How to make your laptop more powerful for gaming: step-by-step guide, tips and tricks

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How to make your laptop more powerful for gaming: step-by-step guide, tips and tricks
How to make your laptop more powerful for gaming: step-by-step guide, tips and tricks

As a rule, laptops are significantly inferior to desktop computers in terms of their characteristics. But what to do if you really want to play your favorite shooter, but there are not enough device resources? Is it possible to make a laptop more powerful for gaming?

For games
For games

It's possible. You should start with the simplest steps that will help to slightly disperse the unit. However, you need to understand that for the best result, you need to resort to more radical and costly solutions.

Disabling antivirus

This is the first step that users usually take in order to increase their FPS by at least a few points. Yes, this method will really help solve the problem, but leaving the device unprotected is highly undesirable. If, in an attempt to make their laptop more powerful, the user takes such steps, then this is fraught with consequences in the form of viruses and other malware.

Instead, you should configure your antivirus program by disabling unnecessary modules. It is also worth scheduling a system scan for a time when you do not plan to play.

Virus removal

This is the second useful step you can take with your antivirus program. The fact is that any virus software feeds on computer resources, which cannot but affect the performance of a laptop. Therefore, it is better not to disable the antivirus, but, on the contrary, perform a deep analysis of system files and other components.

You can also install the 360 total security program. This utility not only effectively protects the system, but also suggests ways to improve its performance, and accordingly, how to make the laptop more powerful for gaming.

Disabling unused programs

Few people notice that when the device is turned on, dozens or even hundreds of various processes run in the background. Some of them are necessary for the system, but there are many utilities that were installed by the user himself. For example, programs for downloading torrents, instant messengers and other services can be launched automatically.

Therefore, when considering how to make a laptop more powerful for gaming, you should first of all complete this step, go to the task manager and, by going to the section with startup options, disable all software that is not currently in use. For the future, experts advise making it a rule to always install any new applications carefully and disable the “Load at system startup” option.

Purchasing new parts

This is one of the most costly and most drastic steps. However, this method helps to make the laptop more powerful for games and sometimes allows you to delay a littlewhen buying new equipment. In this case, you can speed up the system by replacing the processor with a more modern one. However, it will cost almost like another laptop. You can also replace the video card. But in many laptops, it is built into the motherboard, that is, it is physically impossible to remove it. In this case, additional external equipment can help.

Cooling at the proper level

Since laptops have rather weak coolers that are not capable of providing serious cooling, overheating can also cause the device to “not pull” this or that toy. This problem can be solved by purchasing external cooling systems.

Good stand
Good stand

If the question of how to make a laptop more powerful for gaming is related precisely to the fact that games stop working when the processor temperature reaches a critical level, then in this case you can improve performance if you buy an external fan. They are usually sold in stand form and powered via USB from the laptop itself.

However, in this case, you will not be able to sit with the device on your lap.

Increasing RAM

This is another step that will help improve your gaming performance. In order not to rack your brains over how to overclock a laptop for games, just go to the system settings and see how much RAM it has.

Further everything will depend on the games. If the laptop has 2 GB of memory, then this will be enough for the simplest toys. The point is that the gamesmore free space is needed, as they have to load a huge number of additional files. If they take up all the free space, then the FPS will start to "sag".

Memory boards
Memory boards

Therefore, it is best that the amount of RAM is at least 4-8 GB. But more powerful games will require even more.

To increase the memory, just purchase additional boards. They are installed directly into the laptop itself. Beforehand, it is better to clarify which boards are in a particular device, and purchase from the same manufacturer with similar parameters, but with a larger volume. As a rule, experts recommend installing memory of the same size. That is, if two boards are bought, then both of them should be, for example, 4 GB each. There is a theory that this also helps to increase the efficiency of the unit.

Disassembling a laptop
Disassembling a laptop

Helpful tips

Thinking about how to make a netbook more powerful, you should understand that an outdated unit cannot be overclocked using utilities or other software. If the unit is more than 10 years old, then the only way is to get a new processor, but it would be much more rational to buy a more modern laptop.

Before you install a new game, you should check its system requirements. Perhaps it is designed for high-speed units with large RAM. If you select games in accordance with the performance of your laptop, then there should be no problems with the speed of the gameplay.

To play on a laptop
To play on a laptop

It is also worth noting that experts do not recommend disassembling the device on their own, trying, on the advice of friends, to solder additional modules, and so on. Nothing good will come of it. In addition, the parts of such devices are more fragile and very easy to damage. Therefore, it is much easier to contact a specialist who, if necessary, and for a small fee, will replace all the necessary parts.

In closing

Theoretically, the laptop can be slightly overclocked, but we should not expect a significant difference. Therefore, it is worth making the manipulations described at the beginning of the article, and if this does not work, then try to purchase new elements.

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