How to use tablet mode on a Windows 10 laptop?

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How to use tablet mode on a Windows 10 laptop?
How to use tablet mode on a Windows 10 laptop?

With the development of modern technology, computers and laptops are becoming increasingly popular. Manufacturers are constantly improving their equipment so that it is as useful and convenient as possible for users. One of these innovations was the tablet mode on a Windows 10 laptop.

History of Creation

Manufacturers introduced the tablet function on a laptop with Windows 10 for a reason, and there are certain reasons for this. From the very beginning, when this mode first appeared, it was implemented on the Windows 8 operating system.

system logo
system logo

Users did not approve of the novelty, as there were many problems with the contact between the computer and the person. In general, the new feature only made working with a laptop more difficult and required changes.

Windows 8.1 brought some improvements, but users still experienced discomfort. That is why the new Windows 10 operating system was created, and with it the improved tablet mode.

Benefits of use

Newthe laptop system finally brings people the useful features of tablet mode on a Windows 10 laptop:

  • The biggest problem was the Start tab, where the buttons were in an awkward order, and there were issues with dual desktop. Now the "Start" opens in full screen, where all the buttons are easy to use. In addition, the tab now contains all the necessary functions for working with a laptop.
  • It is possible to both regulate this mode yourself and make it automatic. The second option is for the computer to enter the tablet state itself when the keyboard or other input is disabled. If such a service is not needed, then it is possible to launch this mode yourself in the settings or in the notification panel.
  • It is not necessary to have a touch screen laptop to use this feature. Tablet mode on a Windows 10 laptop redesigns the desktop to look like it is on tablets. That is, you can also use the mouse, but in a different mode.
  • Touchpads allow you to work on a laptop without any additional devices in tablet mode. This is very convenient when traveling, as there is no need to carry a mouse or anything other than the laptop itself.
laptop tablet use
laptop tablet use

Main Functions

Let's take a look at the main features of tablet mode on a Windows 10 laptop:

  1. "Start" has the most important buttons that are needed when using. Access them nowcarried out instantly. You can also change them and choose the right services for yourself.
  2. It is possible to view the most used applications and run them. This is also convenient in terms of quickly finding the right buttons.
  3. As with all tablets, there is a main menu with all installed applications. To open it, you need to swipe left on the screen in tablet mode on a Windows 10 laptop.
Main menu
Main menu

As you can see, this mode simplifies the work of users. This is achieved by restructuring the interface, where everything unnecessary is removed, and the most useful remains. In addition, this does not reduce the capabilities of the device: you can still access all the functions of the laptop.

Turning on and off

How to enable tablet mode on a laptop? This is done quite simply:

  1. You need to find the notification center on your laptop, which is located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on it to open "Tablet Mode".
  3. Tablet mode in action center
    Tablet mode in action center
  4. After that, all the above functions will be available for use.

Set up this mode as follows:

  1. You should go to the laptop settings through the "Start" or quick search.
  2. In the "System" tab, find the "Tablet Mode" button and click on it.
  3. tablet mode settings
    tablet mode settings
  4. Now you can configure all the on/off settings and someothers.

If there is no need to use this feature, then you need to turn off tablet mode in Windows 10 on your laptop. This is done in the same way as turning it on: in the notification center, you must click on the necessary button again and configure the necessary parameters in the laptop settings.


All the main features and benefits of tablet mode on a Windows 10 laptop have been sorted out. There are some useful tips that can be successfully applied when working in this mode:

  1. To close the application, you can simply drag it down, as on a tablet or phone.
  2. You can take a step back by pressing the "back" button, which is also present in tablet mode. If you need to return some action, this button will help.
  3. If you need to use two applications at once, you can attach one to some part of the screen and use another program at the same time.

Conclusion and Conclusion

Windows 10 has really helped users make their work easier with tablet mode. All icons are located much more conveniently, which means that the interface is more pleasant and comfortable. It is definitely worth a try for owners of certain devices.

This article provided instructions on how to enable and disable tablet mode on a laptop with Windows 10. The main advantages and functions of this mode were also considered.

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