Cheapest MacBook: specs, review and photos

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Cheapest MacBook: specs, review and photos
Cheapest MacBook: specs, review and photos

To date, the cheapest MacBook Air of the 2018 model range marked MRE82 is estimated by the manufacturer at $1,140 (about 75,000 rubles). This is a fairly high cost laptop by today's standards. At the same time, this mobile computing system has advanced technical specifications and a solid performance margin. This is a premium laptop. This review will be devoted to its specifications.

The cheapest MacBook Air
The cheapest MacBook Air

Manufacturer lineup

Apple laptops can be divided into three large groups. The most productive and most expensive in terms of cost are the computing systems of the MacBook Pro series. The cheapest of them, produced in 2018, now costs 1400-1500 dollars (from 90 thousand rubles). This device has the most advanced specifications and maximum performance. In essence, this is the flagship of the lineup.

One step below areMacBook line devices. In this, the characteristics are more “modest”, but the price is appropriate.

Well, the most affordable in this case are laptops of the Air series. These are the most budget portable personal computers of this eminent manufacturer. But their specifications are not so much different from the two more expensive lines of computing devices. In addition, their price is significantly lower.

The performance margin of any such personal computer is quite solid and allows for the next 2-3 years to solve almost any problem. Therefore, such mobile computing systems will still be relevant for quite a long time.


Macbook Air model MRE82 shipping list includes the following items:

  1. Notebook.
  2. User manual.
  3. Charger.
  4. Warranty card.

Of course, in some cases, the user may not have enough free ports in the process. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase additional special splitters. This will increase the cost of such a PC by another hundred dollars. But this will increase the level of its functionality. Otherwise, the list of delivery of such a portable computing system certainly does not cause any complaints.

The cheapest MacBook Pro
The cheapest MacBook Pro


Although this is the cheapest MacBook Air line, but its ergonomics are beyond praise. The same is true for design. Any Apple computer is, by default,which all other manufacturers in the world are guided by. Therefore, this device can initially be considered a reference.

It has miniature bezels around the screen. Large and comfortable touchpad. The keyboard, in turn, is thought out to the smallest detail, and it is very convenient to work on it. At the same time, the device is quite light and with a long battery life. Also, its body is made of aluminum. That is, the electronic components of the laptop are sufficiently well protected.

The cheapest Apple MacBook
The cheapest Apple MacBook

Main parameters

The cheapest 2018 MacBook is based on the 8210Y Core i5 CPU. This chip is equipped with two physical code processing units. At the system software level, it can process up to four data streams. Its clock frequency can vary from 1.6 to 3.6 GHz, depending on the degree of complexity of the task being solved at the moment.

The amount of RAM in the basic modification of the laptop is 8 GB. A more advanced version, in turn, is already equipped with 16 GB of RAM. The base disk drive size is 128 GB. But there are also modifications of such portable computers, the hard disk size of which can be 1.5 TB.

The cheapest poppy
The cheapest poppy

Graphics subsystem

The screen size of Apple's most affordable laptop is 13.3”. Its resolution in this case is 2560 x 1600. The type of matrix used in this computing device is IPS. That is, the colors on such a screen will besaturated, and viewing angles - maximum. The only disadvantage of such a screen is the possible distortion of the black color, which under certain circumstances can turn into gray.

The graphics accelerator in this PC uses the built-in UHD Graphics model 617, which is developed by Intel. It is part of the central processing unit. During operation, it reserves part of the system RAM, the maximum size of which does not exceed 1 GB.

cheapest macbook
cheapest macbook


The cheapest Apple MacBook runs on the latest version of the MacOS operating system. Also, the next three years, this PC will receive updates. And not only system software, but also application programs. That is, this computing device will be relevant for at least another three years. And even after that, it won't be that much out of date.


In versions 2011-2012 used in MacBook A1406 battery. The cheapest laptop of 2018 has a 50.3 Wh battery. Earlier PCs were equipped with a 46.8 Wh battery. Therefore, the battery life has increased from 8 to 12 hours. That is, a new such PC on a single battery charge can operate up to twelve hours.

Macbook Air
Macbook Air


The cheapest MacBook Air of this model is priced at $1140 in the base configuration. If you buy a more advanced device, the cost will be even higher. Also, when purchasing such a portable computing system, you still needtake into account the fact that it is necessary to additionally purchase various adapters. Without them, the functionality of such a computer will be significantly lower. And this, in turn, increases the cost of such a laptop by another $ 100.

Opinion of users

The only drawback of this computer is its high cost. But a premium laptop may not be an affordable computing device by default. Also, some users call a reduced set of communication ports a conditional minus. But if you buy an additional set of adapters, then this issue can be solved.

The advantages of a portable PC include high performance, long battery life, up-to-date software version and reliability.

Macbook Pro
Macbook Pro


This review looked at the cheapest 2018 MacBook Air - MRE82. Although this is a basic computing system, its speed is at a sufficient level. And such a computer will be relevant for a long time. That is, this is a cash investment that will justify itself in any case. Therefore, its purchase is quite justified.

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