How to set a password on a computer: instructions and recommendations

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How to set a password on a computer: instructions and recommendations
How to set a password on a computer: instructions and recommendations

Computer security issues for every user of a modern PC, laptop or mobile device have recently become more and more relevant. And this is due not so much to viruses as to preventing other users or children registered on the computer from entering the system. Next, let's see how to set a password on a computer using the tools of Windows operating systems, the parameters of primary input / output systems, and some third-party software developments. And to begin with, let's define the most popular and frequently used methods.

Options for setting a password on a Windows computer

It's worth starting with a review of the basic techniques that allow you to set password combinations to access your computer in different situations.

Login password
Login password

The simplest option is to create a password for a particular account, which will be used directly to log into the system after loading its maincomponents, but even before the advent of the "Desktop". An equally interesting solution is the creation of a password in the primary BIOS I / O system. True, it is worth considering that such a password when turning on the computer can be of three types, and you can get rid of each of them quite simply by completely resetting the settings even without entering the parameters, but by removing the CMOS battery on the motherboard for 10-15 minutes. If we talk specifically about passwords, you can also use unique third-party developments, among which the Game Protector utility occupies the first place in terms of functionality and reliability. Finally, as an additional means of controlling access to some computer functions, you may need to install the so-called parental control. Let's consider each technique in more detail.

How to set a password on a computer in Windows 7 and below?

The first proposed solution is universal for any generation of Windows systems that support multiple user registrations. We proceed from the fact that the entry was made under your own registration, which belongs to the administrators group. How to set a password on a computer using standard system tools?

Setting a password for your account
Setting a password for your account

To do this, you will need to enter the accounts section, which is located in the standard "Control Panel", and use the password creation hyperlink line, after which you will need to enter and confirm the invented combination, as well as add a hint in case the combination will belost or the user will forget it.

If in this case the login is made under the administrator, and the user is endowed with all the necessary rights and privileges, similarly, you can use the management of another registration and set a password for it. As for how to change the password on a computer specifically for someone else's registration, its owner, not being an administrator, will not be able to do this. He will need to use either admin login or grant himself extended rights.

Setting up a password in Windows 10

In the tenth modification of the system, it is absolutely elementary to use the above method. However, instead of the standard "Control Panel", the new "Parameters" menu is used to configure the main options, you can also use its tools by entering the appropriate section, in which you need to select the item for setting login parameters, and then click the create password button in the block of the same name.

Password creation options in Windows 10
Password creation options in Windows 10

The tenth version is also interesting because you can create not only creating a password, but also entering a special PIN code or pattern, provided that the laptop screen supports tablet mode (touchscreen). All questions about how to change the password on a computer set in this way are resolved by performing the reverse steps.

Setting a password in BIOS settings

But, despite the possibility of using operating system tools, you can make sure that the password is requested directly whenturning on the computer. Where to set a password on the computer when entering the download? In the primary system BIOS.

Types of passwords in BIOS
Types of passwords in BIOS

Please note that there are three types of passwords you can create here:

  • Supervisor Password - password to access and change BIOS settings;
  • User Password - the same, but only for accessing BIOS parameters and without the possibility of changing them;
  • HDD Password (Boot Password) - the password for the hard drive or boot, and therefore for access to the operating system.

Choosing the third item, you just need to enter the desired combination and save the changes when you exit (F10), after which an automatic reboot will follow with the further appearance of the window for entering the required password.

Parental Control

How to set a password on a computer, figured it out. Now a few words about additional security measures.

Parental Controls in Windows
Parental Controls in Windows

In the latest systems, along with creating access passwords, you can use parental control functions, the use of which partially restricts the user's ability to, say, launch some programs, change system settings, access Internet resources, etc. Of course, in the sense of password protection, this tool is not such, however, with the right settings, it can set quite strong restrictions. To do this, just use your own administrator registration and set the necessary options for the selected registrations.

Program GameProtector

Finally, you can even lock programs with a password. Don't be confused by the name of the utility, because it works not only with games, but with any other applications.

Setting a password in Game Protector
Setting a password in Game Protector

Using the program comes down to specifying the full path to the executable file of the blocked application in a special field, entering and confirming the password to be set, and then pressing the button to enable protection (Protect). As additional tools, you can use changing the application icon or pre-create a backup copy for recovery.

What to use in practice?

As you can already conclude, passwords in the BIOS are completely unreliable due to their elementary reset. Combinations at the entrance to the system are not recommended to be created based on dates of birth, digital combinations like "123456" or "QWERTY" (such passwords are cracked in the first place). If you want to protect yourself to the maximum, it is better to use letters in different language layouts, numbers, and special characters for passwords at the same time. If protection is required only for certain programs, the Game Protector application has not been invented yet.

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