Irbis laptops: customer reviews, review of models

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Irbis laptops: customer reviews, review of models
Irbis laptops: customer reviews, review of models

This review will consider various modifications of Irbis laptops. Reviews about them, their technical specifications and possible applications will be given in this material. The following information is of greatest interest to potential buyers of such electronic equipment. With its help, they will be able to understand how these mobile computers meet their needs.

Notebook Irbis NB110. Reviews
Notebook Irbis NB110. Reviews

Positioning of computing systems

Irbis notebooks belong to economy class portable computers. Reviews point to their low cost, appropriate hardware components and high energy efficiency. It is this combination of characteristics that allows such mobile computing systems to compete with similar PCs from other manufacturers. The Irbis brand is not so well known and promoted. Therefore, it cannot compete on equal terms with more well-known companies in the niches of the middle and premium classes. Butin the entry-level segment, high quality and reasonable price contribute to its successful promotion. It is on this niche of the mobile computer market that this manufacturer is currently concentrating.

Models Considered

As noted earlier, only in the entry-level segment of mobile computers can you find Irbis laptops. Reviews of their affiliation once again prove. This material will consider such models of this manufacturer:

  1. The most affordable NB110 computing device is aentry-level netbook with a high level of autonomy and a very affordable price.
  2. NB138 is a more advanced PC model. The key difference from the previous computer device is the screen diagonal increased to 14 ".
  3. Same display size in NB62. But at the same time, it has more modest hardware. Separately, it should be noted its increased battery life. Therefore, this PC can be classified as an ultrabook.
  4. Slightly smaller screen size for NB127. It is equal to 13.3”. Also, its hardware has a high level of energy efficiency and long battery life. That is, it is also an ultrabook.
  5. Separately, it should be noted NB111, which is a transformer. That is, it has a touch screen and can be both a laptop and a tablet. This versatility is what makes this PC exclusive.
Notebook Irbis NB62. Reviews
Notebook Irbis NB62. Reviews

Younger model. Specifications and reviews

The most affordable device inThe model range of this manufacturer is currently the Irbis NB110 laptop. Reviews highlight its budget. The diagonal of the screen is only 11.6”. At the same time, the output image format complies with FullHD specifications. That is, the image resolution is 1920x1080. It is this circumstance that is the main advantage of this computing system in comparison with competitors that display images in HD format. That is, their picture quality is much worse.

This PC is based on the Atom x5-Z8350 microprocessor. It includes four cores and operates in the 1.44-1.92 GHz frequency range. The amount of RAM is 2 GB, and the capacity of the internal drive is 32 GB. At the same time, the user can generally only use 20 GB to install additional programs and store personal information.

In any case, this laptop is an entry-level computing system. A small diagonal of the display allows you to process text or tabular information on such a PC. This is the main scope of its use.

Users indicate that he has the following benefits:

  1. Low cost.
  2. Long battery life.
  3. Quality build.

The main disadvantage is the small size of the built-in storage. Therefore, the user will be forced to simply use cloud services to store additional data.


The Irbis NB62 laptop has similar technical specifications. Reviews focus on what he hasusing the same processor, RAM, and storage size. The only difference is the screen size of 14.1”. Therefore, this PC can be used not only for processing office documents, but also for video playback, and for the least demanding toys. At the same time, energy-efficient components ensure its long battery life, which can reach 8-10 hours. That is, this portable PC can be safely attributed to ultrabooks. Such devices should have long battery life.

Notebook Irbis NB138. Reviews
Notebook Irbis NB138. Reviews

More advanced PC

One of the fastest computer devices from this manufacturer is the Irbis NB138 laptop. Reviews highlight the presence of a faster modification of the microprocessor. In this case, a Celeron N3350 CPU is used. The key feature of this chip is that it is equipped with a third level of cache with a total volume of 2MB. Therefore, this computer will have a higher speed compared to all previously reviewed laptop models. Its diagonal is 14.1”. That is, not only office suites in this case, you can run and work with them, but also view various multimedia content, and even the simplest games will run on such hardware. That is, this is a more functional PC, and this is how the owners characterize it in their reviews.

Notebook Irbis NB127. Reviews
Notebook Irbis NB127. Reviews

Diagonal 13, 3” and advanced autonomy

Another ultrabook in the model range of thisThe manufacturer is the Irbis NB127 laptop. User reviews indicate that this PC can work 12 hours on a single battery charge. At the same time, its microprocessor is the same as that of the NB110 and NB62. That is, this is Atom x5-Z8350. A memory subsystem identical to the first two models of a personal computer. That is, it has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. Therefore, the only difference from the younger model NB110 is a slightly larger display diagonal, and from the older NB62 - a slightly smaller one.

Notebook Irbis NB111. Reviews
Notebook Irbis NB111. Reviews

Special design - convertible laptop

Irbis NB111 notebook is made in an exclusive format. Reviews of this feature highlight it without fail. It is equipped with a touch screen. Therefore, it can work not only as an ordinary low-performance laptop, but also as a tablet computer. Its technical parameters are identical to those that were previously described for the NB110. The only difference between them is the touch screen and the ability to flip the keyboard.

But the presence of a touch screen leads to the fact that the cost of the computer increases significantly. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase such a computing system when you need both a laptop and a tablet at the same time. Again, this PC has a slow processor. And the screen size is small. That is, it is most optimal to work with text documents on it. You can also try to play some of the least demanding games, but how comfortable and convenient it will be is a big question.

Irbis laptops. Reviews
Irbis laptops. Reviews


First of all, it is important to understand that Irbis laptops are very affordable devices. Reviews at the same time focus on their high reliability and extended battery life. Again, such PCs cannot initially boast of high speed. Therefore, it is most optimal to use such mobile computing systems when implementing the simplest tasks. But at the same time, most users work with such software. Therefore, the demand for such PCs, taking into account the cost, will be very, very high. As a result, it makes sense when buying a new entry-level laptop to pay attention to the electronic devices of this brand.

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