refuse services" and click on it. Next, you need to enter your account password. Then you will be asked to indicate the reason for deleting the profile, and after that you will need to confirm your intentions.

how to leave classmates forever
how to leave classmates forever

Now your page has been blocked for three months, after which it will be permanently deleted. During this period, it will not be possible to connect a new page to the phone number associated with the old profile.

Extend the link to your profile

This method does not always work and not for everyone. However, you can also try it. This method consists in adding characters to the profile link: "&st.layer.cmd=PopLayerDeleteUserProfile".

withdraw from classmates
withdraw from classmates

To check the performance of such a removal, enter your profile, and then click on the name of your page (full name). When you go to Odnoklassniki, you and I get to the main page of the site, and now we have opened your personal part of the resource. Take a look at the address bar: your account number has appeared there. To it, you need to add a "cunning" set of characters.

If everything works correctly, you will see a window in which you must confirm the deletionpages. Hooray! Now you know everything about deletion from Odnoklassniki.

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